27 November 2016

Outfits | When time seems to be slipping away, sway with it...you'll find a way!

blue skinny jeans (similar here and here) and lace up choker (similar): Stradivarius | silver rings: Pull & Bear (similar)
bandana navy scarf: Bershka (similar) | blue hat: Parfois | copper metallic sneakers: Adidas Superstar 80s (similar)
(wearing Curvy Kate Florence in 30F underneath)

For ages I practically refused to wear simple pieces, that anyone could grab in the nearest ZARA...
I was a huge fan of everything unique, strange, outrageous...and there's nothing wrong with that!
Nowadays, though, I've left those crazy days behind:
now I love the aesthetic behind a Capsule Wardrobe
the simplicity behind the classics and I can wear something everyone else is wearing
(adding it my own twist, of course!).

Hence me wearing this striped shirt from Romwe (which is for SALE!),
a nice basic with an (embroidered) twist, without feeling boring to death!
I paired it with navy accessories, namely my new minimalistic Aldo watch and my bandana scarf from Bershka
(I know I already own to many of them, but I couldn't resist that silky smoothness!),
and my uber cool copper Adidas Superstar!

Hope you like the result!

Have a lovely week, everyone! Be happy!

23 November 2016

Beauty | Into the blues: GOSH Eyeliner Pretty Petrol review

Fall doesn't mean your makeup has to be boring, in predictable shades!
This season, blue is one of the highest contestants in eye makeup trends,
so when I spotted the "pretty petrol" shade of this GOSH eye pencil, I had to have it!

Isn't it aweeeesome?


O Outono não é sinónimo de maquilhagem aborrecida, sempre nos mesmos tons!
Foi por isso que, quando vi que o azul era uma forte tendência esta estação, fiquei bastante contente:
adoro animar a maquilhagem do dia-a-dia com um bocadinho de cor!

Foi por isso que não resisti a este lápis da GOSH, na minha cor favorita!

Descubram como ele se comporta na publicação completa:

17 November 2016

Personal | My Birthday wishlist

My birthday is getting closer (4th of December) and since it's too late to ask something #USAellection related,
these material things will have to do!
As you can see they're mostly cute accessories that would complement my Capsule Wardrobe,
as well as a new cookbook to inspire me (I LOVE to cook!) and, 
of course, a beautiful new bra for my already way too big collection!

Do you relate to any of these in particular?
Tell me which in the comments!


1. Cluse Minuit Mesh watch | 2. Comexim Bellissima bra in 60J | 3. pink fedora hat  | 4. The Green Kitchen cookbook
5. Asos colorful fur scarf | 6. H&M pink gloves | 7. Beauxoxo embroidered beret

O meu aniversário aproxima-se (4 de Dezembro), 
e como já não vou a tempo de pedir para o Trump não ganhar as eleições dos EUA,
contento-me em listar algumas coisinhas materiais que me colocariam um sorriso nos lábios!

São elas:

15 November 2016

Outfits | ​Don't be moody, your cloudy eyes might keep you from seeing the sun!

beige sweater: c/o Zaful | beige jeans: Bershka (similar) | pink scarf: H&M
beige cross-body bag: Michael Kors | rose gold watch: Parfois (similar) | pink and beige sneakers: Saucony 
pink beanie: Pull&Bear (similar) | rose gold and silver rings: C&A (similar here and here)
key chain pom pom (similar) and rose gold sunglasses (similar): Aldo pink socks: Stradivarius
(wearing Ewa Michalak Summertime CHP underneath)

I absolutely adore wearing these cozy and cute outfits!
Once, almost a lifetime ago, 
I was incapable of wearing anything that wasn't down right sexy, tight and show-stoppable!
Now I'm a grown woman, comfortable in my own skin (even when I'm not showing it!) and I want to show how happy I feel!

You have no clue how fluffy this ZAFUL sweater is... it's sooooo comfortable I could probably sleep in it!
The quality is also impeccable, the fabric has a nice quality, it's very warm and perfect for cold days!
I wore mine to a adorable afternoon in the company of my little sister, that, after the photoshoots, ended with crepes and smiles!

Wish you a lovely week!

