06 September 2010

Let the game begin!!!

Let me introduce you to the funniest game of style: CHICISIMO's "Street Fashion Week"!!!

What is this all about? Easy. You have to post the look you'd wear for your country's Fashion Week this September, from 6th to 30th, at Chicisimo. Ah, but this is not an individual game! You'll add your look to your own country section! We're a team, after all!

This is all about fun and knowing other country's style, but there's also a flower bouquet from Chicisimo for the girl who gets more votes, as-well as highlight in the site!

I was invited to be Portugal co-organizer, so here I am, spreading the news!!!

Portuguese girls, come and share your look here. I'm counting on you!!! ;)


Estefania-personal-shopper from Con dos tacones (Spain)
Annachiara from I love my blog (Italy)
Kirsty from FashionChampagne (UK)
Talia from .maszerujac po moich rzesach (Poland)
Stiene-saenen from voguesuit (Belgium)
Lida from Fashionista Talk (Canada)
Caroline from COSMICaroline (USA)
Rosa Mexicano from Trendrebajas (Mexico)
Kira from Kira fashion (Brazil)
Beckyxoxo from Try to be Stylish (Indonesia)
Paxie from Drowning Equilibriums (The Philippines)
Sushi from Le blog de Sushi (Australia)
Nadia from My Fashion Insider (Portugal)

Still two girls missing, btw!


  1. I'm loving that game!
    Gonna go there now and upload my picture!!




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