30 June 2016

Lingerie | Comexim Joy Longline 3HC in 65H (30FF) review: a thought is a blossom

My passion for Comexim is no secret...
and my first longline from the brand, blossomy Joy, was the latest victim to join my collection!
This baby girl almost slip through my little fingers...
I've been eyeing it for months and then, when I finally decided to order it, I was told it was sold out!
My heart sunk a bit by then...
Buuut, lucky for me, right after receiving these news,
I found a Bratabase user was selling her 3 part half cup in 65H, a sister size to my usual 60HH,
and our love story was off to a good start yet again!

Let's see how the Comexim Joy longline fits me, right after the jump, shall we?

Para quem segue as minhas publicações sobre "Lingerie & Bra Fitting" com atenção,
o nome Comexim já dirá provavelmente alguma coisa!
Para quem ainda não conhece,
esta marca de lingerie polaca é fabulosa, faz soutiens em praticamente todos os tamanhos que pedirem,
tem padrões lindíssimos e, pessoalmente, faz os soutiens que melhor me assentam no mundo!

A nova vítima da minha paixão por soutiens é este "longline" florido,
no tamanho 65H (corresponde a um 30FF), absolutamente maravilhoso!
O padrão é lindíssimo, os materiais extremamente confortáveis e o formato muito favorecedor!
O preço, esse, é bastante convidativo, rondando os 30€!
Este modelo em particular já só está disponível no tamanho 60E (recomendo-o para um 28D),
mas há outras belezas pelas quais podem babar no site!

Deixarei o resto das fotos falarem por mim!
Se precisarem de ajudar a determinar o vosso tamanho nesta marca (o calculador do site substima o tamanho!),
não hesitem em enviar mail para myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com.

Votos de um delicioso (quase) fim-de-semana!
Beijinhos floridos!


My version of the Joy longline features 3 part half cups, made of a foamy lightly padded material.

This longline has no wired boning which makes it suuuuper comfortable!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band clasps with 5 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes.


Joy steps up the game with it comes to blossom-y beauties!
It's print is truly remarkable...I don't think I've ever seen so many different flowers in just one bra!

The bra is finished off with lovely green bows at the top of the gore and traps...

...and with a delicate beige lace at the top of the cups, matching the straps!


I usually wear a 60HH (28G) at Comexim, 
but after almost loosing this bra, I couldn't actually be picky, could I?
The second-hand bra I was lucky to find at Bratabase was a 65H (30FF),
so, this "sister size" (more on that here, if this is novelty to you) would have to do.
And it did...well, mostly!

I've read before that the fitting of Comexim longlines could be a bit off,
and I did get a bit of a floating gore on this one, and slightly smashing and shallower cups,
contrary to all my other Comexims.
Nevertheless, the 3 part half cups (3HC) still fit quite awesome!

The cup depth is 20 cm (7,9 inches), while the width is 13 cm (5,1 inches),
making it shallower than most 3HC Comexim...but still perfect for narrow roots!
(For more information on breast shape, click here.)

The band has a length of 56,5 cm (22,2 inches)
but it's veeeery stretchy, which is quite unusual for Comexim...
I had to hook it in the tightest hooks right from the start.

Shape wise, I have no real complains over Joy...I could use deeper cups, that's for sure,
but they still offer a pretty round and lifted shape and an amazing cleavage!


I'm very happy to own this Joy longline and seriously cannot wait to wear it as outerwear too!
It's too pretty not to be seen by everyone!!!
It's not my best fitting Comexim bra, yes
(I own an Ingrid, a Sonia, an Elena and an Irish Coffee, if you're curious!)

Unfortunately, the fabric of this beauty is over now and all that's left is one in 60E at Comexim!
There's a second-hand 65H set currently at Bratabase, as well, if it happens to be your size!
But Comexim has a lot of beauties still available, 
and if you need any help sorting out your size at this polish brand
(don't trust their site's calculator, it underestimates your size!),
drop me a mail at myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com!

Do you own any Comexim bras? Which ones? 
Share the polish love in the comments!

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  1. Adoro! Fica-te muito bem! kiss^^

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  2. é lindo! *.*
    Adorei as fotos|


  3. Até a fotografar lingerie te sais bem (:

  4. Tão bonita, adorável!!


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