30 June 2010

"Turb" me on!

Sometimes the biggest weapons lie in the strangest places and you just need to uncover them, let them breathe, seek the bright sun... With a breeze, your greatest fears can take flight and go, go, go... I may be flying today, but, for the first time in my life, I am not dreaming!

Shirt: Sfera
Sash: DIY (from Kookai)
Coral pants: Springfield
Sandals: Zara
Bracelet: Parfois
Earrings: Rosa Choque
Scarf as a turban: Can't remember!

From the moment I saw all those great bloggers wearing turbans in vibrant colors I knew I had to make my own! And what best color to do one, than with my practically fav aqua-green?! People sure DID stare in my home-town!!! Guess they're not used to this... Anyway, I felt POWERFUL! ;)

Oh, how long I've I not talked to all of you, my lovely readers, decently? Jeez, it's been quite a mess here, with all the study, hospital and Chicago rehearsals... Still, I need to find time to be here and tell all of you how much I appreciate every single visit, comment and new follower! You make my world shine!


  1. Wow beautiful outfit! Wow there's so many people blogging like you who inspire me! Maybe someday I'll try wearing a scarf as a turban (idk really) :P


  2. An explosion of colour! The summer is you!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  3. love the scarf idea, great outfit!

  4. Wow i love all of the colours in this outfit!
    And the belt is gorgeous :)
    Vanilah xx


  5. love the first photo :D great outfit

  6. I used to wear turban for a long, long time when my hair where growing and I was almost bald :) However I didn't look at it as good as you do!

  7. i love the turban! the blue is gorgeous...and i love the orange pants as well.

  8. Wow! The top is so cute, love the sleeves.. :)
    And the orange pants are amazing! great outfit

  9. WOW!! I LOVE this!! Absolutely fantastic. You look stunning and the colours are explosive! Beautiful.


  10. You LOOK powerful, girl! I loooove the vibrant colors, so great for summer :D


  11. Oh you just look absolutely gorgeous! <3

  12. You just have to be the pioneer in your hometown then! Anyway - You look amazing as always!

    xx, Mikaela


  13. Thank you so much :)
    Love the hair wrap so cute on you!

    Fashion CHALET fashion blog


  14. Thanks for all the sweet comments, guys! <333

  15. LOVED, really loved.

    I think you're pants are just amazing. I really loved that color. It matches your hair (which is hidden and that's a pitty). Can you please help me being more like you!?

    I think I'm in love...



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