11 May 2016

Lingerie | Cleo Swim by Panache 2016 collection: Blaire and Lucille in 28F and Hattie in 28FF + XS panties review

Fun and quirky swimwear can be very difficult to find if you belong in the full bust group,
so it's always a breath of fresh air to try on bikinis that actually cater to younger girls, 

Today's review brings the bikinis Blaire and Lucille in 28F and Hattie in 28FF,
as well as the matching pants in size XS/8.

You can, if you haven't, check my review on some of the Panache Swim models!

Hope you enjoy the full details, right after the jump!

Encontrar BIKINIS joviais, coloridos e divertidos em tamanhos de copa grandes pode ser um ENORME desafio...
por esse motivo foi com um enorme prazer que experimentei a colecção de banho disponível na Dama de Copas!

Já vos tinha mostrado algumas das peças nesta primeira publicação
incluindo o belíssimo padrão floral do Amelia,
e agora trago-vos alguns dos modelos da linha mais jovem, a Cleo Swim,
incluindo modelos cai-cai, balconnet e ainda triângulo!

Espero que gostem e corram a experimentar estas beldades na loja,
para encontrar o vosso TAMANHO CERTO também na roupa de banho,
e assim conseguirem todo o suporte e conforto que os bikinis convencionais não permitem!

Escolham o vosso favorito no resto da publicação!

Beijinhos e um bom resto de semana!


Blaire is a triangle bikini made of soft, semi-stretchable material!

It features a diagonal seam to help the breasts stay up and center!

Blaire ties in the neck and it's band clasps with the typical bikini hook!

The bikini bottoms tie with colorful neon ribbons!


Blaire combines shades of blue, green and neon to create a tropical feel bikini!


Luckily for me, Cleo Swim starts at a 28 band, which made the 28F,
a cup size smaller than my usual UK size, the perfect size for me to try!

I didn't find it too shallow for my breast shape, though it's cup depth measured 21 cm (8,3 inches).

The wires were nicely narrow: the cup width was 13,1 cm (5,2 inches),
and the gore and wing were short and comfortable!

The band was true to size, with a fair stretch, measuring about 56,5 cm (22,3 inches).

Blaire provided a little bit of cleavage, without stealing the support, 
giving a fairly natural and minimizing shape to the bust!

The XS/8 tie side pants felt very comfortable, though a tad bigger than I usually wear!
They felt true to size in my 91 cm (38,5 inches) hips.


If you're looking for a triangle bikini in a colorful flower print, Blaire might be the one for you!

Blaire bikini is available in sizes:

while the bottom is available in sizes:


Lucille is a non-padded balconnet bikini, which features a 3 part construction, 
and it's made of soft, semi-stretchable material!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band clasps with the typical bikini hook!


Lucille features a "sailor knot" print, with a navy base highlighted by pink accents!

The gore is decorated by two pink buttons as well!


Just like in Blaire, I sized down the cup on Lucille, trying on the 28F!

I felt is was projected enough, especially at the bottom, for my breast shape,
offering a cup depth of 21,3 cm (8,4 inches).

The wires were nicely narrow, making it perfect to follow my breast root,
after all the cup width was 12,8 cm (5 inches)!

The band was true to size, with a fair stretch, measuring about 57,5 cm (22,6 inches).

The shape Lucille provided was FENOMENAL: super rounded and uplifted!
I think Cleo Swim should totally invest in more prints of this model!

Some might feel that it's a bit too "bra like" for their taste...but I can totally work with that!

The XS/8 tie side pants fit just like Blaire's!


If you're a fan of the rounded shape Marcie provides, 
I'm sure you'll loooove to get your hands on Lucille!

Lucille balconnet is available in sizes:

The tie side bikini pants are available in sizes:


Hattie is ​a padded bandeau bikini with a vertical seam at the middle of the cups!

It can be worn strapless, with the two fully adjustable straps on or as an halter. 

The band clasps with the typical bikini hook!


Hattie features a tribal black and white print, which makes sunbathing super fun!


On Hattie I had to take my usual UK bra size: 28FF!

It was the shallowest of the Panache Swimwear bikinis I've tried, 
with a cup depth of only 20,2 cm (8 inches).
I don't think I could get away with a 28G, though, 
because the cup width, at 13,3 cm (5,2 inches), was pretty close to perfect!

The band was true to size, with a fair stretch, measuring about 56,5 cm (22,3 inches).

Hattie offers support and a fairly round and natural shape.

The XS/8 bikini bottoms fit well on my 91 cm (38,5 inches) hips,
though they are a lot more coverage than I usually wear!


If you love bandeau styles and you're looking for support along with a youthful print, 
Hattie is the one!

Hattie is available in sizes:

and it's bikini bottom in sizes:


What bikinis do you swear by?
Bare it all in the comments below!

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  1. I think everything you put on fits you fantastically. Seriously, is there anything you can't wear?? Jealous over here ;-)

    I have the Panache Britt bandeau which is very similar to Hattie. It's too big on me now (30FF) but I also found it quite shallow. I think it's probably the same cut. I prefer my Comexim to it these days, but I miss having a bandeau to wear. I wish I liked more of the prints full bust swimwear are offered in! I'm really not a floral girl.

  2. Beautiful! I can't choose one, they're all so pretty. Great photos :)

    Brina xoxo,

  3. Comprei o segundo e estou rendida!! É perfeito e super confortável!!


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