16 December 2017

Outfits | Petite Russian

In a particularly windy day I had the chance to photograph this elegant outfit!
This combination made me feel like a cross-over between a flying attendant and a petite russian.
It was so windy that my tripod and camera actually fell,
and this beret was blown across the street.
No beret was hurt during the making of this photographs though, 
the cars actually divert from it enough for me to collect it safely!

Hope you enjoy this set of photographs!

checked blazer and shorts: Elsa Barreto | pink beret: Bershka | pink shirt: ZARA

Não resisti a trazer-vos um último conjunto com as fantásticas peças de "tweed" da Elsa Barreto
(podem ver os primeiros 3 conjuntos aqui e a segunda remessa aqui!)!
Espero que gostem de o ver!

14 December 2017

Outfits | "Embrace the glorious mess that you are"

When I have one of those blogger meltdowns, as I like to call them,
I try to do something revolucionary:
love myself, my work, my photographs!
I like to remember why did I start 8 years ago,
when there were no likes, when I barely had any readers,
when I posted for the sake of myself...
I isolate all the noises and focus how why My Fashion Insider has been my safe haven,
how it's a nice distraction from the sea of medical responsabilities and work,
how it's become a part of me...
And that's how I snap out of it!
No matter how much my views drop, how my likes don't add up like they should (?),
I know the one person that's gotta necessarily love this is me!
And that's how change begins:
by allowing yourself to love and embrace the mess that you are!

Have a gorgeous December, everyone!

Hope you enjoy me newest post!


pink coat: c/o Rosegal | faux fur colorful stole: Vilanova | sneakers: Adidas Superstar
blue jeans: Stradivarius | blue sweater: Bershka | pink socks: c/o Happy Socks | pink bag: Kate Spade

Viciada em rosa, eu?
Nah, que ideia!
Espero que gostem do meu novo conjuntinho, docinho como um bombom!

12 December 2017

Videos & Fashion & Trends | Flowers and faux fur: my new Fall 2017 pieces!

Today I'm sharing another video in my mother language,
to showcase my newest fall pieces!
You can still check how pretty they look even if you don't understand portuguese!

Have a lovely December!

Continuando a maravilhosa descoberta do mundo do YouTube 
(se gostam de vídeos, não deixem de subscrever ao meu canal),
aqui fica mais um vídeo, desta vez com as minhas peças de roupa novas,
que incluem padrões floridos e muito pêlos quentes e fofos!

Espero que gostem!