10 November 2016

Outfits | ​Don't let the rhythm of your life steal your curiosity!

wrap black skirt (similar), blue shirt, black crossbody bag (similar) and lace up boots (similar): ZARA
chokers: Stradivarius (similar) | statement earring: C&A | rings: Bershka (similar)
cat eye black sunglasses: Vilanova (similar) | black watch: c/o Daniel Wellington
(wearing Cleo by Panache Mimi in 28G underneath)

More often than not, we find ourselves so surrounded by duties, in a desperate fight against time.
Seldom this results in oblivion...we fail to see all the beauty the world has to offer,
and start making the same paths day after day, without looking up, like humanoid donkeys...
I'm no different.
I lost part of my childhood's curiosity when I grew older,
and the adult chores drain most of my potencial free time.
But...and there's always a but...I try to fight it every time I can!
Sometimes, I try to turn left instead of the usual right,
I try to discover new things and look around!
That's what happened when I accidentally discovered the place where I took these photos!
This wonderful street, with it's elegant trees, built beside a park, we're unknown to me...
despite the fact I've been living five minutes away from them for almost 2 years!
Adulthood is a strange time...

Clothes wise, this outfit is less casual than the ones I've been wearing 90% of the time lately!
My FALL CAPSULE WARDROBE is mainly composed of comfy and practical pieces,
but I also added a little bit of elegance with my new ZARA mini skirt
and some heels (the only ones) in the shape of my uber cool (also ZARA) booties!
This outfit is actually almost entirely ZARA, something that was rare in the last couple of years.
Not because I disliked the brand or anything, but because I wore a lot of other brands!
This time, however, I felt pretty cool endorsing into a more modern vibe,
with my new blue shirt (this shade!!!), peek-a-booing below the skirt,
and spiced up with the presence of my new (sexy) Stradivarius chokers!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Wish you a lovely week!

08 November 2016

Outfits | Guess what, turns out the grass is greener right where I am!

dusty cedar cardigan: Forever 21 | white t-shirt: c/o C&A | black coated pants: Stradivarius
black cross-body bag: ZARA | copper metallic sneakers: Adidas | rings: Bershka
golden watch: Casio | bandana scarf and cat eye sunglasses: Vilanova
(wearing Comexim Elena in 60HH underneath)

Today's outfit is a black and white one, spiced with some pumpkin colored bits!
I paired the perfect black pants with a white t-shirt and simple accessories 
and was ready to enjoy the weekend!

The pictures didn't turn out as good as I would have wished,
but the "new Nadia" doesn't care, 
she rocks her outfit - and her blog - like the perfectly imperfect human being she is!

Hope you enjoy these photographs!


04 November 2016

Outfits | Fall is calling, dinner is served!

pink t-shirt: ZARA | beige jeans and rings: Bershka | pink and beige sneakers: Saucony | pink hat: c/o Zaful
pink bag: Kate Spade New York | fur key chain: Aldo | pink chokers: Forever 21 | golden watch: Casio 
(wearing Comexim Sonia in 60HH underneath)

Fall isn't my favorite season for no reason.
I see it like a loving mom, which covers herself in warm shades,
inviting you to enjoy home cooked meals and the coziness of your home...
When there's sun, one cannot resist to go outside and dance with the falling leaves,
but when it rains and the sky is all gloomy, all we want is hugs, cuddling and watching movies
(which I sadly don't do that often, because all my shores don't allow much free time!).

These pictures, in which I'm wearing a soft shaded autumn outfit,
were taken under the surveillance of my beloved grandad,
which kept me company while I was photographing.
I know most grandparents wouldn't really get the idea of their grandchild goind outside,
with a tripod and camera in hands,
to take pictures of himself so he can post online and tell other people what he's wearing...
but not mine!
He actually finds it amusing and supports this *silly* hobby!
(Plus, he said my hat looked great on me!)
Aaah, family IS everything!

As for the outfit itself, it serves my purpose of wearing light pink all year long...
I don't think there's any other color I love as much, clothes wise!

Hope you enjoy the rest of these pictures!
Have a lovely weekend everyone! Enjoy your beloved ones!

02 November 2016

Beauty | An ode to the falling leaves: an autumn makeup with GOSH!

In all honesty, I know I'm quite far from being a makeup specialist, 
but I've been learning a LOT with my project with GOSH Cosmetics,
and exploring this growing passion the best I can!

This time around, I'm showing a fall makeup look I've been wearing a lot lately:
soft strobbing, copper-ish eyeshadow, spider lashes à la Twiggy and nude lips!

What about you?
What makeup trends are you currently loving?

Em boa verdade, eu tenho absoluta noção de que não sou uma "expert" em maquilhagem,
(sou mais do tipo "girl next door" que vai tentando perceber para que serve um "primer" e tal),
mas a minha colaboração com a GOSH, no projecto The Gosh Look
tem-me feito investir cada vez mais tempo nesse tema 
e consequente adquirir mais paixão (e jeito, espero!) pelo mesmo!

Nesse âmbito, trago-vos hoje um pequeno tutorial com uma maquilhagem simples,
com algumas das minhas tendências de Outono/Inverno favoritas e produtos GOSH deliciosos!

Espero que gostem!

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