31 May 2016

Outfits | "I’m in no hurry: the sun and the moon aren’t, either."

bell sleeve pink blouse: Abacat (similar here) | beige coated jeans: Mango | pearl headpiece: Vilanova
blush bag: Michael Kors Selma Mini messenger (similar here) | golden necklace: c/o oNecklace
golden watch: Casio | white and rose gold sneakers: Adidas Superstar (similar here and here)
(wearing Comexim Sonia plunge in 60HH underneath)

Hi, ya'll!
Am I the only one who thinks my new blouse's sleeves are adoooorable?
Based on the obsession everyone's having over these kind of details lately,
I bet I'm not!
They might not be super practical in the daily life 
(food always gets in the way and house chores are totally forbidden),
but they're sure pretty!

This pinky blouse (oh gosh, someone tell me to wear another color already! :o) 
is not the only novelty of this outfit, though:
my nude Mango coated jeans are finally in the game,
keeping me from the two pairs of blue jeans I'm aaaalways wearing!

This outfit is all creamy, soft and ethereal...making me feel like a nymph, a fairy, an elf...
(Yes, I'm ALWAYS a mythological creature in my head...)
I believe it really shows the tranquility I'm feeling right now...

So far, my new capsule wardrobe has been a success! 
Month number 1 was sucessfully done! 
My new way of dealing with clothes, having only 33 pieces to wear for 3 months, 
has been truly inspirational!
Neither of us does, actually!
I'm not letting consumerism get a hold on me again after this...oh no!

What about you? Do you like these soft shades? Are you a fan of "capsule wardrobring" too?

29 May 2016

Lingerie | Fauve Coco padded half cup in 30E review

Today I'm presenting you a bra that was designed for a princess...
or at least it could have been!
Meet Fauve Coco, in it's 2013 spring/summer version - "willow" - a delicious green colorway!

Sadly, the gorgeous Fauve bras are no longer in production;
That's where I found this beauty!

Let's know it better, shall we?

Hoje apresento-vos um soutien que é de uma marca que, infelizmente, já está extinta...
A marca chama-se Fauve e tem modelos faaaaabulosos, dignos de uma princesa!
Este modelo, o Coco na versão "half cup", é numa tonalidade verde seco e bege deliciosa,
com renda, lacinhos e pérolas dignos da realeza!

Eu tenho-o no tamanho 30E, embora um 30F não tivesse sido mal pensado!
Dá um formato bastante redondo e levantado ao peito!

Podem ver mais fotos dele no resto da publicação 
e descobrir modelos desta marca, a óptimos preços, no eBay!

Um graaaaande beijinho!

27 May 2016

Beauty | Another hair makeover...help!

Oooops, I'm already bored over my hair since the last makeover...
What to do, what to do...
I wanna continue to be bronde, that's for sure, but I need more...and less!
More "wow factor", less work to keep it!
Maybe some ombre...maybe get darker (in my natural color?) roots...maybe balayage???
Baaaah, I can decide!

What do you say?
What should I do to get a sparkier, but low maintenance hair?

Feel free to drop me any suggestions at the comments!

Pensei que tivesse encontrado o cabelo que me iria satisfazer durante um par de meses na última "makeover",
mas estava enganada!
Como eterna insatisfeita, eis-me outra vez a sentir-me "meh" em relação às minhas ondas,
e a invejar, sistematicamente, cabelos alheios no Instagram e no Pinterest...

Quero manter o "bronde", mas mudar algo...e tornar a manutenção mais fácil!!!
Sei lá, talvez escurecer as raízes (aproveitar a minha cor natural???),
fazer um ombré, "balayage", quaaaaalquer coisa!!!

Estas são algumas das inspirações!
Por qual optar?!

Se tiverem sugestões são bem-vindas!!!

E o teu cabelo perfeito, como é?

