10 June 2016

Lingerie | Freya Firecracker Sunset plunge in 30E + size S thong review

Oh, Freya... We were off to a fairly bad start with Deco in 28FF, weren't we?
For months, my battle with Deco kept me from trying any other bras from the brand...
Until now!
My lovely readers, knowing about my passion for bras, 
kindly informed me of an ongoing online sale on Freya's bras,
and, as a result, I gave this brand another chance!

I picked the Firecracker Sunset plunge bra in 30E + thong in size S
a set from the 2015 spring/summer collection,
as well as a Gem balconnet in 28F, which I'll review later!

Let's see if this summery set allowed me to make amends with Freya, 
right after the jump, shall we?

Continuando a missão de vos trazer soutiens em tamanhos que pensam em copas maiores,
trago-vos uma autêntica beleza de Verão, da marca inglesa Freyao Firecracker Sunset plunge!

O meu encontro com este florido e colorido conjunto de lingerie só pode acontecer,
porque eu tenho as leitoras mais amorosas do mundo, que me avisaram da campanha no Showroomprive!
Eu nem ia com grandes expectativas, confesso, porque desde o Deco que tinha feito finca-pé com a marca,
 mas quando vi os preços, incluindo este soutien giríssimo a apenas 15€, pensei "vou arriscar!"

E arrisquei. Encomendei o tamanho 30E e as cuecas tanga no tamanho S, a combinar!
E sabem que mais?!
Fiz eu muito bem! O soutien foi um sucesso e revelou-se ainda mais lindo ao vivo!

O modelo de copa mole é extremamente confortável, 
e fiz bem em diminuir um tamanho de copa em relação ao que habitualmente uso!
A banda essa, como é costume na Freya, é larga, 
pelo que tive de a usar apertar no colchete mais apertado logo de início!

O formato é bastante natural e um bocadinho pontiagudo...há quem goste e há quem odeie!

Vejam como fica o conjunto em carne e osso nas restantes fotos...
depois digam-me o que acharam!

Já sabem, estou disponível para qualquer esclarecimento quanto a "bra fitting" em myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com!

Um grande beijinho e um exceeeeelente fim-de-semana para todos! 


The Firecracker Sunset is a non padded plunge with a three part construction.

It is made of a non-sheer, semi-stretchable material at the top and a mesh, non-stretchable material, at the upper part!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band clasps with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes,
in a U shape back!

The panties are a thong shape, and made of the same comfortable fabric of the cups!


Sunset is an explosion of warm shades, with a subtle flower print;
it's mostly orange and it feels all summery and sunset-like!

Based on Deco, I was used to account Freya as a utility kind of brand...
but boy, was I wrong!

Firecracker Sunset proved to be quite detailed, with the gorgeous scalloped and flowery mesh bit...

the beautiful details along the straps and the lower part of the band...

and the delicate thin ribbon bows and the straps and gore...

Plus, which is something we don't always see, the print continued to the back of the band!

The thong features a similar delicate bow at the front, 
and it's all covered in that gorgeous vibrant pattern!


My usual UK size is along the lines of a 28FF/30F,
but since I heard Freya's unlined bras run big, I opted for a 30E
(there was no 28F available, which would be my first choice!).

First and foremost, the cups worked amazingly well!
I must say I was scared that they'd be too big anyway, but no...
with a depth of 23 cm (9 inches) and a width of 13,1 cm (5.2 inches),
they were actually quite perfect for my projected and narrow shape!
So...MAJOR SUCCESS in my first take on Freya's unlined beauties..hooray!

(For details on breast shape, check this guide.)

I experience a bit of quadding when my boobs grow bigger in my cycle,
resulting in a bit of cutting in at the top, but nothing to worry about.

The cups seem to want to "open" at the sides, which is something I haven't experience before.
Since the wing is quite low, this causes me 0 discomfort, so I don't mind that at all.
Anyone experiences that to?

The band is quite soft and comfortable, measuring 63 cm (24,8 inches),
but stretching to 77 cm (30,3 inches), which is way too much for my current 27 inches ribcage! 
I had to wear Firecracker in the last hook right from the start...so a 28 would be heaven!

Firecracker Sunset offers a pretty natural shape, 
a bit pointy and quite different from Cleo's unlined bras like Marcie,
but I find it quite versatile and comfortable for those days you don't want the basketball shape!

As for the thong, I'd say it runs a bit small, since I'm usually a size XS;
this S fits my 91 cm (35,8 inches) hips comfortably if not a tad too tight!
I really appreciate that Freya offers thongs for their sets,
which is quite rare in the full bust market!


If you're into comfortable and colorful bras, take your chance on Freya Firecracker plunge!
Projected and narrow ladies, fear not...this bra will got you covered!
Full on Top girls, however, might wanna wear their usual size, instead of going down, like I did!

This bra is available in sizes:

while the thong and shorty version (also available) exist from sizes XS to XL.

If you fell for this summery beauty, 
you can get your own set at Leia Lingerie, Figleaves and eBayor maybe grab the last 32F at House of Fraser.

Other reviews:

What did you thought of this Freya's unlined bra?
Do you own any? Which one?

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Pretty colours! Unfortunately my experience with Freya unlined bras is that they *always* give a pointy shape and the support could be better too. Looks great on you though.

    1. I'd say that's true based on other reviews I've seen! My balconnet gem is a little rounder than firecracker, but it's nowhere near the roundness the Cleo unlined bras provide. Even CK unlined bras, which I love because of their comfort, can't begin to get close. What kind of magic does Cleo makes?! :O

  2. Adorei! Muitos beijinhos!


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