30 November 2009

Zuzana Gregorova - Vogue Spain August 2009

Zuzana is looking stunning in this ed. I decided to scan it and share with you. :)

New Model: Leticia Zuloaga for Glamour Spain July 2009

I've discover this spanish model in this editorial from Glamour Spain. I found her very interesting and decided to scan this ed and post it here. I love her eyes!

Anastasia Kuznetsova - Glamour Spain August 2009

My new sweet-heart had a editorial in Glamour Spain, and I couldn't help to scan it and share it with the rest of the world. It's not great, but she's lovely!

Zuzana Gregorova - Máxima Portugal August 2009

It's my first scan, so it's not the best one! Love her makeup!

29 November 2009

Sasha Pivovarova - Vogue Nippon December 2009

Not the best Nippon cover, but Sasha looks good.

Anna Selezneva - Vogue China August 2009

I like the concept of this beauty editorial. Anna S. is really looking like a "Skin Diva". :)

Zuzana Gregorova - Replay 2009 F/W

The campaign is plain, but who needs something impressive, when you have Zuzana's gorgeous face to look at? She's looking beyond perfect!!! The others models are Ben Hill and Bredje Heinen.

Hana Soukupova - Ocean Drive September 2008

I've only discover this gorgeous cover yesterday! Lovely and sexy!

Nick Snider - The model of H&M F/W 2009

Finally, I find out who was the captivating male model with the scarf in H&M store!!! He is Nick Snider, american, 21, standing in 1,86 m. I leave with some pics of H&M campaign an then others. Oh, and if you girls are craving for this piece, he's out of your league, for he likes boys. :) Boys, start praying!

Sigrid Agren - Vogue China August 2009

Nothing special about the editorial, but her hair is looking beyond amazing!!! And so is her face!

27 November 2009

i-D Winter 2009 - Abbey Lee Ph. Paul Wetherell

I'm feeling quite obsessed about Abbey Lee, one of my fav models, so I'll post this editorial for i-D. In the interview she said she likes Ariel, "Donnie Darko", darkness, salmon, Antony and the Johnsons and Natasha Poly. I must say, Abbey, my dear, me too! :)