05 February 2016

Outfits | Is anything more soothing that cozy sweaters and hot chocolate by a fireplace? I don't think so!

grey sweater: c/o Abaday | flared black jeans: Stradivarius
bag: Mango | lace up booties: ZARA | black silver watch: c/o Daniel Wellington
(wearing Panache Black Ardour in 30F underneath)

Today is DAY 5 of my PROJECT 333: wearing 33 pieces for 3 months
and I'm happy to share with you the first outfit since I've started this adventure!
It's something pretty casual and simple, a grey meets black combo,
with a touch of color by my (almost) marsala Mango bag!

This sweater from Abaday is one of the newest addictions to my closet,
so I thought she ought to be in the final version of my "capsule wardrobe"!
It screaaaams cozy winter in my ears, 
and the soft material is best appreciated with a warm hot chocolate in hand...
I'm just guessing here though, because, unfortunately, I haven't drink any lately!
(Gotta change that and actually try some savory recipes before winter comes to an end though!)
The only accessory outside of my "capsule wardrobe" I picked was the classic Daniel Wellington watch!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!
Have a lovely week!

03 February 2016

Fashion & Trends | Closet Cleaning challenge: wearing 33 pieces for 3 months!

About 3 years ago, I challenged myself into wearing (only) 15 clothes for 1 month!
I successfully completed it - and shared 13 outfits meanwhile!
It was a fun experiment but I was an avid fashion consumer at the time,
and I'm sad to say I didn't learn much from it...
Let's just say, to put it nicely, that, among buyings, sponsorships and gifts,
I've had more than 400!!! pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes added to my closet, 
from the beginning of 2013 until the end of 2015!
(I keep this recorded in Excel, so I know this data is real...painfully real!)
And even though last season I managed to "only" get 29 pieces in my wardrobe 
- a lot less than in the previous ones! - 
I still don't think this is acceptable: it's a waste of resources, space, money and time!

To make this investment sound even more ridiculous,
I will say that, most of my mornings, I just grab the same pieces over and over again...
which means most of the clothes in my wardrobe haven't seen the sun in more than a year!
The logic follow-up question is: "Then why are they even there in the first place?!"
The sad answer is I don't know. It just...happened!

But not anymore!!!

I've decided it is time for some SERIOUS WARDROBE CLEANING!
Like, pretty serious!
Not the traditional "love, maybe, nope" piling making method and calling it a day...
oh no...
I want to seriously purge my style/wardrobe and define my fashion identity!

How will I do that?

02 February 2016

Giveaway | Gift Card de 100€ numa loja à escolha

E se vos dissesse que 6 bloggers se juntaram para vos ajudar a rechear a vossa colecção de Primavera/Verão?!

Os blogs:

e o meu, claro!, 

têm um "gift card" de 100€ numa loja à vossa escolha para oferecer!
(A detalhar posteriormente com o vencedor!)
Fantástico, certo?

Tudo o que têm de fazer para se habilitarem a ganhar este belo prémio é seguir as instruções deste "widget":

Algumas informações extra:

1. Sorteio nacional;
2. O passatempo termina no dia 1 de Março, às 23:59 (GMT+00)!
3. As entradas que aparecem a negrito, sem carregar em "more entries", são as obrigatórias
(O não preenchimento ou preenchimento incompleto das entradas obrigatórias, leva à desclassificação);
4. As partilhas no facebook deverão ser feitas no vosso perfil de participação e de forma pública;
5. Qualquer participação suspeita de ser fraudulenta não será validada;
6. O vencedor terá de fornecer informação adicional para entrega do prémio;
7. Ao participar, declaram que concordam com as regras impostas e que têm idade mínima para participar; 

Boa sorte para todos!!!