20 September 2018

Outfits | Don't take yourself too seriously!

Entre flores, borboletas e roupa descapotável (ainda é Verão, portanto posso!),
hoje reflicto sobre perfeccionismo, anónimos maldosos e como não nos devemos levar demasiado a sério!

Juntem-se a mim!

orange crop top: c/o Zaful | polka dots blazer and skirt: Bershka
embellished sandals: Blanco | moon necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique

If my almost 9 years of blogging taught me anything, that would be to LAUGH AT MYSELF!
Yep, you read correctly!
Having this blog, looking at my evolution through the years and receiving some nasty comments in the way,
made me stop taking myself so seriously, adopting a chill and smile attitude!
There's no need to torment ourselves into perfection...

Hope you enjoy today's pictures, featuring my last Summer outfit!

18 September 2018

Outfits | Your flaws are what makes you unique!

Um brinde (com um Frapuccino do Starbucks!) aos nossos defeitos, 
que fazem de nós quem somos!

Espero que gostem das fotografias que tirei em Braga, a minha cidade-natal!

white A line dress: Mango | red sandals: c/o Caminata Calçados
nude watch and bracelet: c/o Paul Hewitt | red sunglasses and scarf: Bershka
red bag: from an indian market (Cristina's gift)

It may sound cliché, but it's sooo true!
Too often are we obsessed over tiny little nothings
when we should appreciate all the awesomeness about our bodies, our minds, our intelect!
I choose to see my glass (or my Starbucks' Frappuccino!) half full!

What about you?

Have a lovely week, everyone!

15 September 2018

Outfits & Opinion | Fitting in is overrated!

Seja na sociedade, naquilo que os outros dizem ou nas calças que vestimos,
"encaixar" está muito sobrevalorizado!

Espero que gostem da reflexão e das fotos coloridas que por aí vêm!

orange top: c/o Zaful | pink palazzo pants: Bershka | purple earrings: Mango | star necklace: c/o Soufeel 

Society tells us we're supposed to blend, to avoid standing out,
"don't let them in, don't let them see"!
It would seen being different - out of the norm, I mean - is some sort of sin...
I think otherwise! I love unique, goofy, happy people who are not afraid to speak their minds!
I love myself, in all my weirdness, my stupid laugh, the way I sing and dance when I'm happy...
Even though I've tried, I never really believed in fitting in...

Actually, this concept of "fitting in" doesn't apply only to personalities...
it applies to a lot of "beauty" concepts as well...
It extends to the height and weight we're "supposed" to have, 
to the size of pants we're "supposed" to wear...
A bunch of non-sense, if you ask me!

I have to confess the idea behind this title and reflection
was the fact that for the 2846241th time I made a fool of myself putting these extra extra small pants on!
I did try to fit in for the last time! I did, but with a huuuge effort and the help of my boyfriend!
Ridiculous, I know...
They're waaaay too tight for me, they've always been, but I bought them nevertheless,
making the act of dressing them up - and down - literally! a pain!
They're gorgeous and all that, but I will stop this non-sense and either sell them or give them away!

Reflections aside, hope you enjoy today's colorful photos!
Have a lovely day, everyone!