24 August 2016

Lingerie | Visiting "Dama de Copas": a Panache Lingerie 2017 S/S collection peek-a-boo!

Panache Lingerie is, hands down, my favorite UK full bust lingerie brand,
so it's always a pleasure to preview their collections beforehand 
at the local portuguese store Dama de Copas!
I had a blast photographing and trying the upcoming bras and bikinis from the 2017 spring/summer!

Hope you enjoy this peek-a-boo of the collection, 
featuring my favorites and a mini bra fitting of the sample size 32E,
sister size of my usual 28FF Panache size!

Pick your favorites too and start praying next spring comes reeeeal' fast!

Panache Elise and Cari | Cleo by Panache Lexi | Panache Black Quinn strapless

Preparem-se para uma grande overdose de "lingerie": 
chegou a altura de espreitar as maravilhas que a marca inglesa Panache Lingerie,
distribuída pela Dama de Copas, terá na colecção de Primavera/Verão 2017!

Há soutiens em belos padrões florais, rendados românticos e bikinis e fatos-de-banho de sonho!
Aviso-vos desde já que difícil, difícil, será a espera, até finais de Fevereiro do próximo ano, 
altura em que esta colecção chegará às lojas!

O único consolo é que a nova colecção de Outono/Inverno (que apresentei aqui!),
já começou a chegar, por isso, não temam, 
estas novidades giríssimas estão à vossa espera nas lojas do Porto e Lisboa:

Espreitem as fotografias de alguns dos meus favoritos 
- incluindo as amostras que tive oportunidade de experimentar no tamanho 32E -
e digam-me qual é o soutien e/ou bikini que vos faz sonhar com a Primavera nos comentários, sim?

Um graaaaaande beijinho!
Panache Black Quinn strapless

Panache Black is the most high end Panache's line 
and for 2017 SS they come up with a new bridal collection,
which features three versions of QUINN in ivory:
the original one, which is all lacey and unpadded (you can preview it at Panache's instagram!),
and will debut this season, in a beautiful chocolate shade,
a moulded strapless version (pictured above), which resembles Koko strapless in both fit and look,
and a moulded plunge, similar to Ardour.

 I didn't get to photograph or try any other models, 
but you can check Hourglassy's preview of Panache Black collection at Curve Expo here.

Panache Andorra and Elise | Cleo by Panache Koko Muse

There were a lot of delicate blue beauties to behold, 
namely the KOKO MUSE in a denim colorway,
the new aqua blue with contrasting goldish beige accents ANDORRA,
called mineral blue (can anyone say mermaid?!)...

Panache Andorra

...and the delicate ELISE in powder blue,
which fits similar to Porcelain Grace and Ardour, two bras I'm a super fan of (review here).

Panache Elise

Cleo by Panache Breeze longline | Sculptresse Flirtini | Panache Jasmine (Petal Print and White Abstract) and Thea

Next spring will see a HUGE floral explosion lingerie wise!
From warmer shades, to deeper and gloomy ones, Panache's lines will get you covered!
The Jasmine (which I failed to photograph properly - shame oh shame!), 
a Panache's favorite, will come in three floral shades, 
that you can see in detail at this The Petite Collegiate's Curve Expo post on the Panache line!

One of the most sheerful - and delicate! - options is the new colorway of the BREEZE longline,
a two seamed half cup, which allows for a lot of projection, while delivering a nice cakes on a plate cleavage!
Isn't it ADORABLE?

Cleo by Panache Breeze longline

Sculptresse Flirtini

The Sculptresse, a line dedicated for 34+ bands, also follows the floral trend with this beautiful FLIRTINI!
Isn't it super candy?

Panache Thea

The main line offers a lot of botanical options and the THEA is, hands down, one of the prettiest!
It was my first time trying this model, and I will say that the top lace section felt too stiff for my liking,
and gave me a major gap (which is not too noticeable at pictures, but was horrid in real life!).

Panache Floris and Jasmine (Blue Blossom) | Cleo by Panache Minnie | Sculptresse Chi Chi

Continuing with darker shades, follows the GORGEOUS new FLORIS print,
a vibrant floral print in a black base...
oh my, how perfect this looks live!

Panache Floris

Looks can be deceiving, and even though the 32E looks a pretty decent fit in the pictures,
if you look closely you'll see I actually get a major gap in the transition of the two parts of the cups!
I believe that maybe sizing down one cup might solve the problem, 
so let's see if I can get my hands on a 30E soon!
(Floris is one of those models which colorways I usually LOVE but I cannot seem to get my hands on!)

Panache Floris

Next in the vibrant MINNIE, a Cleo model I never got the chance to try!
Like Thea and Floris, it's not the best model for me, I get a gap at the top!

