13 December 2010

Let's sock it up!

Seems like everyone owns a pair (or thousands) of socks in the fashion world. I had my fair share, but yesterday I went crazy and bought

1...2...3...4..5 pairs!!! :)))

The cute bunny ones are from Oysho and cost 3,95€. The other four are from Blanco and cost 1,99€ each (one was an offer).

Socks apart...

I'm feeling great now! Christmas season has finally caught me! All I want is to walk in the streets, looking around! I'm feeling so good with my own being... :)))

Btw, I know my title is a bit mischievous, I didn't mean to!!! :P It just happened naturally! ;)

I know I've been a lousy blogger, I'll make it up! I've got some new ideas to show here! :)

LOTS of kisses to you all!!! :)))



  1. LOVE this look so much!!!


  2. Ahhhh love the Miu Miu ones at the top and the bunny ones :D


  3. such a good idea for the winter


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