06 June 2016

Lingerie | Lilly & Lime - swimwear for D-cup and up: Floral full cup bikini in 28F + hipster tie briefs in size 8

Finding a BIKINI is a struggle for most women,
but those (blessed?!) with a fuller bust face a double struggle (pun intended!).
Either the fit is wrong, or the available colors and patterns are "meh"...well, it's never easy!

That's why, when Lilly & Lime, a new brand created by Ash and Em,
boldly launched it's first swimwear D-cup and up collection,
with bikini tops from sizes 28-38 D-HH and bikini bottoms from sizes 8-18, I was amazed!
Out of the blue - and just getting started! - 
they came up with a delicious collection, featuring 3 prints: floral, stripe and chevron 
and 2 basic colors: black and nectarine!
Not only that, but they made each model available in 3 kinds of bikini tops: full cup, underwire halter and balconette,
and 3 kinds of bikini bottoms: full brief, basic brief and hipster tie.
Plenty of options for many different tastes...promising, if you ask me!

I instantly fell for the bold pattern of the floral print, 
so I opted for the floral full cup bra in size 28F and the hipster tie briefs in size 8!

Let's see how this baby worked out right after the jump, shall we?

Conhecendo na pele a dificuldade que encontrar bikinis que sirvam, apoiem e favoreçam, 
é com entusiasmo que vos apresento uma marca nova de bikinis, australiana, chamada Lilly & Lime,
que se dedica a roupa de banho para copas D para cima!

A marca tem vários modelos disponíveis, em diferentes cores e padrões, 
e eu decidi-me pelo estampado floral,
no modelo "full cup" no tamanho 28F e pelas cuecas no tamanho 36, o mais pequeno disponível!

ADOREI de paixão o padrão, ao vivo é bastante vibrante, diferente daquilo que costumo usar!
A parte de cima poderia ficar-me melhor, é certo, este não é o bikini mais favorecedor que tenho!
No entanto, andei a fazer umas maroscas com o aro, 
como a blogger All is Fair in Love and Lingerie explica aqui,
e consegui que assentasse melhor (embora não perfeito, claro!).
Mas com este padrão, eu vou perdoar o "fitting", e usar e abusar dele assim que puser os pés na praia!

Já têm o vosso bikini certo? De onde é?
Digam-me o que acham desta marca e do bikini nos comentários!

Um graaaaande beijinho!


Lilly & Lime full cup bikini top is a actually a plunge hybrid,
with a three part construction in soft but supportive material!

It comes with the typical bikini removable "cookies", if you want extra coverage (nipples!) or padding.
I wear mine in to get a better shape!

The straps are fully adjustable and the band clasps with the typical bikini hook!

The panties tie at the sides and offer medium coverage!

Both pieces are very high quality and well made...a super summery wonder, I'd say! 


The floral print is not too obvious, but actually pretty modern and vibrant!
I love the fact that the red flowers look like poppies, my favorite!

Since I was mostly unable to find cute prints when I was growing up, 
it's always nice to find such a bold options in a size I can relate too!
Not all of us like navy, stripes and whatnot prints!


Fit wise, the full cup model in 28F wasn't perfect...
but I did some witchcraft that made it quite a nice fit!

When I first tried it on, I discovered the shape was considerably shallow,
offering only 20 cm (7,9 inches) of cup depth
(though I must say it had a nice amount of immediate projection already!),
and wideat 14 cm (5,5 inches) of cup width.



However, since I'm quite stubborn and really wanted this beauty to fit,
I applied the bending wiring trick I learned with All is Fair in Love and Lingerie,
and managed to actually get deeper and narrower cups,
at 21 cm (8,3 inches) of depth and 13 cm (5,1 inches) of width!
A LOT similar to the measurements of the bras I usually wear!
You can see, in the after picture, the result.
Not overwhelming, but a way better fitting in my opinion.



On top of that, before the bending, I was getting a slight bubbling, due to my tall roots,
but I manage to  minimize that as well! 
It's still not perfect, but the difference is considerable!

(For details on breast shape, check this guide!)



Shape wise, the wire bending was quite THE SAVIOR!
Before, I was getting the dreadful upside-down seven look...my boobs didn't look happy at all!
After the wire bending though..well, the photo speaks for itself, right?

A lot rounder and perkier!

The only fitting issue that remained was how wide the gore is..
the resulting 3,4 cm (1,3 inches) cup separation does not flatter my boobs;
if the gore was narrower, I believe this bikini top would be close to perfect!

Speaking of the band, this is a personal preference,
 but I'd wish it was tighter and less stretchy than it is;
with a 63 cm (24,8 inches) is not off, but I'm currently in 26/28 territory, 
hence the slight riding up I'm getting!



I also wore the straps in a racerback fashion in the AFTER pictures,
so the fact that they are placed a little too far in the cup for me didn't bother!

The bikini bottoms are cheekier than we usually see in the full bust marked, and I really appreciate that!

The size 8 UK/36 EU works wonderfully in my 91 cm (35,8 inches) hips!
The ties at the sides allow you to adjust them perfectly!

As for the set itself, it works amazingly together, don't you think?
This print screeeeams summer and I seriously cannot wait to wear it to the beach!
The materials are super soft and confortable - including the wires!

This was taking BEFORE the wire bending


I consider my first attempt with Lilly & Lime a success, 
despite the shape incompatibilities I've pointed out!
I believe this full cup would work best for Full on Bottom girls with wide set breast!
The support is really amazing!

The brand has a youthful approach to fuller bust swimwear,
and I seriously cannot wait to see what they will come up with next!

The quality is excellent and there's many top and bottom options, in all the prints;
since we're all different, I believe this is pretty awesome!

Let's hear your thoughts on the comment section, shall we?

Did you know Lilly & Lime? What did you think of this new brand?

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This bikini was kindly gifted by Lilly & Lime for reviewing purposes. All the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. É lindo e fica-te mesmo muito bem Nádia, dá-te imenso suporte!


  2. Gosto imenso do padrão, sinceramente prefiro sempre bikinis com padrões vivos e coloridos :)



  3. Fica-te muito bem! Concordo que não é dos que mais favorece no peito mas o padrão compensa. Tem as cores perfeitas para o Verão :D
    Beijinhos ❤


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