27 May 2010

In the wings of an hippie

If I were to choose my favorite "street walker style" hippie-chic, that would probably be Shannon (aka Dirty Hair Halo). Her fantasy headbands and delightful jewellery join a lot of pieces selected carefully to make a de-constructed and super chic winning look.

Just watch this example of one of her most amazing outfits. You can't help but to drool over such a gorgeous combination. From the oversized amazing sweater, to the polka doots with the OTK socks, everything screams: PERFECT!

sweater from Everyday People
feathered headband from Urban Outfitters
Target dotted tights
American Apparel OTK socks
Forever 21 combat boots

All credits belong to Dirty Hair Halo and her blog: http://seekingdirtyhairhalo.blogspot.com/

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