30 August 2016

Lingerie | Ewa Michalak CHP Summer Time: unbelievably projected and pretty!

Being narrow and projected, polish bras are my holy grail!
I'm the proud owner of a handful of amazing Comexims and two Ewa Michalaks,
but I never got the chance to try the famous CHP cut... 
until now!

Summer Time is one of those bras that, just like the beautiful Cukiereczek, I had a HUGE crush on!
It's everything my bras a few years ago couldn't be:
drop dead gorgeous with an amazing fit!
When I was a teen I couldn't have both and I didn't understand why!
That was, of course, before I knew I was in the 28/30E-G bra size range...

Those sad days are gone now, 
so I can happily present you this amazing CHP Summer Time in 65FF (30FF),
that I was lucky to grab second-handed!

Stay with me to discover how it fits!

Para quem tem vindo a seguir as minhas publicações de Lingerie & Bra Fitting,
é fácil perceber que sou uma apaixonada por lingerie polaca!
Pelo seu formato, sobretudo, perfeito para quem tem raízes estreitas e peito profundo q.b.!
(detalhes sobre a forma mamária podem ser lidos aqui, para quem quiser saber mais.)

Desta vez, venho apresentar-vos mais um modelo da marca polaca Ewa Michalak,
o 3º da minha colecção:
o belíssimo Summer Time, que evoca o pôr-do-sol num qualquer solar romântico,
enquanto nos sentimos princesas no nosso próprio reino!

Estava esgotado, 
mas tive a sorte de encontrá-lo em segunda-mão num grupo de Facebook no tamanho 30FF, 
e não me fiz rogada!
Funcionou na perfeição e as fotos que acompanham o resto da publicação são a prova disso mesmo;
espero que gostem de conhecer melhor esta beldade!

Já sabem, estou disponível para esclarecer qualquer dúvida relativamente ao tema em myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com!

Um enoooorme beijinho!


The CHP shape is a lightly padded half cup bra with two seams!
Summer Time was also created in another shapes, namely unpadded ones, like SM.

The interior of the cups is very soft and made of cotton,
and it features inner sockets where you can place the included pads!

The pads/cookies provided are relatively thick,
and useful to disguise any asymmetry one might have,
or simply to add some extra cleavage!

I found that it was best for me to stay away from them,
because I was already getting a great amount of "cakes on a plate" cleavage,
and would get quad-boob instead!
Therefore none of my fitting pictures were taken with these on.

Summer Time' straps have a medium width and are fully adjustable...

...and the band clasps with a 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes!


The Summer Time range is romantic and delicate, very princess-y like!
The bra is made of two shades of beige,
a lighter one at the cups and a darker one at the band and straps.

The cups are covered in a beautiful light salmon roses embroidery (hoooow pretty is that?!),
and the center gore decorated with a simple ivory bow.


I was a little afraid that the 65FF would be too big for me (I own a 65F S Syrena),
but that was NOT the case!
This cut and size fit quite perfectly!

Width wise, with it's 13,2 cm (5,2 inches), Summer Time cups were just spot on for my narrow roots!

The straps are a bit too wide placed (as EM bras tend to be) 
which creates a bit of armpit rubbing I'm not too fond of...
but you can't always have it all, right?

In terms of projection, the CHP shape nails it:
with a cup depth of 23 cm (9,1 inches) this baby fits my projected breast quite nicely!

Based on my first take on the CHP cut, I can honestly say it does deserve all the hype it gets:
just WOW, look at all this roundness and perkiness and projection!!!

You can see that the embroidery is quite subtle underneath clothes, 
but if there's something you can't easily hide is this basketball shape action going on!

Not minimizing at all!

The band is pretty true to size and comfortable, being 59,4 cm (23,4 inches) long,
and stretching to 76 cm (29,9 inches).


Ewa Michalak is truly an amazing bra company!
Their shapes and pretty designs are something that hardly go unnoticed...
I personally feel like a goddess when I'm wearing one!
CHP Summer Time was a HUGE success, and I find myself wearing it a lot,
despite the wide placed straps!
Narrow and projected gals (more on breast shape here), 
hop on the polish bra train if you haven't already!
There's enough room for most anybooby!

Sadly, this beauty is sold out, but you can grab a 70G SM at Bratabase right now,
if it happens to be your size!
If not, there are some other CHP at the Ewa Michalak' site waiting for your love!


You can check other reviews of Summer Time here:

How did you like Summer Time? 
Is there any Ewa Michalak bra you're lusting over?
Tell me everything in the comments!


  1. É sem dúvida lindíssimo! Adoro o tem e os detalhes, que bom teres encontrado em segunda mão! kiss^^


  2. This is such a great post! Have a nice day:)



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