15 September 2018

Outfits & Opinion | Fitting in is overrated!

Seja na sociedade, naquilo que os outros dizem ou nas calças que vestimos,
"encaixar" está muito sobrevalorizado!

Espero que gostem da reflexão e das fotos coloridas que por aí vêm!

orange top: c/o Zaful | pink palazzo pants: Bershka | purple earrings: Mango | star necklace: c/o Soufeel 

Society tells us we're supposed to blend, to avoid standing out,
"don't let them in, don't let them see"!
It would seen being different - out of the norm, I mean - is some sort of sin...
I think otherwise! I love unique, goofy, happy people who are not afraid to speak their minds!
I love myself, in all my weirdness, my stupid laugh, the way I sing and dance when I'm happy...
Even though I've tried, I never really believed in fitting in...

Actually, this concept of "fitting in" doesn't apply only to personalities...
it applies to a lot of "beauty" concepts as well...
It extends to the height and weight we're "supposed" to have, 
to the size of pants we're "supposed" to wear...
A bunch of non-sense, if you ask me!

I have to confess the idea behind this title and reflection
was the fact that for the 2846241th time I made a fool of myself putting these extra extra small pants on!
I did try to fit in for the last time! I did, but with a huuuge effort and the help of my boyfriend!
Ridiculous, I know...
They're waaaay too tight for me, they've always been, but I bought them nevertheless,
making the act of dressing them up - and down - literally! a pain!
They're gorgeous and all that, but I will stop this non-sense and either sell them or give them away!

Reflections aside, hope you enjoy today's colorful photos!
Have a lovely day, everyone!

11 September 2018

Outfits | "We're all golden sunflowers inside"

No passado Domingo fiz uma rápida visita à minha cidade, Braga,
e a minha família desafiou-me a um passeio pelo Bom Jesus!
Como blogger que sou, obviamente que aproveitei as paisagens românticas para tirar umas fotos!
Espero que gostem:

sunflower mint dress: c/o Rosegal | wedges: Stradivarius
raffia bag and white sunglasses: Lefties | hat: H&M

Last Sunday I visited my family and we had a wonderful walk at Bom Jesus,
one the prettiest places at Braga, my city!
I thought this romantic garden was the perfect background for this lovely Rosegal sunflower dress!
(My mom and sis, on the other hand, found both the setting - and the dress - a bit too cheesy!)

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!

08 September 2018

Outfits & Opinion | Seriously, stop sabotaging yourself...you are wonderful!

Esta é a mensagem que quero deixar a mim mesma 
e a todos vocês que me estão a ler e que têm o péssimo hábito de duvidar de vocês mesmos!

Leiam a minha reflexão sobre este tema depois das fotos!

white top: c/o C&A | polka dots maxi skirt: c/o Rosegal | black raffia bag: Pull&Bear
wedges: Stradivarius | sunglasses and earrings: Bershka | white watch: Cluse c/o relógios.pt

In case you've missed the memo, you are incredible and you're capable of a lot!
A lot of us spend too much time doubting ourselves and ignoring all the good things we can do!
I, for instance, am one of those people!
I can rationally say all my qualities and all the amazing things I can do...
but I often find myself thinking it's really no big deal and that I should be better!
I was programmed to be like this.
Hell, I was even rewarded to be like this, to always push for more and more, to be better and better...
But now I find myself only wanting to appreciate all the good things I already do...
but there are times when I can't...I just think how I should do more, be more...
Nonetheless, I'm a lot closer to my goal of loosen up than I was yesterday...
I just gotta keep doing my baby steps until I make it!

What about you? Do you struggle with the same insecurities?

Hope you enjoy the rest of the photographs!