29 September 2010

Let's jam life up!

Life is there to be liven, don’t just let her lay in your lap, grab it, pressure it, make it

Isn’t it so much juicier?

pictures taken by me (Nádia Sepúlveda)

Yellow puffy sleeve cardigan: Amitié
Colorful jumpsuit: Zara
Camel belt: Bershka
Camel oxfords: Zara

Crappy photos, I know, but I couldn't let this colorful and happy outfit pass you guys by!

You see to much black here, sometimes! ;)

Hospital time has arrived again, but that won't stop me from having fun dressing up!!!

And making stupid and silly poses, of course!

Funny embraces,

Death in your arms...

Everytime you hold me, I feel like dying a bit more...Just to savour an eternity in your arms...


Editorial: Corpse Bride
Model: Kate |Wonder Models|
Make Up Artist: Anna Wiśniewska
Assistants: Marcin Kontraktewicz, Adrian Mardzyński, Paulina Dzimińska
Photographer and stylist: Natalia Gołębiowska

Look who is on the runway...and looking FIERCE!

Unforgettable Vanusa Savaris is hitting the runway here and there, and is she AWESOME or what?

Praying for some major shows!!!


Let's hear it from Paris!

Paris, my favorite female fashion week as kicked off! And day one already brings some interesting shows.

Namely Felipe Oliveira Baptista (actually a portuguese designer - national proud!) awesome cut-outs and structures...


...and Vika Gazinskaya, with intriguing silhouettes and materials:


27 September 2010

I will find my way...

It's only hidden, it just seems lost, but I'll make it... I'm too much of a nice gal to be missing this...

(YOZO and EXR, they made my day)

(Genuine smile, I thought I had to share!)

pictures taken by João from Artistic By Fashion

Harem black pants: courtesy of EXR
Satin pink blouse: Amisu
Peep-toe boots: Parfois
Black "croco" bag: Mango
Necklace: New Yorker
Black lace bra: D&G
Golden and black ring: Parfois

Holding: YOZO magazine

I was more than happy to go pick up my package from “EXR loves Pucca” collection, through Sekyu Kim from YOZO. It's a Korean brand, in case you're wondering.
Inside, there were these black harem pants, with a happy Pucca in the pocket, grinning at me!
And that's my happy story!

You can check all other EXR collaborations, which include Barbro Andersen
and Lena from Quality Rivets, among lots of others!

Fashion kiss to all,


P.S. Oh, in case you're wondering where the music comes from, it's a video. Scroll down... You already now what it is, I bet!

However, it is also a song that found it's way to move my feelings, because of it's lyrics!

Then we told each other with no trace or fear that:

Our love would be forever
And if we die, we'd die together
and lie, I said never
'Cause our love, would be forever"

Just remember it!

Give me water...

...the planet has dried out...


Numéro #117 October 2010 Ph. Solve Sundsbo
Model: Emily DiDonato

Stylist: Franck Benhamou (2b Management)

Dolce & Gabbana 2011 S/S dreams

I'm in LOVE!!! It's simple, majestic and sooo feminine! Have you ever seen such beautiful white minimal beauties?


She's unknown...but she'll never be anymore!

With a delicious style like this, I bet Nadiyah (yet another! yay!), will have major success as soon as she open her blog!!! Future http://www.theheedless.com/. I will be waiting for it to open and you should too!

That way, you will get fresh and amazing looks like this one!

How perfect can it get??? Rouded glasses, hat, oversized shirt, amazing pants and sooo on! And almost all vintage! Cool, right?

beige vintage pants
brown vintage belt
white vintage blouse
black Aldo shoes

All credits belong to Nadiyah (aka Frou). You can meet her at her Chictopia account.

26 September 2010

What are you waiting for?

A repeat here, not just to show this crazy effect my bf did to the pics (inspired by quintessential blogger Barbro), but also to remind all portuguese girls up there that I am still the only participant of Chicisimo Fashion Week game for our country!

Come on, girls, I know you are up there... You can upload your look HERE.

