26 April 2010

Naturally Vamp

I usually spend my days wearing what I want and not caring for what other people may think. It’s my code, my norm, I dress only and exclusively for myself. If the others like it, great. If they find strange, even better! But this night was an exception! I dressed up to please myself AND the others. Yeah, guess I failed in my everyday purpose… But it was night, so I may be spare! ;) Anyway, sometimes I get insecure and need a little push. And no, I don’t need anyone saying “You look so sexy”, neither do I even try to spot stares, I’m not that vain. I just need to feel fit in. A LBD and a Prada clutch (oh, thank you so much auntie, for the rental, haha) sounds the perfect combination to not feel powerless.

Jacket: Religion
Dress: Zara
Clutch: Prada (can't believe it's real!!!)
Boots: Pull & Bear
Beret: Parfois

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  1. That DOES look like a power outfit! Black + leather = love for me, and open-toe booties are starting to grow on me, I must say!

  2. amazing dress, you look great

    -He approves

  3. thank u so much;) hey, u look so great! love your dress and boots!:D
    and i'm following too!

  4. Oh, thank you guys so much for sharing your opinions! <333

  5. This looks amazing! Nothing more to say about it, actually ;)



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