30 May 2010

A doll's tale

I was once inside a box, a pretty pink plastic box, so beautiful, so poised...I waited patiently, so alone, 'till someday I the box shuddered and I knew I was picked!

Oh, the joy, the relief... I feared I would be wasting all my juicy qualities in the dust...

I was carried somewhere, my heart pounding, my mouth dry: who could my saviour be?

Suddenly, my wrapper was removed, my silky hair stroked, my warm skin caressed, my deepest secrets unveiled...

I cried with the shock. It was NOT good! It didn't feel right to be touched like that! Could that be normal? Could that be real? Was that supposed to happen? I felt the need throw up, to scratch my once so pure body 'till bleed again...

Just a toy... Just a mindless toy in the hands of another man... Just a living doll, designed to make his wishes come true... And once they were, I was simply tossed away... Oh, isn't it cruel to be a slave?


Industrie #1 June/July 2010 Ph. Solve Sundsbo
Model: Alessandra Ambrosio

Stylist: Katie Grand

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  2. woow, this pics are soo amazing!
    the model really looks like barbie (:


  3. Wow, the model's face looks so doll like and graphic, love this shoot ♥

    please follow:

    Eda ♥

  4. Wonderful pictures!! The third is my favorite, it's absolutely stunning!

    I'd love your feedback on my new fashion blog



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