Still, if you're too shy to participate, why not, vote for me? If you think I deserve, obviously! ;)

pictures taken and modified by João from Artistic By Fashion

White shirt with bow: Massimo Dutti
Black leather shorts: Zara
Leopard coat: Formula
OTK boots: Stradivarius
Bag: Mango
Belt: Mango
Ring: Parfois

See original post here.

Oufit post tomorrow, boys and girls, I swear!

Big kiss,


Days of power

Lots among several uninteresting sale pieces, at Zara store, was this baby. The power shoulders, the deep "V-back", the sheerness of the fabric and the blackness of the tone, were to much for me to resist! Besides, it was 5,99€!!!

Leave you with the details:

I better enjoy it, since it's probably going to be the last black item in my shopping bag for long! Or so I wish!

Abbey goes platinum

My favorite hippie aussie baby-faced dream Abbey dyed her hair. I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm starting to like it!

Anyway, here's another GORGEOUS outfit of hers, omg, could she get any more perfect?! Everything is drop-dead amazing! The dress, the rings, the glasses,...!


Victoria's Secret Christmas Commercial - Tell me you Love me

O melhor anúncio que a marca já fez foi este

Simply the sexiest and best commercial ever made by the brand...

"Tell me you love me"

Adriana Lima
Angela Lindvall
Gisele Bundchen
Heidi Klum
Oluchi Onweagba
Tyra Banks

Song: David Benoit - Carol of the Bell

A Victoria's Secret fez um remake em 2012, se não me engano, mas não tem naaaada a ver,
na minha opinião!
Até a Adriana Lima, que está nos dois, estava mais sensual no primeiro!
(A voz da Erin - que já não é angel - é muuuuuito sexy, atenção!)

E vocês, gostam mais da primeira versão ou da segunda?


In 2012, they did a new version...but I don't think it comes even close to the original one!
Even Adriana Lima, who was in the original version, was much better then.
(Though Erin's voice sounds aaaaaaaamazing!)

What do you say? OLD or NEW?

I'll be there to hold your head...

You are my baby
my arms will always be open for you
I'll always purge your sorrow
and give you my sweet embrace...

Just say a word...And I'll be there...


Razor Red Magazine ph. GL Wood

Model: Vinicius Costa

Stylist: Andre Austin

Milan fashion week scoop

While we wait for the last two Milan days to complete, why not take a look on the latest shows that nail, somewhat, my attention:

Prada: Everyone ends up LOVING everything Miuccia does! I might frown upon the over-mexican sombrero thingy, but I can't deny that the show brings a primary sense TO fashion. The colors, very pure, blue, reds, yellows, greens, the simple, almost undone silhouettes converge to create a domain of POWER! And while keeping it simple, Prada managed to stripe us up and even make us love monkey and bananas patterns. In terms of acessorizing, I can't pass without saying that those glasses where LOOOVE!, some shoes made me :O and that those funny fuzzy furs looked awesome with those basic and rigid bags (though I don't want to think if they're real...).

Max Mara: Though simple and basic, there were hints there and there (like the fury outfits, the slightly-seen cut-outs or the glimpse of purple) that made this collection GORGEOUS!

Jil Sander: Drifting away from his usual minimalistic structure and color pallet, Raf created and exaggerated collection. A splash of new dramatic silhouettes and vibrant yet rich colors!
Though you may me thinking who will look good in these new shapes, let's just accept that some things were made to be enjoyed...not revealed!

fashiongonerogue.com and style.com

24 September 2010


Yet again I would dance to the wind's rhythm... It's never too late to try your tired feet... You'll be surprised on how alive they can get!

EDIT: I don't know if I should stay or go... Too frightened to move, actually!

pictures taken by João from Artistic By Fashion

Denim shirt: H&M men
Dark denim pants: H&M
Mountain boots: Timberland
Camel belt: Mango
Red patterned scarf: H&M

Denim on denim... For long I've watched this trend and caught myself uncertain... I must confess I've been a small fan of it for all my life. And yet, I managed to go for it, and actually LOVE IT!

As always, you should never judge something before putting it on!

I decided to bring this baby scarf back into business, for it's so vibrant and gorgeous, it makes me want to dance and twirl! Oh, mighty heart, don't miss thy beat!

Welcome back all you new followers!

Big kiss to everyone reading my silly wanderings...

You make me FLY!