25 May 2016

Outfits | "To love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides"

pink trench coat: c/o Shein | beige blouse: c/o Rare London bandana pink scarf: Stradivarius
denim A line skirt: Pull&Bear (similar here and here) | blush bag: Michael Kors Selma mini messenger (similar here)
rose gold sandals: c/o Only2Me by Portuguese Hands
(wearing Comexim Elena plunge in 60HH underneath)

Aaaah, it felt so good to feel the sun and soft wind in my cheeks at last,
and take a break from the typing I spent my (almost) entire weekend doing...
especially wearing such light and fresh clothes!

Unfortunately the sunny days were brief, and the rain is back, to mock our summer dreams!
I cannot describe my happiness while feeling the sun and the soft wind in my cheeks...

The metallic rose gold sandals are new and they're suuuuper gorgeous, don't you think?
I worked my outfit around them!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

23 May 2016

Lingerie | Comexim Irish Coffee 3HC in 65H (30FF UK) + shorty thong in size S review

Okay, I confess: I'm a Comexim-holic!!!
This is my 4th bra from this amazing polish brand and it sure won't be the last!
I've being eyeing Irish Coffee since I've first discovered Comexim...
and I almost missed it out because it was apparently discontinued when the new site was up!
However, lucky me, I saw some reviews of it afterwads at Bratabase,
and run to my mailbox to ask if it was possible to make one for me customized in a 3 half cup shape
as well as the matching "stringi" panties.
It was!!!
See how this love story continues in the rest of the post, will you?

A marca polaca Comexim mantém a primeira posição do pódio das minhas marcas de lingerie favoritas...
afinal, os modelos são lindíssimos, os preços são bastante convidativos
e temos ainda a possibilidade de mudar e personalizar os soutiens e as cuecas...
é difícil não nos apaixonarmos!!!

Este fantástico conjunto rendado sobre uma base castanha só veio reforçar isso!!!
O soutien, no tamanho 65H (30FF UK), é um modelo "half cup" com 2 costuras,
que não se encontra listado no site,
mas que para o qual se pode fazer um pedido especial (sem qualquer custo).
A cueca, no tamanho S, também foi um pedido especial:
o modelo original era uma cueca calção!

Gosto bastante do formato arredondado 
e do decote em "maçãs no cesto" que esta beldade proporciona...
e também fiquei rendida às cuecas!
Podem ver tudinho em pormenor no resto da publicação!

Se precisarem de ajuda a comprar nesta marca polaca e a perceber que tamanho encomendar,
não hesitem em mandar-me um mail para myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com!

Um beeeeeeijinho tão fofo quanto este conjunto!

21 May 2016

Outfits | Forest elf

white with blue embroidered dress: c/o Zaful | dark blue jeans: Lefties
light blue trench coat and armour ring (similar here): c/o Romwe | blue suede boots: ZARA
blush bag: Michael Kors Selma mini messenger (similar here)
(wearing Comexim Elena in 60HH underneath)

I thought I would wear pink the whole spring, but my "CAPSULE WARDROBE" had other plans!
Here I am, an obedient little blogger, wearing blue and (hopefully) rocking it!

I must warn you, though, that I wasn't very photogenic this day and my hair was a mess...
but I tried to absorb all those warm rays of sun and pretend I was a forest elf,
hence forgetting my tiredness for a moment...

Hope you enjoy the result!

19 May 2016

Lingerie | My spring/summer 2016 bra wishlist

As a confessed lingerie-holic, it's impossible to me not to lust over a zilion bras...
I mean, there are SO MANY pretty bras out there!!!

This wishlist shows the main bras are currently drooling over
and I wouldn't mind to have them in my wardrobe!
It includes oldies but goldies, like the Ewa Michalak Cukiereczek (1) 
(so pretty it hurts...I hope it gets restocked soon!!!),
the Comexim Pioson Ivy (2) (in the 3HC model, shown by The Photog's Brog) and the Anna Pardal for Comexim Lady Grey shown by The Petie Collegiate (3) 
(which I should definitely try to order soon enough, cause I heard their fabrics were running out)
and, finally, the Pour Moi Blossom (4)the ultimate bra for any sakura lover, like I am!

From 2016 spring/summer collections,
I adore the lovely bluebell shade of Cleo by Panache Marcie (5),
the gorgeous blossoms of the Panache Floris (6)
and the vibrant shades of Freya Strawberry Fields (7)!

