16 April 2016

Lingerie | Cleo by Panache Marcie 28F review

If you are a lingerie enthusiastic, 
chances are you already know the most popular Cleo by Panache bra!
Marcie is considered the Full on Top (FoT) shape assorting bra,
but I, being even to Full on Bottom (FoB),
decided to ignore that after some initial hesitation,
and decided to surrender to this model, in a 28F!

Marcie has a lot of colorway options,
including the continuity colors: beige (here and here) and black
and a lot of past fashion colors, like the orange and magenta I picked,
the raspberry, the burgundy and the upcoming SS2016 bluebell, which I showed here!

Let's see how Marcie ended up looking in my even to FoB breasts right after the jump, shall we?

Para trazer alguma Primavera ao vosso armário,
trago-vos o Marcie, um modelo de soutien da marca Cleo by Panache,
disponível em preto (e, no caso de alguns tamanhos, em tons coloridos) na Dama de Copas!
Além de ser um modelo extremamente amoroso,
é bastante favorecedor e confortável, com uma copa mole tripartida,
que dá um formato redondo e levantado ao peito!
Adoro usá-lo!

No resto da publicação podem ver como é que o Marcie assenta em carne e osso, no tamanho 28F!
Cuidado, pode ser que não lhe resistam depois disso!

Um excelente fim-de-semana para todos!


Marcie is a non padded balconnet with a three part construction!
It is made of a semi-sheer material, with a sheer upper part!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band clasps with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes,
in a U shape back!


My Marcie is made of a delicious pink shade, paired with light orange accent:
the dotting on the cup, the sheer lacey and scalloped upper part...

...and, finally, the minimalistic central gore bow.


My usual size on unpadded Cleo by Panache bras is 28FF
(I own a Kali and a Lucy in that size),
however, since I knew Marcie runs deep and I was afraid I would get gapping on top,
because of lack of upper fullness, I decided to order the 28F instead!
The result?

The cups worked pretty well, having a considerable projection: a cup depth of 23,7 cm (9,3 inches), 
and offering narrow wires has well: cup width of 12,5 cm (4,9 inches).
It's true I experience a bit of quadding,
but this is an awesome bra to wear in that time of the month my breasts are smaller.

I find the band softer than Kali's and Lucy's, 
and measured it as being 56,5 cm (22,2 inches) long, and extending to 71 cm (28 inches).

Marcie offers a natural and round shape!


Don't let shape prevent you from trying Marcie!
It's one of my favorite bras because it looks great under clothes and against my skin...
plus, it exists in many aaaaaamazing colorways.

Marcie is available in sizes:

You can find a lot of them, for awesome prices, at eBay!

Do you like unpadded styles?
Do you own any Marcie?

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. gosto das cores !! :)


  2. Ooh I love this on you! Very cute! I'd snap up a nude one if it worked for me as a nude, but unfortunately the white embroidery defeats the purpose! Lovely though! I just snagged a burgundy one on eBay so I'm super excited because that's a beautiful colorway!

    1. Oh my, hope it works! I'd love to have the burgundy and the raspberry too! :D

  3. Que sutiã mais fofo.:p

    Another Lovely Blog!, http://letrad.blogspot.pt/

  4. Muito fofo :3 Nádia, há uma altura do mês em que as mamas ficam mais pequenas ? :) claro que pressinto a que altura te referes, mas isso acontece ? Pensava que havia mais retenção de líquidos e por isso o corpo inchava , não pensei que no peito se observasse um efeito diferente, o que me dizes ? :)
    Ótima review!

    1. Refiro-me à semana a seguir à menstruação, em que o peito fica "mais mole" e menos denso. Na TPM é natural que o peito fique mais ingurgitado, como dizes! :)


  5. Marcie is my favorite bra of all time! I have it in nine of the different colorways, and it's just the perfect cute everyday bra.

  6. Tão fofo!

    Beijinhos ♥
    Mónica Rodrigues dos Santos


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