22 January 2016

Lingerie & Videos | Comexim Sonia plunge 60HH (28G) + string (S) review

The Comexim plunges are the holy grail of bras for my narrow and projected boobs,
as Ingrid - my first - proved so beautifully!

Therefore, for my second order, I sticked to this shape and ordered 2 plunges 
- Sonia and Elena -
with a little customization: straps moved in 2 cm (about 0,8 inches).

Sonia is sold as a half cup at the site, but I asked if it could be made as a plunge...
it could, so I ordered it in 60HH, along with the matching thong, custom made, at size S.
Let's see how well it worked out, right after my mother language video/after the jump,
shall we?

Prepare to be dazzled!

Na minha busca pelo(s) SOUTIENS PERFEITOS,
arriscar-me a experimentar a marca polaca Comexim foi MAGIA!!!
Os modelos "plunge" da marca, no tamanho 60HH, 
são OS soutiens que melhor me assentam actualmente!
Tenho 3 e não serão os últimos com certeza!

Hoje, venho falar-vos do modelo Sonia, em versão "plunge", uma autêntica beleza:

Ficaram com vontade de experimentar a Comexim?
O meu guia sobre como comprar soutiens pode ser uma ajuda preciosa, então!
Qualquer dúvida ou ajuda que necessitem, não hesitem em contactar-me através do e-mail
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Because I customized it, my Sonia is a three part plunge style, with lightly padded cups,
identical to Ingrid!

It fastens in the back with three rows and two columns of hooks-and-eyes 
and the straps are fully adjustable.

As for the straps moved in, here's a comparison with Ingrid (no customization):

As you can see, there's a noticeable difference between Ingrid and Sonia,
which minimizes the armpit chafing and makes the cups even narrower at the top...
which is perfect for my roots!


With its peach undertone, paired with silvery grey flower lace, Sonia is a total looker!

The finishing touches are the gorgeous double bows at the straps and the gore, 
in peach and mocha shades! 

The straps are mocha as well, with matching hardware...it looks lovely with the peach!

As for the string, it was custom made, featuring the gorgeous peach shade,
and a panel of silvery lace upfront!

I ordered the size S, which fits awesomely!


Just like I was expecting, Sonia in the plunge version fits just like Ingrid:
it allows for projection and fits my narrow roots perfectly!
I found the fit very consistent: the 60HH (28G UK) band and cups feel true to size.

The width of the bra is perfect for my breasts...about 13,5 cm (5,3 inches)!
The depth of the cup allows for apex projection, measuring about 21,3 cm (8,4 inches).

(Note that the plunges might appear to be less deep than other bras on their range,
but that's because they're cut lower...
their "real" projection is a lot bigger than the actual measurement!)

The band is also on point, measuring about 54,5 cm (21,4 inches), and stretching to 69 cm (27,2 inches). 

The moved in straps (by 2 cm) fit very comfortably, making the bra fit even better than Ingrid! 
The customization was a nice addiction, that I'll totally ask for in all orders from now on!
It was free by the time I ordered the bra, and I'm guessing it still is!

This plunge has moderate coverage, the gore's height being 6,5 cm (2,6 inches).
It gives a very upfront profile, allowing for a round yet natural appearance!
The lace doesn't show in most clothes!


Comexim plunges have proven, yet again, 
to be perfect for narrow roots and apex projection!

You should check your size at Bratabase,
because Comexim's calculator tends to give a smaller cup than what you need,
especially if you have a lot of projection!

Don't forget you can custom order some sizes and also plenty of alterations!
Just drop them an e-mail to ask if it's possible!

Do you own any polish bra?
Are you eyeing any? 
If that's the case, but you're unsure on which to order,
be sure to check my guide for buying fitting bras!

Good luck finding THE ONE!


  1. Adorava ter a tua coleção de soutiens! Acho que são mesmo giros e gabo-te a coragem por comprares online peças destas tão pessoais e que por norma, penso eu, as pessoas gostam de sentir o material e experimentar :)
    Cá estarei aqui para ver a próxima aquisição :)


  2. Eu odeioo comprar soutiens !!
    Nunca consigo arranjar nenhum que me assente bem e que eu me sinta confortável, mas sem duvida que os teus post's em busca do soutien perfeito têm me ajudado imenso :)
    Adorei o post:)
    Estou a começar no mundo dos blog's, se qusieres passa lá e deixa a tua opinião :)

  3. Que lindão, Nádia! É mesmo bonito e assenta-te que nem uma luva!

  4. Hi,
    I am thinking to buy my first Comexim plunge. I need your advise: by moving the straps in, did you notice any change in cup depth when compared to the unaltered original?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Sowmya!

      No, I didn't notice any depth changes whatsoever! :) Good luck with your first Comexim!


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