29 May 2016

Lingerie | Fauve Coco padded half cup in 30E review

Today I'm presenting you a bra that was designed for a princess...
or at least it could have been!
Meet Fauve Coco, in it's 2013 spring/summer version - "willow" - a delicious green colorway!

Sadly, the gorgeous Fauve bras are no longer in production;
That's where I found this beauty!

Let's know it better, shall we?

Hoje apresento-vos um soutien que é de uma marca que, infelizmente, já está extinta...
A marca chama-se Fauve e tem modelos faaaaabulosos, dignos de uma princesa!
Este modelo, o Coco na versão "half cup", é numa tonalidade verde seco e bege deliciosa,
com renda, lacinhos e pérolas dignos da realeza!

Eu tenho-o no tamanho 30E, embora um 30F não tivesse sido mal pensado!
Dá um formato bastante redondo e levantado ao peito!

Podem ver mais fotos dele no resto da publicação 
e descobrir modelos desta marca, a óptimos preços, no eBay!

Um graaaaande beijinho!


Coco is a 2 seams lightly padded half cup, with a 4 part construction;
that's pretty unique, has I've never tried a bra like this!

It has fully adjustable straps
and a band that fastens with 3 rows of 2 columns of hooks-and-eyes!


Oh my, isn't this bra one of the prettiest you've seen?
Alive Coco is even more mesmerizing;
the light green and beige tones make a really darling combo!

The attention to details is exquisite...

How amazing is the gorgeous scallopping lace?
Or the satiny green fabric at the top?

The double bows at the straps and the center gore are decorated with adorable pearly details!

The straps are decorated, just like the inside of the band!

A LOOKER, hands down!


I decided to size down the cup from my usual 28FF, based on Bratabase measurements;
however, even though the bra fits quite nicely, I think a 30F would fit even better!

The cups are perfectly narrow and projected enough for my shape!

The cup depth is 22,2 cm (8,7 inches) and the cup width is 12,8 cm (5 inches).
The wires are quite rigid and need some "breaking in" at first!

There's some bulging, that I believe would be fixed by going up a cup size!

The band is tight enough for me, and feels more like a 28 in other brands!
It's length is 64,9 cm (25,6 inches) and it stretches to 71,3 cm (28,1 inches).

Coco gives a nice uplifted and centered shape, with a nice cakes on a plate cleavage!
All those seams really make an AMAZING shape, trust me...super round!


If elegant and royal bras are your thing, Fauve is an awesome brand for you to try!
The attention to details is exquisite...and the fitting quite flattering!

Coco exists from sizes 30 D-G and 32-38 B-G,
in two versions: the one I reviewed and a balcony plunge one too
and in three colorways: the one I reviewed, mulberry and powder puff!

Did you know Fauve yet? Do you own any bras from the brand?

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  1. Oh gosh! This is truly gorgeous. I am interested in the different construction from this one compared to the Isla I have! One thing that seems consistent in both is how darn pretty they are. The Coco makes me think of wealthy aristocrats somehow! I also have slight quadding in mine (but also took a cup size down from my usual!). It looks amazing!!
    You always get great images of the bras, and there's no exception here. I have a feeling that the Coco would be even more beautiful in person. <3

  2. Lindo, lindo!

    Beijinhos ♥
    Mónica Rodrigues dos Santos

  3. É lindo! que pena a marca já estar extinta, fazem um peito super delicado


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