28 January 2010

My Photos 6 + Style Diary 15

This is a mix. I wore this clothes for a night-out and before we left my boyfriend decided it was a good time to take me a few pics. Here's the result... He said it was very Giorgio Armani... I wish...

Shirt: Blanco

Skirt: Zara


  1. hi saw your blog on the fashionspot mathias lauridsen forum. anyway saw a pic of mathias with some french girl on this blog,taken during this paris fashion week i think. can she be her girlfriend? i dont have a fashionspot account so i thought you would want to see.


  2. Armani ? Your boyfriend must really like you since he flattered you too much :)

    Do you want to become a real fashion model by posting all these 'my photos' ? I am sorry to disappoint but you do not look like a model. Your eyes are dead and you can not pose. You are a good looking girl but not a model.

  3. someone that wants to reply to ssFebruary 3, 2010 at 1:21 AM

    ss who the heck are you to judge if she has the skills to be or not a model? someone asked you about it? plus are you from some model agency at all? remember that agencies are completely different from each other..which means this is quite relative there's no ''model stereotype''every model's different (of course followed by the fashion standard )...anyway I'm sorry but I don't understand why's this envy and rudeness!? this is a style diary..the girl from the candids (the blogger indeed) has the right to post all the candids she wants to...and that doesn't give you the right to be rude cause she didn't even write ''Do I look like a Model?'' that was cheesy from you ss whatever who u r.
    and yeah could be very giorgio armani why not? all models..designers..stylists started from zero.
    anyway...I like your blog..you have some interesting articles keep posting and I like your sense of style.
    plus u r a fan from Ms.Kershaw that's some extra points to my schedule :P


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