15 January 2017

Lingerie | ​Wellfitting Meow: the bra every crazy cat lady wants!

Listening to the cries of all the full busted cat lovers around the globe,
Wellfitting created Meow, a gorgeous cat and flower print bra in classic demi and longline versions.
Having a goorgeous british shorthair in my family, Olívia (meet her here),
I couldn't resist to get my hands on one of these!

In case you're unfamiliar with Wellfitting, 
it's a US based company that sells bras in a wide range of sizes (from 26 to 50 bands and A to O cups),
manufactured in Poland by Comexim, a old time favorite of mine (as my blog records prove!).
Here's a 10% discount code to use in their site if you wanna try these terrific bras!

I picked the Meow classic demi version in 28J (60J), which I will review throughout this post!

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Fevereiro, vem depressa por favor!
É o que me apraz gritar a sete ventos neste momento, de tão embrulhada em estudo que ando...
As publicações têm ficado para segundo plano, e foi por esse motivo que este belíssimo soutien,
que já estava nas minhas mãos (e não só!) em 2016, só agora teve direito a um lugar na ribalta!
"Shame", bem sei!

Sem mais demora, apresento-vos o Meow da Wellfitting, o soutien perfeito para "crazy cat ladies"!
Quando vi este padrão com gatos e flores, fiquei absolutamente apaixonada...
num tributo à minha adorada Olívia, a british shorthair mais amooorosa, tinha de o ter!

Com a ajuda da marca, optei pelo tamanho 28J
que corresponde sensivelmente a um 28FF/G nos tamanhos UK e 60HH/J na marca Comexim.
Funcionou às mil maravilhas:
o modelo "half cup" com duas costuras providencia muita projecção e tem aros estreitos, 
perfeitos para o formato da minha mama.
O peito fica arredondado, levantado e com um decote bonito, como podem comprovar no resto das fotos!

A Wellfitting é uma empresa americana que vende soutiens exclusivos feitos pela Comexim 
(a minha marca favorita!).
A minha primeira experiências com eles deixou-me bastante satisfeita: o Meow é um soutien único!

Se quiserem experimentar os soutiens deste site e tiverem alguma dúvida,
não hesitem em enviar um mail para myfashioninsiderblog@gmail.com com as vossas questões!
Ah, e não deixem de aproveitar este desconto de 10% para as vossas comprinhas!

Um grande beijinho!


My Meow is a "classic demi", which translates to a 3 part half cup (3HC), with 2 seams.
It's lightly padded and made with the typical soft and foamy Comexim material...extra comfortable!

It's straps are fully adjustable and it's band fastens with 2 rows of 4 columns of hooks-and-eyes,
which it's pretty awesome, because it means you'll wear the bra for a longer time - yay!


Did I mentioned CATS already?! Yeah? Oh, never mind then!
Meow is extra special because it has a lot of different cats...how perfect is that?!

It these pictures, the light shimmery wavy pattern of the cup is noticeable.
Some might say it doesn't add much to the overall appearance of the bra, and can actually make it look cheap,
but I find it very discrete...it doesn't bother me!

It's gore features one of the cutest bows ever:
an extra long and thin orange one, with silver-y little ribbons on top, to resemble cat's whiskers...


Those familiar with UK and Comexim sizes might find Wellfitting sizing system confusing,
and the fact that their calculator sometimes underestimates sizes doesn't help.
They use non-standard US sizes, so the best way to make sure you get the best fit is to ask the brand!
As a rule, most people can go for their equivalent Comexim size, or maybe go up a band size and a cup size.

I usually wear a 28FF in UK sizes and a 60HH in Comexim (sometimes 60J), 
and was recommended a 60J, which translates into a 28J in Wellfitting sizing, for example.

Joanna was right, the 28J was the perfect choice!

Meow has quite close set cups, because of it's overlapping gore,
which doesn't constitute a problem since I don't have a lot of center fullness.
If that's your case, tough, consider this model carefully.

Being a 3HC, Meow provides a nice projection, with a cup depth of 22,9 cm (9 inches),
equivalent to the usual depth of a Comexim's 60HH.
The top trim of this bra makes it a tiny bit more closed on top, so if you have Full on Top breasts take this into account!

The cups are nicely narrow, perfect for my roots, with a cup width of 13 cm (5,1 inches).
The straps, even without my usual Comexim alteration of moving the straps in 2 cm (0,8 inches),
are not too wide set, and stay well away from my armpits...hoooorray!

The band feels soft, but it's not too stretchy,
measuring 55 cm (21,7 inches) and stretching to 65 cm (25,6 inches).
If you're between sizes, you might consider going up a band size!

In terms of fitting, there are no big surprises here:
being manufactured by Comexim, Meow fits just like their 3HC: projected and narrow!
(For more details on breast shape, check this guide.)
It also offers a nice "cakes on a plate" cleavage, which is always a winner for my medium sized boobs!


My first experience with Wellfitting was a success!
I'm so happy to have Meow in my collection!
This bra combines two terrific things: a unique print and the always sensational polish fit!
Absolutely perfect!

This beautiful Meow range is available in a wide range of bra sizes: from 26DD-36N and 38A-50G,
in two versions: "classic demi" and "longline".

There are also matching panties in high waist and thong versions, ranging from XXS to XXL.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

Did you fall in love with Meow too?
Do you own any Wellfitting (or Comexim) bras?

Don't forget to use this 10% discount code!

You can check how Meow fits in other shapes and sizes here:

Bratabase (longline)

Have a lovely day!

Meow was kindly provided by Wellfitting for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.
Clicking or purchasing through some of the links in this post may yield commissions for my blog.


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