22 May 2017

Outfits & Lingerie | I want candy!

I've wanted to try the luxury lingerie brand Aubade 
ever since I laid my eyes on the gorgeous Bahiaone of their most famous bras!
(You can see it picking through my sheer t-shirt!).

More details on this beauty after the jump!

sheer nude t-shirt: ZARA | pink jeans: Levi's | bra: Aubade Bahia half cup

Há muito tempo que queria experimentar a marca de luxo francesa Aubade,
por isso o belíssimo Bahia half cup no padrão Tutti Fruttia nova cor de Primavera/Verão 2017, 
foi a desculpa perfeita!

Descubram mais sobre este lindíssimo soutien (e vejam mais fotos!) no resto da publicação:

20 May 2017

Outfits | Trust me, you have the power to keep the rain away!

This colorful spring outfit is the first of my new take on the Capsule Wardrobe + 1 challenge!
I decided I needed the extra excitement a different piece brings into my daily routine,
so I'll be digging out some long forgotten pieces of my wardrobe 
and pairing them with my current Capsule Wardrobe!
The first were these red trousers from Lavish Alicewhich I've own for 4 years (proof here!).

Hope you enjoy this pink and red pairing, one of the hottest spring combos!


pink ruffled top: Stradivarius | red pants: c/o Lavish Alicenude sneakers: Ecco intrinsic 1 c/o Ecco
beige cross body bag: Michael Kors Selma mini | golden watch: Cluse c/o relógios.pt
blue, red and pink bandana scarf: Bershka | earrings: c/o Romwe

Este conjunto que junta cor-de-rosa e vermelho (uma das combinações mais "in" desta Primavera),
é a minha primeira revelia ao meu "Capsule Wardrobe" actual.
Espero que gostem:

18 May 2017

Beauty | RedOrange passion!

One of my favorite spring makeup trends is the use of dramatic lipstick
paired with  bright, light skin paired and simple (almost makeup free!) eyes!

The perfect excuse to try this trend was the new Spring 2017 Gosh velvet touch matte lipstick:
behold Fidelity 021, an amazing shade of orangey red, which was love at first sight!

You can check my video tutorial in the rest of the post!



     A Primavera pede, no meu caso, maquilhagem mais leve, uma pele luminosa, olhos simples,
e, nos dias em que dou folga aos tons rosados/nude habituais,
um batom num tom mais forte e vibrante, a chamar as noites de Verão!

Foi isso que encontrei num dos novos tons dos batons da GOSH:
apresento-vos o fantástico Fidelity 021um batom vermelho alaranjado irresistível!

Descubram mais sobre ele e quais os produtos que usei para criar esta maquilhagem no resto do post:

16 May 2017

Lingerie | Gorsenia Zoe: polish elegance!

My love for polish bras is no secret, so when I got the chance to try GorseniaI was thrilled!
I started with the beautiful Cinderella bra Viviane (which sadly turned out to be too small for me),
and then it was time for the beautiful Zoe to enter my world!

This set is perfect for spring, and it's composed of a non padded bra (K181) in size 30F UK (65F)
and matching briefs in size 10 UK (36).
The cups are nicely narrow and projected (if you're between cups, I'd recommend you size down),
and the band is on the stretchy side (I'm usually a 28 and I had to close it in the tightest hook right away).
As for the briefs, they run quite small, so consider sizing up while ordering!

You can find more - beautiful - bras at OtherEden...
the hardest part is picking only one!

Oh, by the way, if you happen to wear a 30D, 
don't miss out the chance to WIN this gorgeous Gorsenia Viviane set here!


Trazendo à baila um dos temas que mais me apaixona, 
convido-vos a conhecerem um bocadinho melhor este conjunto de lingerie da Gorsenia:
apresento-vos o ZOE!

Perfeito para a Primavera, não vos parece?

Se quiserem descobrir mais soutiens a preços fantásticos (este conjunto fica entre 35-40€, por exemplo), 
corram a espreitar o site OtherEden, que te opções para copas grandes e pequenas!
O difícil, desconfio eu, será escolher só um!

Um grande beijinho!

The Gorsenia set was kindly gifted by Other Eden for reviewing purposes. The expressed opinions are honest and true.

12 May 2017

Outfits | "Through the cracks in the road, the flowers grow"

These pictures were taken in a way sunnier day than the ones I've been having lately!
Not only weather wise...but also in my mind!
I've been feeling exhausted lately...and in need of some much deserved vacation!

That's why I felt so good in this outfit...
because it reminded me of lighter days, with laidback clothes!

