02 October 2016

Lingerie | Cleo by Panache Mimi: autumn florals in a 3HC shape

If you've been following my Lingerie & Bra Fitting posts, 
it's probably no surprise to you that I, being narrow and projected, 
have a crush on 2 seamed half cups (3HC),
like my gorgeous Ewa Michalak CHP Summertime and my beloved Comexim 3HC Irish Coffee!
This time, though, I didn't had to go polish to discover that shape:
Cleo by Panache Mimi did the trick!

Mimi has been around since A/W 2015 collection, in two animal print versions,
but I failed to notice it since I thought it was a moulded half cup like Maddie, 
and therefore too shallow and wide for me!

However, the gorgeous new rose print version from A/W 2016 Cleo collection was the wake up call:
Mimi was indeed a seamed half cup and double seamed in fact!

Once I spotted it at Large Cup Lingerie
a site that offers worldwide (fast!) free shipping and has a nice selection of staples for a great price,
I knew this baby belonged in my collection!

There was no 28FF (my usual UK size) available, so I went for a 28G.
Let's see how well it worked, shall we?

Na alvorada da nova estação (a mais bela de todas, na minha opinião!),
surge a natural vontade de renovar o armário e torná-lo mais consoante com o ambiente que nos rodeia!
No meu caso, isso sucede também na minha gaveta de roupa interior!
Os tons mais claros e os soutiens mais leves e de copa mole,
vão dando terreno a modelos mais escuros, moldados e mais quentinhos!

O Mimi, uma beldade da nova colecção da Cleo by Panache, enquadra-se nesta categoria!
Com uma base cinzenta adornada por um padrão de rosas,
este soutien moldado "balconnet"/"half cup" com duas costuras,
oferece uma profundidade considerável e um formato bem redondo!

Encontrei o Mimi no site Large Cup Lingerie
onde poderão encontrar vários soutiens a um preço simpático e aproveitar os portes grátis!
Escolhi-o no tamanho 28G e assentou que nem uma luva, como poderão ver no resto da publicação!

Se ainda estão incertas em relação ao vosso tamanho,
ou gostarem de experimentar os soutiens em carne e osso antes de comprar,
têm sempre a opção de visitar a loja Dama de Copas
que faz aconselhamento de "bra fitting" e vende a marca Panache Lingerie!

Qualquer dúvida relativamente a este modelo (ou outros!) não hesitem
em contactar-me através do e-mail myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com.

Deixo-vos com o resto da publicação, para verem quão belo é o Mimi!



Mimi is a 2 seamed padded half cup bra (3HC), made of a soft and somewhat thick material.

The straps are partly adjustable and the band fastens with 2 rows of 3 columns of hooks-and-eyes!


This bra features a rose print in shades of pink and lime, applied in a pigeon grey base,
that extends to the front part of the straps!

Mimi has pink accents in the center gore bow and the claps and strap adjusters,
and a lime scalloped trim at the top of the cups and the bottom of the band.


Like I said, at Large Cup Lingerie there was no 28FF available, 
and since I've been experiencing a bit of growth lately anyway, I decided to go for the 28G,
praying it wouldn't be too big!
I didn't had to pray, though, the 28G fit pretty nicely, 
if anything it might be considered slightly too small, but more on that later...

This 3HC cups have a depth of 22,5 cm (8,9 inches),
a tad too small for a 28G, so I'd recommend sizing up for this!

That - or perhaps the thick top cup trim - might be the reason why I still get a bit of quadding.
I wouldn't go for a 28GG, though, it would probably be way too wide and deep!

Mimi is quite narrow, specially for a UK half cup, with a cup width of 13,5 cm (5,3 inches).
It doesn't rub at all in my armpits (which is more than I can say about my 28FF Maddie!).
The straps are not placed too far apart either.

In terms of band, I'd say Mimi has a sturdy one (à la Cleo), but slightly too loose at the same time.
It measures 62 cm (24,4 inches) and stretches to 75 cm (29,5 inches).

Shape wise, this bra is...WOW!!!
If you're a fan of Ewa Michalak's CHP, you CAN'T miss out on Mimi!
This british baby offers that polish oomph all together,
with a nicely round and projected shape, that's not for those trying to cover their boobage!

The cleavage is not for shy ones either: it has a lot of cakes on a plate action as well!


If you're a fan of florals and greys, and your shape is compatible with 3HC, test Mimi!
As a huge polish bra fan I didn't think I would ever get this shape in a UK bra,
but this baby bra proved me wrong!

Besides, it's such a pretty, feminine and romantic bra, 
that I had to photograph it with my ballerina inspired skirt!

I hope Panache Lingerie and other UK bras invest more and more in this bra shape in the future!
(Panache is actually getting a 3HC bikini - Avril - in their next summer collection,
I tried it - pictures here - and it was awesome!)

Mimi exists in a wide variety of sizes:

You can check other Mimi reviews at 

Did you fell for this romantic bra too?

Which Panache Lingerie A/W 2016 models are you lusting for?

Wish you an awesome week!

Mimi was kindly gifted by Large Cup Lingerie for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are honest and true.


  1. Esse soutien é lindo!


  2. É super giro! *.*


  3. Its very beautiful. You inspire me :)

  4. You look so beautiful in this style, and the colors make your tan glow. I love how you paired it with the ballerina skirt - parfait! I wish Cleo made this in a longline version. I could picture a longline Mimi as part of a very cute outfit.

    I am happy that it will be easier for me (in Florida) to be able to try the famous Polish "cakes on a plate" look in person, hopefully in the Panache section of my local Nordstrom!


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