29 November 2010

Leaves keep falling...

...and I keep watching them... I refuse to be another old tree crying her leaves and dying inside. No matter what, I'll blossom again!

pictures taken by me (Nádia Sepúlveda)

Black and beige striped jumper: Bershka
Pleated black skirt: H&M
Long white shirt: Pull & Bear
Black lace tights: Accessories
Black lace-up booties: Parfois
Glasses: RayBan Wayferer
Black bag: Mango

I'm getting used to this self-timer thing! Still I can't wait to get a new camera, which will make me able to take 5 photos at a time, instead of ONE!!! :p

I'm currently studying LOTS (or least should) and I can't wait for the weekend to come! Algarve, here I go! Well-deserved break of partying, having fun and meeting new people! God knows how much I need to drown in alcohol! Haha, not quite, but I'll feeling rebellious today! :p

Super mega big kisses to all my beloved readers!


28 November 2010

Beach of light

Erasing all my footsteps in the sand? Never, for they made me what I am!


Naag magazine
Model: Kasia Struss

27 November 2010

Can't you see that you're fading?

Brighter days will arrive somehow... I just need to stick around to see it!

pictures taken by me (Nádia Sepúlveda)

Brown fur: Zara
White shirt: idk
Leopard leggings: Outline
Beige cardigan: Zara
Brown booties: Zara
Turquoise clutch: oldie

Not much to say, actually! Just that I love this cozy fur LOTS!

My exam is done, it went so-so, but I don't really care!
Another one to come next Friday!
And after that I hope I will be away! :p

BIG kiss,

26 November 2010

Fur cuffs!

Easiest DIY ever! Just grabbed a collar from an old jacket from my sis and did some stitches and voilá!

The party is over

No words to decorate my suffering today...


Vogue Türkiye October 2010 Ph. Sophie Delaporte
Model: Siri Tollerød
Stylist: Mary Fellowes

25 November 2010


My look 'Stiff Heart' was given the Audience Pick badge!

Now, if only Chictopia created an Audience Pick gallery...

24 November 2010

Stiff heart

There he is, my heart in the wall, just outside me, pulsing, wanting more... Let him travel and come back soon!

pictures taken by me (Nádia Sepúlveda)

Shearling aviator jacket: Zara
Flowery skirt: Blanco
Brown shirt: ZA
Brown socks: idk (they actually appeared at my house, from nowhere :P)
Camel belt: Mango
Oxford shoes: Zara
Camel bag: Mango
Necklace: idk
Sunglasses: RayBan

First time I'm wearing my shearling jacket!!! It was like HARD to pick up an outfit for it, since my closet is consistent with having tons of BLACK, but this idea pop into my head the moment those socks appeared at home, out of nowhere! ;)

I enjoyed the heart-shaped effect of the falling wall! Makes it poetic!

I'm trying to be a more present blogger, hope you guys keep coming and asking for more! :)))

Still studying... I will actually be studying 'till my birthday (4th December), but after that I can REST! ;)

Hope you guys are AWESOME! :)


New "Audience Pick" at Chictopia

The other Chictopians reading this already know that now
Chictopia created a new badge in the New Photos section, the "Audience Pick". That badge portraits the looks with 15 or more votes.

My two latest looks were given the bagde! :) Now, if only my looks could make it to the Style Gallery again...but that is getting harder and harder! No stress! :P

Indecent bride

It's time for me to stir at the edge of this abyss and decide if I want to step in or not! I need to decide if I want to be a bride or a whore!


Ph: Mark Squires
Model: Judith Berard
Stylist: Megan Ross

Newest obsession: Fur cossack hat!!!

Ok, it's official! I need fur on top of my head!!! Like: NOW!

Here's a tiny collage to show my love for this awesome piece! Isn't this bloggers' style superb, btw?

23 November 2010

Photographer crush: George Downing

George Downing, a 17 year-old photographer that caught my eye!

There's something about the way he captures the essence of the models that actually drives me insane!

And I love the way he plays with the light. If you check out my favorite photographers list, you'll realize that I have a crush for dark versus light pics (in the likes of Camilla Akrans or Greg Kadel). Therefore, I'm following this boy's work! Wish him the best luck...and portraits!

22 November 2010

Gothic love can't be saved

Dark is my heart today... See it lying over my chest, crying it's sorrows, completely red in love and dark in hate... Gothic truth is the only way to silence my prayers... While my soul is still pulsing, let me climb my fears...

pictures taken by Nádia Sepúlveda (me)

Black dress: Sfera
Black lace shirt: H&M

Crucifix: Uno de 50

Black handbag: Zara

Black glasses: RayBan
Silver ring: Parfois

Black lace-up booties: Parfois

As promised, here are some brand new Style Diary pics! I was inspired by two things to create this look, one is Hypeed contest with Vogue Paris Gothic Chic and Blue is in Fashion this Year post about total black outfits + one colored item!

I have a lot of things to study in the next two weeks, but I'll try to be here as much as I can!

Oh, would you mind voting here?

Thanks for all the support!


21 November 2010

Don't you dare closing my arms

I've chosen my destiny already, if I am to be crucified, them let it be! Death is so much sweater than life, anyway...


Marie Claire Turkey November 2010 Ph. Ayten Alpun
Stylist: Hakan Öztürk

Let's play, Oysho?

Oysho lookbook F/W 2010

20 November 2010

It's time to shine!

FINALLY got my first double ring!!! And isn't it BEAUTIFUL?! It's from Parfois and cost 4,99€!

Now, I finally got a beautiful umbrella!!! It's from Zara and cost 17,95€. I couldn't resist this Limited Edition!

Got my paws on a black lace shirt at last!!! I was craving for it LOTS! It's from H&M and cost 9,95 €!

These are dark times I'm living in... Literally... Speaking of which: Harry Potter was GREAT!

I'll be back with a new outfit post soon!


Tune in for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

Join Angels, Katy Perry, Akon and HF models in this parody!

Oops, forgot a pic!

All details below!

18 November 2010

Seeing stripes

Cast inside a prison I did not built for me...

pictures taken by Paula Martins (my aunt)

Beige and black jumper: Bershka
Fur neck (upside down): Zara
OTK boots: Stradivarius

I know I've been terrible absent, but it's been quite a busy time!

Pleeeease, vote???

See you soon,

17 November 2010

Got knitwear!

Finally got myself some cute knitwear pieces!

The mustard sweater is from Bershka and cost 25,99€.

This fair baby with it's details was mine for 22,99€. It's from Bershka!

Here's the jumper I was craving before! It's from Bershka too and I got it for 29,99€.