Hope you enjoy these new photographs!

sheer t-shirt: ZARA | bikini top (underneath): Oysho | boyfriend jeans: Shana
sneakers: Asics Lyte V | bird print cross body: Parfois | golden watch: Cluse c/o relógios.pt
Tirei estas fotografias num dia quente,
antes desta revoada do Inverno, que eu (e vocês, aposto!) só queria bem longe!
Senti-me extremamente bem neste conjunto relaxado...espero que gostem:   

08 May 2017

Outfits | "Remind yourself that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing"

Spring doesn't always mean bright and easier days!
For some it means a difficult rearrange, that brings out emotions you didn't even know.
For me, spring has been quite a tool...
I've been finding myself having a hard time focusing on all the positive aspects of my life,
and dwelling, instead, on all the things I should do better.
It's been tiresome.

I'm trying to push these thoughts aside, step by step, and dedicating more time to my well-being...
but with the load of work I've been having, it's not that easy.
Lucky for me, there are tiny moments when I can actually have some me time,
put on nice clothes that make me feel powerful, and take 17349216 photos!
At those times, I'm actually the queen of confidence and feel invincible!
Just gotta do this on repeat, I guess...

Hope you enjoy these photographs!

pink trench: ZARA | ruffled shirt: c/o SheIn | black coated jeans: Stradivarius
bandana scarf: Bershka | golden watch: Cluse c/o Relógios.pt | black and white boots: H&M
cat eye white sunglasses: Asos | pink crossbody bag: Kate Spade | fur pompom chain: Aldo

        Tirei uma pequenina folga dos meus dias atarefados,
que têm significado usar-uma-t-shirt-com-uns-jeans-e-está-feito,
e resolvi usar um conjunto mais divertido e elaborado, que me fizesse sentir forte e destemida!
Espero que gostem de ver!

05 May 2017

Lingerie & Giveaway | Win a gorgeous Cinderella lingerie set!

Okay, okay...
Don't expect a official Disney product here!
The set I'm offering today is NOT sponsored by the fairytale company...but it could!
Just look HOW gorgeous this set is!

It's called Viviane and it's from polish brand Gorsenia
which you can find at the online shop Other Eden!
They ship worldwide and their customer service is spot on!
It's the perfect place to find some rare lingerie gems for an amazing price!

Sadly for me, my first time with Gorsenia left me broken-hearted:
the 30D (65D) I picked based on opinions online was waaaay too small for me!
(This Gorsenia model runs quite true to size, rather than big, like I've heard!)
No wonder: with a cup width of 11,5 cm (4,5 inches) and depth of 17,5 cm (6,9 inches),
poor Viviane was quite insufficient for my usual 28FF UK sized boobs!
The band was also quite stretchy, expanding from 60 (23,6 inches) to 75 cm (29,5 inches).

Nevertheless, that's happy news for one lucky reader:
I'm giving away this set, which is composed of
a Viviane K205 bra in size 30D and matching K206 briefs in size 10/S.
If you happen to fit these sizes, you're in luck!
All you have to do for a chance to win it is follow the instructions below!

Good luck!

The winner will be announced when the time comes!

Okay, okay, eu confesso:
o conjunto de lingerie que estou a oferecer hoje 
não faz verdadeiramente parte do "merchandising" da Disney!
Mas podia, de tão encantador que é! (Acreditem, ao vivo é qualquer coisa de LINDÍSSIMO!)

Esta beldade é da marca polaca Gorsenia
que podem encontrar, a par de outros soutiens lindíssimos a excelente preço,
no site Other Eden!
Por lapso, a minha primeira experiência com a marca teve um enorme dissabor:
apesar de belíssimo, o soutien Viviane fica-me M-I-N-Ú-S-C-U-L-O!

É por esse motivo que uma leitora sortuda que vestir o tamanho de soutien 30D e cueca S,
vai ter direito a receber o seu próprio conjunto de lingerie "Cinderella inspired",
novinho em folha!

Tudo o que têm de fazer é seguir as instruções do "widget" que publiquei em cima!
Boa sorte!

Gorsenia Viviane set was kindly gifted by Other Eden for reviewing/giveaway purposes.
All thoughts are my own.

03 May 2017

Beauty & Personal | You are my Sunshine...a GOSH makeup for my mom!

I'm very pleased to finally introduce the most supportive women of my life!
Yep, my mom is making her debut at My Fashion Insider, to celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day!

I challenged her to let me do her makeup, using GOSH Copenhagen products, 
and join me in a sort of photoshoot!
Check the look I created for her and the video tutorial at the rest of the post!


Apresento-vos a minha MÃE, a mulher que mais me apoiou toda a vida!
Nunca cá tinha aparecido no My Fashion Insider, mas, 
por ocasião do Dia da Mãe que se aproxima, ela aceitou participar nesta sessão fotográfica 
e deixar-se maquilhar com os fabulosos produtos da GOSH!

Descubram tudo, incluindo o tutorial em vídeo, no resto da publicação: