27 April 2017

Outfits & Personal | My love, the world shall tell you're nothing, but you mustn't believe it!

Sometimes it feels like I've missed that memo.
My weirdness, which I'm so proud of most of the time, feels like a burden.
And there I lay, kind of wishing I was build some other way...like the rest of them.
So I could actually melt, instead of floating around, looking the world from above (or below?)...
And I know I should just ignore it, but there are days when I can't.
I believe all of those who bullied me and feel like I am nothing.
Which I know is so not true...
In days like these, I try to crawl out of bed, spend some time playing with my makeup,
dress something that makes me feel amazing and go take pictures.
While having this kind of me time, the pain begins to fade, my self-love is resurrected from the ashes,
and I feel brave enough to spread my uneasy, imperfect wings again...

Remember all of us have their burdens...so let's practice some kindness today...
with others...and with ourselves!


black ruffle skirt and pink t-shirt: ZARA | beige sneakers c/o Ecco intrinsic 1
denim jacket: c/o Choies with Stradivarius patches | pearl choker: Stradivarius
rose gold sunglasses: Aldo | rose gold watch: Parfois | fishnet tights: Primark

               Hoje há fotografias cheias de sol e um texto cheio de reflexões sobre o amor-próprio, o "bullying" e a sensação de não-pertença.
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25 April 2017

Outfits | Playing princess!

Two weeks ago I morphed into a princess for a few hours,
and the blame is on this gorgeous dress from Boutique da Tereza, a local store specialized in plus sizes!

Discover more photos and party options in the rest of the post!


Há 2 semanas passei uma manhã a rodopiar neste belíssimo vestido da Boutique da Tereza
uma das sugestões da marca para cerimónia!

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23 April 2017

Beauty | Bring on the drama...with a bit of Kajal action!

Nowadays, I'm not one to indulge in edgy eye makeup...not even a simple eyeliner!
This time, though, I decided to pay tribute to the kajal/kohl trend from S/S 2017 runways
(namely Fendi's),
and go for some drama!

Hope you enjoy my tutorial in the rest of the post!


- Que maquilhagem é essa, menina?
Perguntarão, quiçá, ao ver mais uma sugestão arrojada por estas bandas!
(Esta foi a 1ª, caso queiram espreitar.)

A verdade é que, no dia-a-dia, é raro usar sequer um simples "eyeliner",
mas desta vez resolvi arriscar e investir nesta tendência tão forte!

Descubram todos os produtos GOSH utilizados no meu novo tutorial no resto da publicação!