07 July 2016

Lingerie | Freya Gem balconnet in 28F review: a dotted beauty!

After my Deco in 28FF disaster, 
Freya had the chance to redeem Itself with the Firecracker Sunset plunge bra in 30E
a bra I picked at an online sale!
Along with it, I choose the Gem balconnet in 28F, the dotted beauty I'm reviewing today!

Let's see how did my first unpadded Freya balconnet turned out
right after the jump, shall we?

Hoje trago-vos mais um soutien da Freyao Gem balconnet
que encontrei na campanha de desconto no Showroomprive,
juntamente com o Firecracker Sunset plungeque já mostrei aqui!

Como habitualmente se recomenda na marca Freya,
diminuí uma copa ao meu tamanho habitual (28FF) e escolhi o 28F:
o volume de copa ficou perfeito! 

O modelo de copa mole é extremamente confortável, e oferece uma fantástica sustentação!
Não sai nada do sítio!

O formato é bastante natural e um bocadinho pontiagudo como já é costume na marca...
Só se nota de lado e com a roupa fica absolutamente invisível!
Nesse sentido, o Gem é um excelente básico para usar com roupas escuras!

Deixo-vos com as fotos deste soutien cheio de pinta...
depois digam-me o que acharam!

Já sabem, estou disponível para qualquer esclarecimento quanto a "bra fitting" em myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com!

Um grande beijinho e um resto de semana maravilhoso para todos! 


The Gem is a non padded balconnet with a three part construction.

It is made of a non-sheer, semi-stretchable material at the top and a mesh, non-stretchable material, at the upper part!

The straps are fully adjustable and wider than usual,
while the band is thicker than most bras I own, clasping with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes!


Gem is a black bra with light pink underlay and accents, making it really sweet looking!

The bra is adorned with romantic little pink bows at the straps and center gore...

...and gorgeous little dots all over it!

The top lace is all decorated and very beautiful!


My usual UK size is along the lines of a 28FF/30F,
but since I heard Freya's unlined bras run big, I opted for a 28F.

First and foremost, the cups worked pretty great, despite my fears!
They're pretty deep for a 28F, with a depth of 23,6 cm (9,3 inches)
 and quite narrow, with a cup width of 12,5 cm (4,9 inches),
which was truly surprising, since I've always heard Freya's bras were shallower and wider!
That way, this bra is quite perfect for my projected and narrow shape!

(For details on breast shape, check this guide.)

The cups seem to want to "open" at the sides, like the Firecracker Sunset did!
It would seem it has something to do with Freya's unlined bras construction.
Since the wing is quite low, this causes me 0 discomfort, so I don't mind that particularly.

The band is quite soft and comfortable, measuring 61 cm (24 inches), stretching to 71 cm (2inches)! 

Gem, like most Freya's unlined bras, gives a natural and pointy shape,
that might not be everyone's cup of tea!
I'm not particularly fond of it either, 
but I find it quite versatile and comfortable for those days you don't want the basketball shape!


If you're looking for a sturdier bra that would offer you all the support you need,
and you like happier, more detailed dark brasgive Gem a try!
Projected and narrow ladies, fear not...this bra will got you covered!

This bra is available in sizes:

It's also available in white and nude colorways, and colorful options as well!
You can get yours at eBay, or Figleaves. 

Other reviews:
What did you thought of this Freya's unlined bra?
Do you own any? Which one?

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. É super fofinho e fica-te muito bem! kiss^^


  2. I love my Freya Ooh La La in 30FF! Only issue is the straps are so wide they get uncomfortable in the shoulder/armpit area, especially since I do so much work with my arms out in front of me... maybe my shoulders are just too narrow as I have this problem with all the sports bras I've tried


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