05 May 2016

Lingerie | Tutti Rouge Fifi 28FF bra + S thong review

Tutti Rouge is no stranger to my bra-drobe!

Since I already own a Nichole in 28F and a Tallulah Sunshine in 28FF,
I know by now how irresistible TR flirty designs can be!
This time, I had the chance to try the Fifi 2016 Spring/Summer colorway: pink!

You can see just how Barbielicious it looks on right after the jump, okay?

Estou certa de que as antigas (ou actuais!) amantes da Barbie,
irão ADORAR conhecer melhor o soutien que venho apresentar hoje:
apresento-vos o Fifi em rosa, da marca Tutti Rouge
comercializada em Portugal nas lojas Bra&Company (Lisboa e Viseu) e Flor de Algodão (Évora).

Este modelo de copa mole é bastante feminino e divertido,
existindo nos tamanhos 28-38 D-J e oferecendo ao peito um formato natural e arredondado!

Podem conhecer melhor a forma como este modelo assenta no resto da publicação!
Digam-me o que acham nos comentários!

Um excelente resto de semana para todos!


Fifi is an unpadded balconnet design with a single vertical seam, the first of the kind I've ever had!
(Similar to TR Eliza, if you ever tried it!)

It is made of two layers of a non-stretchable mesh fabric 
- featuring a nice side tule side sling for extra support -
and finished on top with decorative lacey fabric! 
The thong is made of the same mesh - and pretty sheer - material.

The straps are fully adjustable
and the band fastens with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes, in an U-shaped back.


The Fifi set is THE epitome of GIRLY, with it's frills, polka dots and Barbie pink shade!

The tiny decorative bows are made in a sassy leopard print
and adorn the straps, center gore (where it features a cute rosebud and yellow elements for extra fun!)
and thong - both front and back!

The extra frills at the bottom of the band and sides of the thong makes the set even quirkier!

Lastly, the strap sliders feature, as usual, the typical TR heart shaped form!


Fifi bra is not perfect on me...but I find it to fit good enough at the 28FFmy usual UK bra size.

The main fitting issues lie on the wide shape of the cups,
which feature a width of 14 cm (5,5 inches) and the wide placement of the straps!

As you can see, there's some room between the wire and my breast tissue!
It's not major neither too uncomfortable, but it's there!

Fifi's projection, though, was a pleasant surprise:
with a generous cup depth of 25,4 cm (10 inches), 
it's probably the MOST projected 28FF bra I've ever tried,
giving my even breasts a nice accommodation and a quite rounded profile!

Band wise, I thought it was stretchier than other 28 bands I've tried,
having a length of 58,4 cm (23 inches) and expanding to 71 cm (28 inches) when stretched!
As a result, I had to clasp it in the middle hook right away!

A note on comfort:
the wires are pretty sturdy and require some break in before Fifi get's to be fully wearable!

The - comfortable - thong in size S fits quite nicely in my 91 cm (35,8 inches) hips!


Even though it's not the most perfect shape for me in term of width,
the Fifi set makes my Barbie-lover self suuuuper happy!
After all, one cannot have too many pink bras!

I'd recommend it for even to Full on Top breast shapes, with tall and wide to medium roots!
Opposed to most Tutti Rouge bras, I'd say shallower breast should beware of it...
the projection is considerable!
(For details on breast shape, check this post!)

Fifi is available in sizes 28-38 from D-J cups and the thong from sizes XS-XXL!
There's also a brief version, in case you're a fun of bigger panties!

Fifi also exists in scarlet red (2015FW) and apple green and creme (2014SS)!

You can find the Fifi set at many stockists, like Very, for example!

Check out other reviews here: 

What do you think of Tutti Rouge? Have you tried any styles?
Tell me more on the comments, please!

Have a lovely week!

The Fifi set were kindly offered by Tutti Rouge for review. The expressed opinions are honest and true. 


  1. Tutti Rouge is constantly teasing me with their adorable bras that have waaaaaay too wide wires :(

  2. You're right this is a total Barbie bra! Gorgeous bra, and it has a great rounded profile. It's amazing its cup depth is 10 inches in a 28FF. You didn't find the gore to be too wide?

    1. Agreed! No, but I don't have closet set boobs, so I never experience gore problems!

  3. para além de lindo, parece-me super confortável :) beijinho, Sofia

  4. SO CUTE! I am obsessed with those frilly details. I love the lace at the bottom of the bra. What an adorable set!! I have got to try TR someday.

  5. Lovely!!

    Beijinhos ♥
    Mónica Rodrigues dos Santos


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