23 May 2016

Lingerie | Comexim Irish Coffee 3HC in 65H (30FF UK) + shorty thong in size S review

Okay, I confess: I'm a Comexim-holic!!!
This is my 4th bra from this amazing polish brand and it sure won't be the last!
I've being eyeing Irish Coffee since I've first discovered Comexim...
and I almost missed it out because it was apparently discontinued when the new site was up!
However, lucky me, I saw some reviews of it afterwads at Bratabase,
and run to my mailbox to ask if it was possible to make one for me customized in a 3 half cup shape
as well as the matching "stringi" panties.
It was!!!
See how this love story continues in the rest of the post, will you?

A marca polaca Comexim mantém a primeira posição do pódio das minhas marcas de lingerie favoritas...
afinal, os modelos são lindíssimos, os preços são bastante convidativos
e temos ainda a possibilidade de mudar e personalizar os soutiens e as cuecas...
é difícil não nos apaixonarmos!!!

Este fantástico conjunto rendado sobre uma base castanha só veio reforçar isso!!!
O soutien, no tamanho 65H (30FF UK), é um modelo "half cup" com 2 costuras,
que não se encontra listado no site,
mas que para o qual se pode fazer um pedido especial (sem qualquer custo).
A cueca, no tamanho S, também foi um pedido especial:
o modelo original era uma cueca calção!

Gosto bastante do formato arredondado 
e do decote em "maçãs no cesto" que esta beldade proporciona...
e também fiquei rendida às cuecas!
Podem ver tudinho em pormenor no resto da publicação!

Se precisarem de ajuda a comprar nesta marca polaca e a perceber que tamanho encomendar,
não hesitem em mandar-me um mail para myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com!

Um beeeeeeijinho tão fofo quanto este conjunto!


Irish Coffee is a 3 part half cup, made of a foamy lightly padded material
and trimmed with a semi-rigid ribbon on top.

The straps are fully adjustable and the band clasps with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes, 
in a U shape back!

I asked the straps to me moved in 2 cm, a (free) customization I'm really a fan of!

I ordered the matching pants in "stringi" (thong) fashion and the result were these beauties!


The Irish Coffee has a beautiful cream lace over a brown base,
and a satiny ribbon at the top of the cups.

I love the fact that the lace goes all the way through the band...it makes the bra even prettier!

Contrasting salmon bows decorate the straps and the center gore,
the later having a shiny cameo charm for extra sparkle!

The panties feature the same lacey fabric, with no underlying, which makes them sheer at the top,
and a cute little salmon bow at the center too! 


I usually wear a 60HH, but there was a little communication problem at the e-mail 
and I ended up with the size I ordered for my aunt, the 65H.
Since they are "sister sizes" (more on that here, if this is novelty to you),
it fits quite well, if I hook it in the tightest way!

The 3HC has fairly projected cups,
with more immediate projection in comparison to the plunges I already own.
(Ingrid, Sonia and Elena).
I believe, however, that I could try to go up a cup size next time...
there's some noticeable quadding happening!

Other than that, the cup depth is 22 cm (8,7 inches), while the width is 13,3 cm (5,2 inches),
hence perfect for my narrow roots!
(For more information on breast shape, click here.)

The band has a length of 57,5 cm (22,6 inches) 
but it's veeeery stretchy, which is quite unusual for Comexim, hence being too big for my back!

Here you can see that, even though I'm hooking it in the tightest way possible, 
there's still a lot of room...

I believe that's also why the gore is not perfectly tacking, along with the slightly too small cup...
I believe a 55J or a 55K would have suit me perfectly!

Shape wise, Irish Coffee offers a super round shape, with a nice "cakes on the plate" cleavage.

Comparing with the plunges (here's Sonia, for comparison!), you can see it's rounder and less "peaky".

The panties are very soft and comfortable, and the size S fits my 91 cm (35,8 inches) perfectly!


I'm starting to sound like a broken record here,
but Comexim is peeeeerfect if you're narrow and projected, like I am!
Irish Coffee is, hands down, a gooooorgeous set, and I'm super happy to finally own it!

If you need any help sorting out your size at this polish brand
(don't trust their site's calculator, it underestimates your size!),
drop me a mail at myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com!

Do you own any Comexim bras? Which ones? 

Have a lovely week!


  1. Cute pink :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  2. I loved it!, I will ask if they can make one for me, I didn't knew this model, is beautiful!

    About the sizing, I own five (failed) 60H 3HC bras, I think you should try 60HH first, mine stretch less of 26" max., they are stretchy but not so much.

  3. Amoroso!

    Beijinhos ♥
    Mónica Rodrigues dos Santos

  4. This is such a gorgeous set! Wow, I love the 3HC rendition of this - I actually prefer it to the plunge variation! I'm glad it was such a success for you. Having the straps moved in is heaven, too!


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