30 June 2010

"Turb" me on!

Sometimes the biggest weapons lie in the strangest places and you just need to uncover them, let them breathe, seek the bright sun... With a breeze, your greatest fears can take flight and go, go, go... I may be flying today, but, for the first time in my life, I am not dreaming!

Shirt: Sfera
Sash: DIY (from Kookai)
Coral pants: Springfield
Sandals: Zara
Bracelet: Parfois
Earrings: Rosa Choque
Scarf as a turban: Can't remember!

From the moment I saw all those great bloggers wearing turbans in vibrant colors I knew I had to make my own! And what best color to do one, than with my practically fav aqua-green?! People sure DID stare in my home-town!!! Guess they're not used to this... Anyway, I felt POWERFUL! ;)

Oh, how long I've I not talked to all of you, my lovely readers, decently? Jeez, it's been quite a mess here, with all the study, hospital and Chicago rehearsals... Still, I need to find time to be here and tell all of you how much I appreciate every single visit, comment and new follower! You make my world shine!

I have this flower vice

Magical textures compose my garments...they're like soft petals hailing for the kindness of your skin... It's all too beautiful to bare... That's why I love flowers... They're ugly in their beauty...


Ph. Sonja Gutschera and Leif Henrik Osthoff
Model Anu @ m4 models
Styling by Floriana Gavriel @ Perfect Props with thanks to Jamie Rosenthal
Hair & Makeup by Selina Spittler @ Perfect Props
Styling Assistance to Hanna Wolf

You've got this old-school charm...

In this club I shall wait... I hope my song will bring your tiny wings back...


Prada 2010 F/W Campaign Ph. Steven Meisel

Models: Angela Lindvall, Valerija Kelava, Miranda Kerr, Daria Strokous, Sigrid Agren, Kim Dall Armi, Clement Chabernaud, Mark Cox, Mathias Bergh

Models do not always wear black

You don't believe it? Check these awesome style pictures!!!


Jacquelyn Jablonski (Anthropology skirt, Alexander Wang cardigan and bag)

front style


Frida Gustavsson


Hyoni Kang (top: Reborn Process, bag: Proenza Schouler)


Emma Ishta

Roses, oh Roses!

I get my eyes all set in your pinkish groove, and I just won't stop 'till I'm stripping your skin with my nails...


Karlie Kloss Ph. Dusan Reljin

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile...

As you may already know, I'm a fan of Valentino's NEW house... Hence, this lovely images of Tati acting like a melancholic child fit me like a glove... Can't wait to see more!

Valentino 2010 F/W Campaign preview

Model: Tati Cotliar

Sometimes life can be that simple

Sitting in a staircase, waiting for the rain it's where I want to be... So tired of the hot hell already... Won't the time bring my winter glamour?

Ieva's facebook/hyunashin.com

Model: Ieva Kavaliauskaite

I want a polar bear for christmas

I know, I know, It's not Christmas yet, but staring at these previews from that highly fury clothes of Chanel 2010 F/W collection, makes me think of Siberian excursions... Thus, the Christmas... ;)

Source:Next's Facebook and TFS - nothingless pic

Chanel 2010 F/W Campaign Preview
Ph. Karl lagerfeld
Models: Abbey Lee Kershaw and Freja Beha

28 June 2010


Like a drug, your love pierces my defences and gets me naked... I'm caught from tip to toe, everything about me turns lit and I burn in my shame!

Top: Mango
Shorts: DIY
Cardigan: Sfera
Tights: Calzedonia
Belt: Bershka
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: Vogue
Earring: Blanco

My last and final exam is close and I cannot bare to study any longer... Blah, I want vacation!!! :P

On a happier note, sales are in the house and I am DYING to nail some new pieces!!! Tomorrow, it's my day!!! Therefore, since I'm a really organized girl (haha), why not try to make a list of everything I'm looking for (not necessarily going to buy it all tomorrow, unfortunately!). So:

  1. Cream/light pink bustier: I NEED one. Period.
  2. Black top: something simple and light to wear with my Alexander McQueen inspired skirt (see here!)
  3. Leather shorts (I haven't got ones yet!)
  4. Tutu skirt (the same)
  5. Some heel sandals: Need some with a thicker heel, but still need to search!
  6. Lots of cream/camel/brown shirts!!!

The biggest bow

I love it when you shout the stupidest words and I just stare... Sometimes it gets to unbelievable to stand...


Ten Magazine Summer 2010 Ph. Andrea Spotorno
Model: Tati Cotliar
Stylist: Jodie Barnes

Bring me to NYC!

The photos from my auntie's trip to NYC back in May are IN THE HOUSE! And I get to finally show you guys the gorgeous skirt she brought to ME!!! It's from Armani Exchange and I almost fainted when I saw it, since it was so freakin' amazingly resemblance to my lovely McQueen!!! She also got me my first Victoria's Secret panties!!! Aren't they cute? Leaving you with a taste from the gorgeous images she brought me (she answered my request to photograph all those gorgeous stores I've never seen!).

Failed to impress

Disappointed... Not feeling it at all...


Lanvin 2010 F/W Campaign
Models: Magdalena Frackowiak, Anja Rubik and Mariacarla Boscono

How do you always get to light my world?


Icica Shoe Concept

Designer: Helen Furber

26 June 2010

Chasing clouds

Sometimes I feel so light, I just feel like flying, like reaching the atmosphere's hands and crying out to the world: "I'm Alive!".

T-shirt: H&M
Pants: DIY

Waistcoat: Zara

Sandals: Bershka

Headband: Sfera

Necklace: Sfera

Belt: H&M