23 May 2018

Outfits | Don't wait on tomorrow...live today!

A semana passada fui visitar - finalmente! - o Jardim Botânico do Porto,
para celebrar o sol, a Primavera e a beleza de estar viva!
Foi um passeio delicioso e descontraído, na companhia do Diogo,
o meu parceiro favorito de aventuras!

Espero que gostem das fotografias que tirámos por lá!

salmon blouse: Lefties | nude jeans: Mango | earrings: c/o SgSweetClothes 
printed crossbody bag: Parfois | pompom: Aldo | ballerina shoes: Lucia Viguera by D'Chicas
pink sunglasses: C&A | golden watch: Cluse c/o Relógios.pt

Last week I decided a walk was overdue, and went with Diogo to "Jardim Botânico",
a gorgeous Oporto garden that I didn't know at all!
It felt so good to enjoy the sun, to discover all the pretty plants,
it was the perfect opportunity to laugh and relax outside,
something we don't do often enough!

I hope you enjoy all the photographs in the rest of the post!

Have a lovely week!

17 May 2018

Outfits | What if the one holding you down was you all along?

Hoje trago um conjunto em preto e branco,
que começou de uma forma muuuito improvável,
mas terminou como um conjunto que adorei

Espero que gostem de ver tuuudo no resto da publicação! 

white blouse and pointy black shoes: Stradivarius | black lace up skirt: c/o SheIn 
white cat eye sunglasses: Lefties | black raffia bag: Pull&Bear | black bandana scarf: Bershka 
earrings: stolen from my sister | black coat: Mango 

This outfit came into existence in a quite unusual way!
There I was, trying to find ways to style my new SheIn lace up skirt
going back and forth in my room,
“All black? Meh, but spring is in full bloom today!”,
uneasy to show off my legs for the first time in months!
You see, I’ve always had this love-hate relationship with my legs!
I don’t always like how their skin looks, specially now that my skin disease is on fire,
and I have blisters and scars all over them.
(The blame is on me for not doing the treatment right!)
I also spent a lot of years hating their shortness! 
On the other hand, I love how they can make me dance, how they carry me around each day...
I like their shape, revealing a decade of ballet practice!
Nonetheless, when all the pieces of the outfit were in place,
all those old insecurities were gone, scattered away by how good I was feeling!
That’s the POWER of an outfit!

Hope you enjoy all the photographs! 

14 May 2018

Beauty & Videos | Who Run the World? Curls! - my hair routine!

Fui desafiada pela Syoss Portugal a experimentar a sua nova gama para cabelos ondulados e encaracolados,
que celebra toda a força dos caracóis! 

Para fazer jus ao desafio, fiz um vídeo mostrando 2 formas de “styling” que celebram a textura natural do meu cabelo!

No resto da publicação podem ver todos os produtos utilizados no vídeo e fotos dos resultados finais!
Espero que gostem e que se sintam inspiradas a celebrar a textura única do vosso cabelo!