Is any of these your favorites too?
Which bras are you lusting over?

Kiss Kiss

Antes de descobrir o meu tamanho certocomprar soutiens era uma tortura...
Odiava ir àquelas lojas bafientas e escuras,
procurar soutiens com copas suficientemente grandes para o meu peito em crescimento,
que eram completamente diferentes das belezas que via na Oysho e na Women'Secret,
ou nas modelos da Victoria's Secret...
eram FEIOS, digamos assim, em bom português!

De há 2 anos para cá, no entanto, disse BASTA!!!,
e agora, com o advento das compras on-line e da descoberta de marcas de lingerie para copas grandes,
comprar soutiens não só é uma diversão...como se tornou um vício!
Fiquei tanto tempo sem ter acesso a soutiens que me valorizassem o peito,
que agora quero a desforra (merecida), quero ter as cores que nunca pude ter,
os padrões que estavam reservados às copas B e C...

Vai daí, tenho constantemente modelos novos na minha "wishlist",
e compro, seguramente, mais lingerie que roupa "a sério"
(para mal dos pecados da minha mãe, que me está constantemente a perguntar quantas mamas tenho)...

Hoje trago-vos os soutiens que não me importava naaaadinha de ter no meu armário...
talvez seja algum que vos deixe pelo beicinho também!

Escolham um favorito!

Clicking or purchasing through some of the links in this post may yield commissions for my blog.

17 May 2016

Outfits | Grey shades...to mimic these clingy grey clouds!

pink jacket (similar) and grey skinny jeans (similar): Bershka | grey and pink sneakers: New Balance c/o Spartoo
pink chiffon sweater: c/o Front Row Shop (similar) | grey fringed crossbody bag: c/o La Redoute (similar here and here)
(wearing Comexim Sonia in 60HH underneath)

The sun keeps peek-a-booing with my bronde hair 
and I keep rocking my comfort clothes (and shoes!) in progressively lighter shades!
Matching the cloudy skies, I've developed this addiction to grey, 
which is very visible in my New Balance 620 sneakers and my fringed bag, 
novelties I've added to my new CAPSULE WARDROBE!

What do you think of this pink and grey outfit? Would you wear it too?

Have a lovely week!

15 May 2016

Lingerie | Curvy Kate Florence in 30F + shorty briefs in size 8

If you're familiar with my bra-drobe,
it's no surprise to see (yet) another non-padded CURVY KATE bra in the house!
After all, from my experience, they're the comfiest I've ever tried,
with the bonus of fitting my even shape quite nicely
and providing a natural but still uplifted profile!
(For more details on breast shape, check my guide here).

I already own a Florence in 30F, the pacific blue colorway,
so I knew I was in for a winner when I picked this baby among the nice selection THE BRA CLOSET provides!

You can see how the black Florence colorway worked out,
as well as the matching shorty briefs right after the jump!

Um soutien preto é um básico imprescindível no guarda-fatos da maioria das mulheres!
Para quem procura um soutien confortável, de copa mole, 
que proporcione um formato levantado é redondo ao peito,
trago-vos o modelo Florence da Curvy Kate (que já vos apresentei em azul nesta publicação)!

As cuecas do conjunto são uns calções bastante confortáveis, 
semi-transparentes e que ficam bastante dissimulados debaixo da roupa!

Este modelo, que joga com transparências e renda florida,
está disponível nos tamanhos 30 a 40 de costas e copas D à J,
e podem encomendar o vosso na loja The Bra Closet, por exemplo!

Se precisarem de ajuda a determinar o vosso tamanho,
espreitem o meu guia e/ou peçam-me directamente ajuda via mail através de myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com.

Vejam como fica em carne e osso no resto das fotografias da publicação!

Já experimentaram soutiens Curvy Kate? Quais?

Aproveito para vos mostrar o meu segundo artigo de "bra fitting" na revista L'Amour!

Um grande beijinho e uma semana deliciosa,
com "O TAL" vestido debaixo das vossas roupas, de preferência!