02 June 2016

Lingerie | The strappy trend continues + Panache Porcelain moulded strapless bra in 30E review

No, you can bet I'm still NOT over the strappy lingerie trend...
and that's why I'm proudly wearing another set of detachable bra straps
I got from a local store, Dama de Copas, and that allow ANY girl with ANY bra size to ROCK the trend!
(I've shown the first pair, as well as a video on how to apply these accessories to any bra, HERE!)

I've paired these sexy beauties with my new strapless bra,
and today I'm reviewing both pieces together!

May it be that I've found my one and only strapless baby for summer? 
We shall see right after the jump!

Como a tendência "strappy" continua inegavelmente em alta
(para espalhar sensualidade nestas estações mais quentes!), 
é óptimo que todas as meninas possam usufruir dela, independentemente do seu tamanho de soutien!
Tal é possível graças às alças Decolletecomercializadas pela Dama de Copas,
actualmente existentes em 4 versõesaplicáveis a qualquer soutien, com preços de 10 e 12 euros!
(Uma tentação, certo?!)

Nesta publicação venho mostrar-vos uma das novas versões, a "Decollete crossed straps"
(podem espreitar outra das versões e ver um vídeo que explica como se aplicam nos soutiens, AQUI).
que também podem encontrar na loja Dama de Copas.
Este soutien é um daqueles cai-cais que efectivamente NÃO cai,
é confortável e que não espalma em demasia o peito. 
Não tem o formato mais perfeito para mim, como poderão perceber no resto das fotos,
(sou mais amiga do Koko strapless bra, também vendido na loja!),
mas faz o seu trabalho e pode ser que seja o melhor amigo do VOSSO peito!
Podem conhecê-lo, em detalhe, no resto da publicação!

Ficaram tentadas pelas novas versões das alças Decollete?
Já têm o vosso cai-cai certo? Olhem que o Verão está aí!

Visitem uma loja Dama de Copas, no Porto ou em Lisboa,
para descobrirem as alças e os soutiens cai-cai (e não só!) perfeitos!
Para mais informações sobre como encomendar as alças, espreitem a página de facebook da marca!

Um graaaaande beijinho!


The Porcelain strapless is a moulded bra,
very similar to the rest of Panache's main line Porcelain family!

The bra comes with detachable and fully adjustable and convertible straps.

The band, which features two silicone strips on the inside, to keep everything in place,
is relatively thick and fastens with 3 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes! 

The Decollete straps, on the other band, have:

1. a width of 1,1 cm (0,43 inches) in the bra straps themselves and center adjustable piece,
and 0,8 cm (0,31 inches) at the center decorative piece straps;

2. semi-adjustable bra straps , with a minimum length of about 22,8 cm (9 inches).

3. The center piece is fully adjustable, 

adapting to gore heights between 3,1 cm (1,22 inches) and 7 cm (2,76 inches). 


Porcelain strapless is a utility bra, and, therefore, is very simple!
The fabric has a satiny finish to it and that's pretty much it!

As for the straps, they're black and satiny too, and their design is absolutely sexy...behold:


I decided to go down a cup size from my usual 28FF/30F UK size, based on a now distant fitting,
but the 30E is almost too small for me to wear it comfortably, in terms of cup size!

(The straps really add a nice touch to this simple bra, don't you think?)

It also doesn't help that the cups are shallow and wide, as most (all?!) strapless bras tend to be:
they have a depth of only 20,7 cm (8,1 inches) 
and at 14,1 cm (5,6 inches), their width is almost prohibitive for my narrow roots!

They're pretty shallow overall, but especially at the bottom of the cup, 
causing major creasing in my inframammary fold...sad, I know!

On the other hand, though, they are quite closed in on top, 
so Full on Top (FoT) and/or high rooted girls might struggle as well!
(See what I mean in the next picture...major bubbling!)

(If this is sounding like major bra science for you, feel free to check this breast shape post.)

The band is 59,5 cm (23,4 inches) and stretches to 74 cm (29,1 inches),
which is too loose for me - the band is not tacking properly, as I believe you can notice!

Shape wise, with all these fitting quibles, it's expected that Porcelain is not outstanding
(the Cleo Koko Icon moulded strapless bra, on that regard, is far superior).

It's somewhat round, yes, but it kinda of just stays there, while smashing your boobs a little...
(Which is actually not bad, because we don't want strapless bras to go anywhere.)
On the bright side, it has no seams, so it's perfectly smooth and invisible, even under tight tops!


The Decollete straps are 200% aproved...
the Porcelain strapless, on the other hand...
Well, it's pretty clear that this bra is NOT perfect for me, but girls with shallow and wide breasts, 
looking for a super supportive and minimizing shape, might wanna give this baby a try!

If you're looking for a 30E Porcelain Moulded Strapless bra in black, 
drop me a line at myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com.

This bra is available in sizes:

and in the colorways black, beige, white and chocolate brown.

What's your super strapless bra?
Have you found the one yet? Share your secrets!

What about the strappy trend? Do you love it too?

Other reviews of the Porcelain moulded strapless bra:

The Decollete straps were kindly offered for reviewing purposes by Dama de Copas.


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