16 September 2010

Shorts and socks

I realize I've develop this OBSESSION for shorts and especially socks!!!

These burgundy socks from Zara were L-O-V-E!!! They cost 5,95€.

You've already seen these gorgeous denim high-waisted shorts from Zara! What you don't know is that I got them for 5,99€!

These thigh high grey socks had to be in my life! They're from Stradivarius and they're like SUPER gorgeous!!! 5,95€ too!

These babies were love at first sight!!! I'm loving mustard, right now! So, Pull & Bear short shorts were mine for 5,99€!

No outfit post today, I'm not having much time to take pics with the college come-back! But I'll post some shortly, I promise!

Big kiss and thanks for the strenght,


  1. wow amazing buys!! i love the thigh high socks!!!

  2. Oooh I need to get more into socks. I have one pair of thigh highs but thats not enough!

  3. Those are definitely good buys. I'm trying to find a pair of beige socks just like your burgendy ones!

  4. Great items! Can't wait to see you wearing them!!


  5. Ohhhh, I am stealing these... I am obsessed over socks too and high-waisted shorts are the perfect partner in crime! I think I got the same socks from Stradivarius :)

  6. hmm calções e thigh highs fica um máximo! e eu queria tanto esses calções da pull and bear! mas quando os experimentei ficavam-me muito largos na cintura :/

  7. so have i! i have acquired 5 new pairs of jean shorts over the summer, and can't stop wearing socks with everything!

  8. i have those same shorts, and let me tell you, they are my absolute favorite thing from zara!!


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