Cleo by Panache Minnie

Panache Penny, Tango, Andorra and Envy | Cleo by Panache Kali

Cleo by Panache Kali, Marcie and Morgan

The Cleo line embraced the shades of pink/magenta and navy, 
paired beautifully, for example, in the gorgeous new MARCIE colorway,
whose pretty bow detail you can see below,
(I own two 2015 SS colorways: the "nude" one, which I reviewed here, and the magenta/orange),
and in the MORGAN - a moulded model which will debut this fall and I've already tried here!

Cleo by Panache Marcie

KALI returns in a very bright and colorful neon pink, a total charm!
(I own a burnt orange, so in case your curious about the fit of this unlined Cleo, check it's review here).

Cleo by Panache Kali

You can check all the Cleo by Panache line new models at this The Petite Collegiate post!

Cleo Swim Avril and Suki | Panache Swim Elle | Cleo Swim Lucille | Panache Swim Leila | Panache Swim Sia | ...

The swimwear collections had a lot of floral, botanical and graphic prints...
the hard part is choosing your favorite!

Panache Swim Britt, Isla and Elle | Cleo Swim Hattie, Nina and Gigi

Panache Swim Britt and Isla (moulded bandeau)

BRITT returns, in a nice vintage red striped version...
and the bandeau gets a new print: the colorful ISLA.

Panache Swim Isla (moulded bandeau)

ISLA fits just like the Amelia that allowed me to jump at beach this year (proof here),
your typical, a bit too shallow, but still quite round, bandeau!

 Cleo Swim Suki | Panache Swim Elle (unpadded balconnet bikini) | Cleo Swim Avril

The ELLE (middle)returns with a new floral print, to please the fans of non-padded bikinis,
but if you're a fan of the padded ones and you're in need of non-moulded ones,
Cleo Swim heard your prayers:
there are two half cups bikinis waiting for you:
the AVRIL, a green tropical print, which has two seams
(honestly, it's like a EM CHP bikini, so muuuuuch projection!!!)...

Cleo Swim Avril (padded balconnet)

...and the graphic SUKI, a one seam half cup, which gives MAJOR cleavage!

Cleo Swim Suki (moulded balconnet) | Panache Swim Florentine (moulded bandeau)

Following the blue obsession, 
there's also a beautiful floral bandeau waiting for you, the romantic FLORENTINE, 
which runs a tad too big in the cups, from what I could tell,
and the three toned geometrical print NINA and the new HATTIE colorway
(I've reviewed this year's Hattie colorway here, in case you're curious).

Cleo Swim Nina and Hattie | Panache Swim Florentine (moulded bandeau)

The PRETTIER than worlds FLORENTINE swimsuit was too beautiful not to try,
despite the fact I'm not a suit kind of girl!
Honestly, this baby is so pretty that maybe it will make me forget this...

Panache Swim Florentine moulded bandeau swimsuit

Finally, there's GIGI, one of Cleo Swim's new models,
which is very modern aesthetically speaking,
but gave a bit east-west look and a pointy shape, hence a bit disappointing!

Cleo Swim Gigi (bandeau)

Check all the Panache and Cleo Swim models at The Petite Collegiate's Curve post!

Panache Sport wired sports bra (Kaleidoscop print) and other wired and non-wired colorways

Finally, here are the beautiful new Panache Sport colorways, with blue and purple hues!
The two patterned ones are wired, while the two printless at in the back are non-wired!
(I've reviewed both version in the past here and here.)

Phew, that was sure a long post, but I hope it was worth it!
If you have any questions regarding the fit of the bras I've tried, 
just comment or drop me an mail at myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com, I'd love to help!




  1. Gostei bastante do Panache Swim Florentine em biquíni e em fato de banho! Beijinhos <3


  2. São todos lindos!! :)

    Há giveaway a decorrer no blog, participa! ♥
    Beijinhos, xx
    My Little Corner

  3. Daaaaaaamn, girl, I'm dying here! Tanta coisa lindaaa! Aquele bralet e o fato de banho...ai *o*

  4. Apaixonada pelos bikinis e pelo fato de banho! Não conhecia a marca mas passei a adorar! De lingerie adorei o Panache Thea, é lindo!

    Beijinhos, Style and Life by Marta ♡

  5. Adoroo , já estive numa das lojinhas " Dama de Copas" e tive a fazer Bra Fitting penso que seja assim que se diga e fiquei estupefacta com a qualidade e com o conforto dos sutiãs ! São mesmo muito bons .


  6. Love the Breeze and Suki, they are my favorites. Thank you so much for pics and feedback on so many styles!


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