30 October 2010

Victoria's Secret castings

As some of you may already know, I've been a fan of Victoria's Secret for a long time, in fact, surprisingly enough, that's what got me interested in the fashion world
per se. :P

Anyway, castings are taking place for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 taped at 10th November and these are some of the girls that are highly coveted (according to some safe sources) that I SOOOO want to see in the show!!!

Natasha Poly in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005

Bianca Balti in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005

Abbey Lee Kershaw in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009


  1. if natasha returns to VS fashion shows, I will honestly die.
    Her walk is beyond amazing.

  2. Abbey Lee looked amazing last year so I'm hoping for her rerurn <3 I doubt Miranda Kerr will be walking this year what with her growing bump :')


  3. love it all!


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