26 August 2016

Outfits & Photos & Words | Goodbye, Tróia, we'll be back!

white top and shorts with lace trim and fringed backpack : c/o Romwe | denim shirt: c/o SheIn 
floral espadrilles: ElCorteInglés (similar here and here) | mirrored orange sunglasses: c/o Ingruccia
choker: Ingruccia | hair scrunchie and floral bracelet: Sfera | other bracelets: Bershka, Um Pequeno Mimo

Booooo, this is the last vacation post of my July trip discovering bits of my beautiful country, Portugal!
I truly had a blast and I hope you enjoyed the pictures I've been sharing...
Photographing these wonders and my outfits along with Diogo was seriously rad...
I believe the photoshoots reflect my (holiday) happiness pretty well!

These were taken in my last day at Tróia, a truly remarkable place!
I felt at peace while strolling along these breathtaking landscapes...
but I'll you be the judge of these wonders throughout the post, okay?
Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Have an amazing weekend!

22 August 2016

Outfits | Happiness is like crochet...you have to spend time knitting it!

crochet top: eBay | neon green shorts: New Yorker | denim shirt: c/o SheIn | white hat: Pull&Bear (similar)
floral espadrilles: El Corte Inglés (similar here and here) | mirrored orange sunglasses and blue bracelet: c/o Ingruccia (similar)
hair scrunchie and orange flower bracelet: Sfera | foot bracelet: local store | choker: Stradivarius | beach towel: Easy Wear

It's impossible to stare down at these sun drenched pictures taken at Tróia,
eyeing my tan of 2 amazing weeks of vacation, without smiling!
These days were soooo relaxing (close to perfect!),
and I believe these portraits captured all those positive feelings quite nicely!

I consider myself lucky for all the things I've accomplished so far,

and I won't let myself forget the role I must play into building my own happinness!

Have a lovely week, everyone!

18 August 2016

Outfits | Who ever knew that serious girl of yesterday could be so smiley after all?

black off shoulder top: Stradivarius (similar) | grey shorts: Romwe (similar) | grey hat: Pimkie (similar)
pink neon bag: H&M (similar) | chokers: Stradivarius | nude lace up sandals: Pull&Bear (similar)
hair scrunchie: Sfera | mirrored pink sunglasses: eBay | bracelet: c/o Heaven Signs and Bershka

If you never saw a picture of me back in 2009 (like these or these!), when I first started writing this blog, you should!
I must warn you, though, that you probably won't recognize me:
I used to be super serious and very modelesque - not! - with the stiffest poses ever!
I've become a lot more natural, smiley and goofy as the years went by, 
and I've very happy I stopped being this maniac of perfection and seriousness,
and started just being me.

Hope you enjoy yet another set of holiday pictures!

Have a lovely week!

12 August 2016

Outfits | Neon Paradise

coral neon bikini: tri-top + cheeky bottom from MyPiki | mirrored orange sunglasses: Ingruccia
colorful printed beach towel: Easy Wear | straw hat: TimeOut Jeans Pt | flower headpiece: Pink Lemon

I know, I know, paradise is quite a strong word,
but that's what crossed my mind once I stepped ons these beautiful snow white sands
and heard the soft blue and green waves of Tróia!

My gorgeous MyPiki neon coral bikini contrasted oh so prettily with the sea,
don't you think?
I simply LOVE this amazing portuguese bikini brand (with worldwide shipping)...
Their swimwear pieces are my favorite, I cannot imagine a summer without them anymore!
These beauties are like pokémons, truly...you have to catch them all!
(There's even a yellow pikachu...oooops...bikini!)

Discover just how great the triangle top and cheeky bikini bottoms look in the rest of the pictures!

Have a lovely weekend!

