30 December 2010

Leo meets fluor pink!

She's just a lost creature, trying to find her way home... Her wild screams cannot be understood by anyone but the one that's meant to hear them.

pictures taken by Carolina Sepúlveda (my sister)

Black faux fur coat: westrags.com
Camel satin blouse: Zara
Black leather shorts: Zara
Beige heels: Sfera
Brown "croco" bag: Massimo Dutti
Black beret: H&M
Leopard socks with pink: Blanco

And here they are: leopard socks!!! I think that socks also deserve to be grrrrr, like all the other garments with the savage print! :p

I love them LOTS, btw!!!

Now, Christmas is gone, time to think about the 2010-2011 turnover! May the next year be as good or better than this one! ;) Need to decide what to wear, btw! Aaaaah! :p

See y'all,

29 December 2010

Everything goes GRRRRRR...

Leopard print is just EVERYWHERE!!! Later on, I'll show you a look where I'll have a different piece of clothing with this print! Can you guess what?

You picked me...

27 December 2010

I'm a Christmas Decoration

I was made to be look upon, not touched. For those who think they have, you just crackled my surface a bit. I'm too thick to be really tangible...

My reindeer horns! So cute! :p

I was dizzy from the spinning in this picture! ;)

pictures taken by Carolina Sepúlveda (my sister)

Red minimal pleated skirt dress: Zara
Otk boots: Stradivarius

Bow belt: Primark

Black blazer: Blanco

Black ring: Parfois

So, here are my Christmas outfit pics!!! I told you the owl was going to be major, she's my companion in this crazy tale!

Since it was Christmas, I didn't have the nerve to make all my photos serious, so there's a lot of silly stuff too. Guess what, I had a GREAT time! :p

I felt like a doll in that dress, it's sooo pretty and cute! ;)

How was your Christmas?

BIG kiss,

Two muses: how to look good with or without your clothes on!

Magdalena Frackowiak
and Natasha Poly are two of my favorite models, and they looked AMAZING at the Pirelli Calendar 2011 Launch is Moscow!

It's case to say, with such beauty, they look awesome with or without clothes!

Here we have Mags, posing beautifully:

And my precious Nats with her new deep brown hair, looking WOW:

dress from Chanel 2009 Fall Couture

Both with Kaiser, wearing different outfits and hairdos:

no images' credits this time! Sorry!

I was the only one...

For the third time already, I was featured at "The Cut". I was the only one to be featured, like Charlotte said, but hey!, she also said my pictures looked awesome, so it's good! ;)

What's even funnier is that I only discovered this now, because I was looking up at my stats and saw nymag.com as a referral site for my blog and went to find out why. Here's why:

26 December 2010

Cover your head up!

If you think hats are dead and gone, rethink! Despite all the extravaganza, designers are still investing in these oh-so stylish must-haves! So, whether you’re hailing for winter or spring, why not take the time to buy a few of these babies?

May I suggest Fedora Hats (http://www.1001fedorahats.com/) or Panama Hats (http://www.1001panamahats.com/)? They are the owners of all the lonely hats you’ll see below, in my collage!

I can assure you, a hat will spice up any outfit and give it the perfect bohemian or chic hit!

25 December 2010

My kind of Christmas

I'm not that kind of person that appreciates consumerism and enjoys Christmas just for the sake of the gifts.

Nevertheless, here I am, sharing some of my Christmas with all of you. I actually have some Style Diary pics to share as well, but they're not in my hands yet!

These were the pieces of clothing I received this Christmas! As you can see from my post here, I got things I was craving a lot (I also got the cellphone I was longing for, but this blog is about fashion, not gadgets, hehe).

I actually almost fainting when I got the white faux fur from Zara! So unexpected, truly! :)

And my red minimal dress, from Zara too... Perfection!

This owl is actually very special, you'll understand why soon! ;)

This is a detail from a Primark top. The shoulder are cover with "petals", actually it looks like soft little wings!

Love my new rings!!! Big pearls and gorgeous double finger with birdies!

Detail of the fur snood from Primark and my sweetie baby white!

Get a better look at my Prada inspired belt!

Detail from the other snood!

24 December 2010

I wish you a beautiful Christmas!

With lots of smiles, snow and all the things that make life COMPLETE! :)))


23 December 2010

Transparency dreaming

It felt so light that I thought the fall was a dream.

pictures taken by João Silva

Knitwear: Sfera
Sheer lace skirt: dress from United Colors of Benetton
Heels: Sfera
Bag: Mango
Hat: H&M men
Belt: Mango

Long time since I've post a Style Diary! I know, shame on my blogger skills!!! Anyway, this is one of those outrageous outfits I wear sometimes to make people stare and stare and stare... :p

Christmas is coming and I've had the most wonderful news!!! My soon to be cousin is AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see how he will look like! May, come fast! :)


22 December 2010

Super nature

Some tales were meant to your ears, selected from the greatest to bring you the peace you've been hunting...


Photography by Richard Jensen
by Dixi Romano @ Motif Management

Hair & Makeup
by Karim Belghiran @ Kasteel Agency

Donna Loos @ LaAgencia & Ellie Graham @ Uno

Photo Assistant
Robert Gasco

Special Help
Mauro Viceconti