30 March 2016

Lingerie | Visiting Dama de Copas - Panache AW 2016 collection preview

As a lover of Panache Lingerie
getting the chance to sneak-peak the upcoming AW 2016 collection 
at the portuguese exclusive retailer of the brand, "Dama de Copas", was reaaaaally exciting!

The collection was truly mouth-watering, 
almost making me wish the leaves were yellow, orange and brown already!
There were a lot of lovely flower prints and delicious rich shades of blue, greys, reds and brows,
some new - exciting models - and old time favorites as well!

Throughout this post I'll share the designs "Dama de Copas" picked, 
as well as some other models I loved, even though the store passed on them!
I got the chance to try some of them in the sample size 32E
(including the Cleo by Panache Piper Longline!!!),
so stay tuned for those mini reviews as well!

(from left to right: Panache Black Amara and Ardour, Panache Elisa, Jasmine rose print and Cari)

Visitar a feminina, cheirosa e convidativa DAMA DE COPAS é sempre um prazer!
Além de ser fã da marca Panache Lingerie, que a loja vende em exclusividade em Portugal,
adoro a boa disposição de quem lá trabalha...as visitas são sempre uma diversão!

Desta vez, à semelhança da visita de Dezembro, que me deu a conhecer as novidades de Primavera/Verão,
foi-me dada a fantástica oportunidade de conhecer as novidades de Outono/Inverno da Panache...
e deixar-me apaixonar!

Nesta nova publicação trago-vos um cheirinho do que aí vem,
peças fantásticas que quase me fazem desejar que as folhas das árvores se tornem alaranjadas brevemente...

Tive oportunidade de experimentar a maior parte das novidades,
por isso também há fotos de alguns deles em carne e osso à vossa espera!

Escolham o vosso modelo favorito em 3, 2, 1...

PANACHE A/W 2016 (main line)

One of my highlights has to go to the newest shade of Olivia, a gorgeous cobalt blue!

(Panache Olivia)

It was the first time I tried this model and I was surprised by how well this full cup looked on,
along with the gorgeous high waisted panties!
The materials are super soft and floral print a delight!
I felt all feminine and vintage in this set!

(Panache Olivia)

My infatuation was sooo strong that, when I got home, I urged to eBay 
and was lucky to find a 30F of the gorgeous jade AW 2015 colorway for a very nice price!
You can also try your luck here!

(Panache Jasmine orchid print)

The two new printed Jasmine models "Dama de Copas" picked 
- orchid print and rose print were both absolutely gorgeous!
They come in two panties options: thong and brief!

(Panache Jasmine rose print)

They also picked the nice caramel, which works as a neutral for some skin tones.

(Panache Jasmine caramel)

Since the sample size was too big on me, I don't have proper pictures of me wearing them to share...
but I'll be back come fall, Jasmines, to try my proper size!

(Panache Elise)

Elise, which made it's presentation at the current spring collection with a nice shell shade,
returns at Fall in a rich brown shade, praliné
a colorway many full bust brands seem to be embracing in the upcoming collection!

(Panache Cari)

Cari (which first colorway I personally reviewed here) appears in a navy shade,
continuing to offer spacer moulded cups to all their fans!

(Panache Eleanor)

Panache also invested in a new moulded maternity bra, the Eleanor in latte.

(Panache Eleanor)

 (You can check the full Panache collection at Bras and Body Image.)


Among the models from the Panache Black line picked by my local store is the amazing Ardour (which I reviewed here) 
in charcoal, a nice satiny grey shade, a color I know many girls crave in lingerie!

(Panache Black Ardour)

The other choice was the Amara Longline, a novelty, a black longline, 
featuring non-padded cups with panels of black lace over a beige base
and two panties options: matching high-waisted briefs or brazilian briefs!

(Panache Black Amara)

I actually tried it on and I didn't manage to capture it's beauty to it's full...
but you can trust me it's even prettier alive than in this picture:

(Panache Black Amara)

I also got the change to try the newest shade of Quinn, which didn't make the cut into "Dama de Copas"!
This model first appeared at the present spring collection in navy
and will be debuting a delicious chocolate shade next fall
(continuing to resemble the old Masquerade Persia in my eyes!).

(Panache Black Quinn)

When I tried it on, I was very surprised by the round and uplifted appearance it gave when I tried it on!
It made me really weak on my shoulders, specially paired with the sensual matching lace briefs!

(Panache Black Quinn)


The typically more youthful line from Panache Lingerie brought a lot of lovely shades of magenta, blue and nice floral prints!

"Dama de Copas" picked the new Marcie and Koko Muse colorways 
and the new models Morgan and Lexi for it's upcoming collection!

Marcie, probably the most popular bra of the whole Panache brand, 
returns in a nice tangerine shade, paired with grey bows and stitching!
A delight!

(Cleo by Panache Marcie)

Morgan is a moulded slightly longline bra, in a lovely teal shade trimmed in magenta!
Being the owner of a Maddie, 
I was instantly drawn to the cakes on the plate cleavage this similar model provided...
I thought it looked pretty good on!

(Cleo by Panache Morgan)

Lexi, pretty similar to Maddie, comes in a new basic shade of latte.

(Cleo by Panache Lexi)

As for Koko Muse, it's new colorway is charcoal with magenta details,
which, didn't work that well for me - too shallow and too wide for my shape! 

(Cleo by Panache Morgan, Koko Muse)

As for the other models that didn't make the cut, but that I was able to preview as well,
the Piper Longline, in cobalt, was the biggest highlight!
I totally fell for this lacey non-padded beauty...and it's one set I won't want to miss out come fall!

(Cleo by Panache Piper Longline)

I also tried other models that the store didn't picked, 
like the new Della floral colorway, the new mint Blake and the magenta and lime Skye,
all of which had a stiff upper part, 
making them either wrinkled (in the 32E) or too tight on top (if I could come up with a 32DD).
It was a shame, especially in the case of Della, because the high waisted panties with the suspender

Finally, I tried the grey based floral Mimia 3 part half cup with looots of projection!
I was taken aback from this model because of the thick lining that would probably show under most clothes...
but other than that...wow!


 As a fan of both the wired sports bra (reviewed here) and it's non wired version (reviewed here),
I was thrilled to see the Olympic Print and Neon Pixel in the wired version...

and the delicious wireless bubblegum pink Neon Pixel version!


The major novelty for the fall collection of Sculptresse was Candi
a nice red model with a vintage aesthetic!

 (You can check the full Sculptresse collection at Bras and Body Image.)

Hope you enjoyed this preview!

Are there any models you simple cannot wait to grab???

Have a lovely week!


  1. O padrão do modelo Jasmine é lindíssimo!

  2. I *need* the Piper longline in my life! Such a nice bra!

  3. Wow, são mesmo giros os modelos!

  4. Oh.. Esse Morgan nessa cor *.* Lindo!

  5. por mais bonitos que sejam acho os preços de tal modo abusivos que não. Recuso-me mesmo.


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