10 August 2016

Outfits | A "wool" new world!

crochet bikini: Lefties (similar) | hat: El Corte Inglés (similar here and here)
marble sunglasses: Pimkie (similar) | blue printed top: New Yorker (similar) | foot bracelet: local store
white shorts: c/o Romwe (similar) | hair scrunchie: Sfera | white sandals: Pull&Bear (similar here)

I know my title today is kinda cheesy, but alas, 
I really never got the chance to wear one of these "wool"/crochet bikinis I saw everywhere at Pinterest,
so it was a whole new experience for me!
Not as thrilling as having a magic carpet ride, I'd say, but quite different.
If truth be told, 
this kind of material, despite looking amazing, is not made to meet water, by any means.
The fabric gets all wet and loose, and overall it's not that comfortable.
Nevertheless, we frequently think with our hearts and fashion cravings rather than our heads,
so I guess most of you will understand me!

Bikini struggles aside, I hope you enjoy this new set of vacation photos,
taken at Praia dos Arrifes, at Albufeira, Algarve!

Have a lovely week, everyone!

08 August 2016

Outfits | Girls just wanna have sun!

white lace beach dress: c/o Devil Plus | hat: TimeOut Jeans | bracelets: local stores | hair scrunchie: Sfera

Hi, everyone!
How's your August going?
Today I'm continuing my vacation outfit series, with a lovely D+ bikini top,
Panache Swim Amelia!
Some might recall that I've already reviewed this beauty here,
but now it's time to show you how this fabulous bikini worked in the real world,
namely at one of the fabulous Algarve beaches!
I jumped, I dived, I played all the beach games we had,
and this bandeau stayed in place, defying gravity!
I felt comfortable and supported, something my medium sized breast rarely feel at the beach!
Besides being functional, Amelia is a beauty to behold,
with it's fresh floral print in the light blue base!

I paired it with soft pink panties, since Panache Swim briefs are too big for my taste!
The rest of my beach outfit ingredients were a super fresh white dress from Devil Plus 
and a nice hat from TimeOut Jeans!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!
Have a lovely week, everyone!

07 August 2016

Fashion & Trends | C&A 100€ voucher adventure!

Eu e a Sara, a vencedora, na nova loja C&A do Nova Arcada
à direita: vestido preto (14,99€) | carteira (24,99€) | vestido preto (14,99€)

Tal como prometido, partilho convosco a aventura 
com a vencedora do sorteio do voucher de 100€ na nova loja C&A do Nova Arcada, a Sara!

Em conjunto, escolhemos peças intemporais e modernas, em preto e branco,
e o toque de cor da carteira bordeaux reversível e do cachecol,
já a pensar no Outono que se aproxima!

Foi um bocadinho bem passado, 
que nos deu a oportunidade de conhecer a nova loja e as peças mais recentes da C&A!

Deixo-vos com todas as peças escolhidas e um grande beijinho!

05 August 2016

Outfits | Woman in black

black bikini: MyPiki Essencia tri-top + thong bikini | black straw hat: H&M
printed shorts: New Yorker | mustard yellow top: Romwe | sunglasses: Ingruccia | bracelet: unkown

I've always been a fan of tiny bikinis, but, until now, I haven't wear a true thong at the beach!
With my new MyPiki Essencia, though, I can say "been there, done that"!
My tanning lines will never be the same!

I found myself reaching for this pretty sexy thing many times during my holidays,
because it was amazingly practical and made me feel very powerful!
Hope you enjoy the pictures I took with it at Praia da Coelha, located at Albufeira (Algarve)!

Have a lovely weekend!

03 August 2016

Outfits & Photos & Words | Óbidos and the lady

white lace top: H&M | boyfriend jeans with fringed hems: Shana | pink and navy watch: Daniel Wellington
beige bag: Michael Kors Selma mini messenger | bandana scarf: Bershka | white hat: Pull&Bear 
choker: Stradivarius | pink mirrored sunglasses: ebay | beige, salmon and mint sneakers: Asics Gel Lyte V whisper pink

Óbidos is a lovely historic Portuguese village that evokes medieval times in each corner!
I had the chance to discover it during my holidays, though the heat made the visit shorter than it deserved!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!