21 February 2016

Lingerie | Panache Andorra Bluebell in 28FF review

When I was prompted to try Panache Andorra Full Cup in the new spring/summer colorway bluebell,
I honestly didn't had my hopes high.
I remembered vaguely that when I first tried an Andorra (I believe it was the plunge version back then),
about 1 year and a half ago, it didn't seemed particularly remarkable to me.
This time, though, despite being totally different from anything I own 
- you can't see any "full cups" in my collection, after all! -
 this serenity blue shade totally CHANGED MY MIND about this model!

Let's see how well the 28FF fared in my eyes (and body!), right after the jump, okay?

Para alguém que é ABSOLUTAMENTE OBCECADO por soutiens e afins,
sempre que tenho oportunidade de experimentar um modelo no meu tamanho, 
é como se o Natal tivesse chegado mais cedo...
"Será que vai ficar bem vestido?", "Será que me vai favorecer?" ou "Será que me vou apaixonar?"
são algumas das questões antecipatórias que me cruzam a mente...

Foi com esta curiosidade natural que fui à Dama de Copas 
e aproveitei para experimentar a nova totalidade do modelo Panache Andorra:
bluebell, que é A-M-O-R-O-S-A!!! 

Não há nada parecido com o Andorra na minha colecção
afinal de contas, o modelo é "full-cup", um estilo que afasta muitas mulheres mais jovens! 
No entanto, se eu esperava sentir-me uma "avózinha" com este soutien de maior cobertura,
estava muito muito muito enganada!
Na realidade, senti-me extremamente feminina e sensual,
especialmente quando experimentei os "shorts" rendados do conjunto! 
(Não tenho fotografias com eles, mas podem ver quão giros ficam na modelo no resto do post!)

Não se deixem enganar pela renda: 
o suporte e formato que o Andorra proporciona são fantásticos e, como resultado,
o peito fica arredondado, levantado e centrado!
A renda da parte superior é elástica, 
para se acomodar a diferentes formatos de peito e permitir flutuações de tamanho.

Apesar de todos os aspectos positivos deste conjunto, acabei por não o trazer comigo!
Porquê?!, perguntarão vocês! 

Simplesmente porque estou de olho na nova totalidade de Primavera do modelo Marcie, também azul,
que mostrei nesta publicação (3ª foto!).
Como as tonalidades são tremendamente parecidas e eu o achei absolutamente adorável,
resolvi que ter dois soutiens tão idênticos em termos de cor seria um desperdício...
mas que o Andorra neste novo tom é um ASSOMBRO para a Primavera, ai isso é!

Há alguém que esteja tentado até agora? Não???
Então esperem até ver o resto das fotografias!

Se usam 28-40 D-J, visitem a Dama de Copas mais próxima e experimentem esta beleza!

Pode ser que se surpreendam!

Um grande grande beijinho para todos!



Andorra is the first full cup bra I've ever tried, and it's a balcony style with a 3 part construction!

It's made of two kinds of lace: the upper part features a delicate, soft and stretchable lace,
that can adjust to a wide variety of breast shapes,
and the lower part is a stronger one, for more support!
Inside, each cup has a nice side sling, which helps to center the breast tissue!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band fastens with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes! 


Andorra is one of those timeless beauties when it comes to lingerie,
that will make all the lovers of the classy romantic flower lace lust over it!

In the lovely new spring/summer 2016 shade - bluebell - it becomes even prettier and youthful!

I love the fact that the lace doesn't stop at the cups, extending to the gore, band and straps...
it adds a touch of elegance to the bra!

The gore is adorned with a minimalistic satin ribbon, in the same color of the bra!

I add the pleasure to also try the marvelous shorts and - oh my - are they pretty, in all that semi-sheer adorable lace!
I'm telling you, as a fan of tiny tiny underwear, I was pretty skeptical while trying these on...
but the moment I saw how they fit...wow, I was instantly a fan!
They compliment the bra perfectly, making it a romantic yet sexy set!


The 28FF, my usual Panache size, feels true to size and it's very comfortable!

The band is 58 cm (22,8 inches) and feels pretty snug.
(I didn't stretched it, because I didn't *o* keep the bra - more details on that later!)

The cups have a depth of 23 cm (9,1 inches) and feel roomy and forgiving enough for projection;
the stretchy lace allows for FoB shapes and helps to minimize asymmetry!

Having 13,3 cm (5,3 inches) of width, Andorra's cup are just narrow enough for me;
the side wiring is pretty low for a full cup bra, making it pretty comfy in the armpits!

As you can see, Andorra provides a uplifted yet natural shape;
it's a little bit pointed, especially on my left breast, the smaller one, 
but it still looks very nice under shirts!


I wasn't expecting to love Andorra this much... I was *this* close to take it home with me!

The only slight problem I had with it was the pointy shape on my leftie and that was totally passable...
To be honest, it was solely the fact that I'm expecting the new Marcie in bluebell 
(which I showed in my Panache S/S 2016 preview and it's beyoooond cute!),
that (really) stopped me from having the first full cup bra in my "bra-drobe"!

Now girls, if you love the coverage and support a full cup can offer,
don't miss out this goooorgeous colorway from Andorra!
After all, the serenity color is super trendy right now: it just SCREAMS SPRING!!!
Don't let the "granny" looks deceive you...try it on...you may be in for a surprise!

Along with this beautiful shade of blue,
this bra also exists in the continuity colors of white, black and pearl.
You can still grab a lot of colorful older shades at ebay and amazon, for amazing prices,
along with the plunge version (now discontinued)!

Andorra is available in sizes:

Are you feeling the need to go "granny"?
Did this model surprise you?

Have a lovely week, guys!


  1. Ooh, this colourway is super pretty! It looks like a really good fit for you too, but I can definitely understand choosing the Marcie in the same colour over it - sometimes full coverage is just a bit much! I also love that it has the gothic arch with the elastic on the bridge - I didn't realise it had that.
    Sian Big Cup Little Cup

  2. Detalhes encantadores!...
    Efectivamente, as peças são muito bonitas!


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