06 November 2016

​ Lingerie | Panache Jasmine in "orchid print": if Moon had flowers, they'd look like this!

Jasmine is one of Panache Lingerie's most popular bras - it's been around since 2012! -
and a favorite of many lingerie lovers!
When my path crossed with the breathtaking 2016 A/W orchid print by Camilla Frances,
I finally understood why...it's a splendid set!
I fell completely in love the moment I tried it...it went straight to my bra wishlist!

But my infatuation was sooo strong, that it wasn't long before I was online, 
searching for a 28F and matching XS thong bottoms to complete my bra-drobe (cof...excuses...cof!)!
I found the bra at The Bra Closet, but, as I was about to order it, I realized the thong was nowhere to be found!
I contacted the site to see if they had any in stock, and not only did they get the panties for me,
but they kindly offered to gift me the full set!

Discover how Jasmine bra and thong fit right after the jump!


Este conjunto da Panache Lingerie é tããããão maravilhoso, no seu delicioso padrão floral em tons frios,
que até me faz falar italiano!
Apresento-vos o Jasmine no belo padrão "orchid print", 
o soutien em tons escuros perfeito para animar o vosso Outono!

A copa mole, com 4 costuras, está pensada para levantar e arredondar o peito,
e a renda elástica rendada, no topo da copa, foi criada para acomodar vários formatos de mama...
 o máximo!

Este modelo existe nos tamanhos 28 F-HH e 30-38 D-K e tem cuecas XS-XXXL, em versão tanga e normal.
Se ficaram tentadas, podem descobri-lo numa Dama de Copas perto de vocês
(esta beldade - e outros soutiens coloridos - estão com 20% de desconto até dia 7 de Novembro!).

Fiquem comigo no resto da publicação, 
para descobrirem como ficam em carne e osso o soutien 28F e a cueca tanga em XS!

Digam-me o que acham deste belíssimo conjunto nos comentários!

Uma excelente semana para todos!


Jasmine is a 4-part unlined balconnet, 
made of a non-stretchable lower part and a top stretchable lace section.

It's band fastens with 3 rows of 2 columns of hooks-and-eyes.

The panties I picked were the thong version, since I'm a fan of smaller underwear.
The inside of them is lined in cotton, for extra softness.


The "orchid print" is seriously one of the prettiest bra prints I've ever seen...
I totally picture these flowers under the moonlight, offering promises of love and mystery...

The vibrant cool toned print was paired with dark sultry floral lace both in the bra and panties,
which adds a lot of sexiness into the set!

Simple dark tulle bows decorate the center of the bra gore and the front of the thong.


Jasmine and I did not always agree...our love story was one that was developed with time and patience!
The first time I tried Jasmine, the seam where the top lace is inserted gaped a lot,
resulting in a pointy shape, that made me quiver...
we weren't meant to be then.
But alas, luckily for me, with the "orchid print" things changed: 
the fitting of the 28F was phenomenal, light years away from my unpleasant previous experience!
Jasmine, which was my "new Marcie" (the other bra that didn't seem to fit right for ages, but them it did!),
turned out to be my new favorite!
(By the way, my "new Marcie" now is Floris - proof here!)

As you can see, Jasmine in 28F is my new best bra forever...

There's no gap to be seen in the stretch top lace...it fits like a gem...or glove!

The cups are quite narrow and deep, 
with a depth of 23 cm (9,1 inches) and a width of 13 cm (5,1 inches),
fitting my narrow roots and even projected shape perfectly!

(If all these breast shapes still fit a bit confusing to you, it's okay, that's totally understandable,
check this guide for further explanations.)

The shape Jasmine provides is uplifted and natural, perfect even under tight clothing!

Jasmine's band is quite soft (unlike Cleo's);
it measures 56 cm (22 inches) and stretches to 66 cm (26 inches).

The thong in XS fits my 93 cm (36,6 inches) hips pretty well;
I love how comfortable and sexy they are! 


Jasmine is a TERRIFIC set, that can accommodate a lot of different boob shapes.
This "orchid print" version is a pretty dark lingerie alternative to black!
The bra has a lot of projection and lift, while maintaining a quite natural shape!

I also LOVE the fact that Panache invested in some thongs (full bust lingerie NEEDS more of these!),
but, sadly, they'll be discontinued next season *cries*.

Jasmine has a wide variety of prints and also 2016 A/W core versions of "nude" and "black".

The bra exists in sizes 28 F-HH and 30-38 D-K and the bottoms - both thong and briefs - in sizes 8-20.

If you're tempted to give Jasmine a try but your size is quite different from mine,
you might wanna check out other reviews of this amazing bra here:

How did you like the set?
Do you own any Jasmine? Which one(s)?

Have a lovely week, everyone!

The Jasmine set was kindly gifted by The Bra Closet for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Gorgeous lingerie, i adore the print and purple hues!

    Dana | fashiondew.co.uk

  2. O padrão é mesmo giro! Adoro e fica-te super bem. kiss^^


  3. Adorooo, adorooo! Tem um padrão mesmo giro :)
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook
    Há giveaway Oriflame a decorrer no blog :)

  4. Ficou o máximo e a escolha não poderia ter esse resultado extraordinário!

  5. É super lindo, completamente "in love" :)

    Shades of a Girl

  6. É tãooo giro! Gostei imenso do padrão :)


  7. É lindíssimo e fica-te super bem :)

  8. Oh meu Deus é tão mas tão lindo! Fica-te tão bem!

    That Girl

  9. Adorei, adorei!!
    São precisas mais mulheres assim, com coragem, e uma sociedade menos retrocida, e este é um passo!
    Adorei a lingerie, é lindíssima, e assenta-te mesmo bem, assim como as fotografias, estão maravilhosas!
    Com amor...

  10. Estou rendida com este conjunto. Tem um ar tão delicado e apaixonante. Para além disso, nota-se que sabes mesmo escolher o tamanho certo para o teu corpo. Um dos meus maiores problemas. Sem dúvida que este conjunto ficará na wishlist deste natal.

    Um beijinho
    Sara M.

    new post on http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.com/

  11. Fiquei apaixonada por este conjunto de lingerie!! Gostei do teu blog e já sigo :)



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