10 November 2012

Personal | To all my non-portuguese readers

You know how much I appreciate you. 
How much I care.
How much, when bloggers barely existed in my country,
you supported me and gave me wings to fly.

You probably don't know this...but I love to write in English...
It sounds different...simpler and easier to write.
I actually think my brain is half English...
I constantly catch myself thinking in this language.
Quite silly, but true.

This blog started off in English...
More than a year after that, I started translating my posts to portuguese,
my mother language, when the readers who spoke it started to grow.
Right now, a large amount of the viewers are from Portugal,
which makes me feel home, wanted, safe.

Currently, I've been translating most of my post to English,
in order to be universal...but I can't do it anymore!
The reason why?
I'm starting to have little time for this blog,
and writing in two languages makes the process of creating a post even longer.
After deep consideration, I realized this was a necessary sacrifice.
I've added a Google Translate bar right under the introduction at my sidebar,
so that you can translate all the posts when you arrive here.
I know it's not the same. But it's all I can do now.
Maybe one day I can re-write in English again, who knows?

I thought I should warn you before making the big change!
I'll still keep most of the labels and titles in English, to make things easier.
I'm sorry that I need to do this, 
but I have so many responsibilities outside this blog to take care of!
But you deserved to know in advance, so here I am! 

Thanks for all the support, for all your kind words!
You seriously rock! Honestly!
Thaaaaaaanks for everything and please stay tuned!

Kiss kiss


  1. Aqui está o link :)


  2. "my brain is half english" é capaz de ser das coisas mais ridiculas que já te saíram do teclado. pior, da cabecita!
    your brain is half smart.......


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