30 June 2017

Lingerie & Fashion & Trends | My perfect bikini with Panache and Dama de Copas!

I know, I know, I haven't talked about bra fitting in a while,
but I've been making some adjustments on my blog content,
and therefore I've been having little space for lingerie posts!
Nevertheless, this time there was no ignoring the opportunity of trying on 
and photographing some gooorgeous Panache Lingerie swimwear from the SS 2017 collection,
thanks to my local bra fitting store Dama de Copas!

Hope you enjoy!

Elegância, conforto e exclusividade!
É isso que os belíssimos bikinis e fatos-de-banho da nova colecção da Dama de Copas me transmitem!

Descubram todos os modelos que tive oportunidade de experimentar e fotografar
e escolham um favorito no fim, okay?

28 June 2017

Outfits | She smelled of cinnamon, fresh cut grass and old books!

These are my favorite smells in the whole world!
Cinnamon gives me a sense of deep warmth, fresh cut grass an energy boost,
while old books fill my head with sweet memories!

These photos somehow made me reflect on the sweetness of these smells,
because they're comforting to look at!
They were taken during a relaxed afternoon at Santarém, watching those beautiful fields ahead,
with the wind blowing in my ears, whispering life is a miracle...

The outfit I picked for this stroll couldn't be sweeter...
I actually felt like a giant ice cream, with this striped denim skirt and the delicate shade of my ZARA t-shirt!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

salmon t-shirt: ZARA | striped denim skirt: Sfera | white and blue sneakers: Adidas Superstar W
rose gold sunglasses: Aldo | sunglasses pineapple chain: c/o Marosca | rose gold watch: Parfois 
bracelet: local store | denim jacket: c/o Abaday with Stradivarius patches

Estas fotos docinhas são as últimas que tirei durante a minha visita a Santarém,
no início do mês!
Foram tiradas em dois miradouros da Chamusca: o da Nossa Senhora do Pranto e o de São Francisco!
Espero que gostem:

26 June 2017

Outfits | "Now your song is on repeat and i'm dancin' on to your heartbeat"

Here are some new pictures I took at the beginning of the month,
sporting a quite relaxed outfit while enjoying the sun at Santarém!
It was such a relaxing afternoon among friends...I had a blast!

Hope you enjoy it!

beaded top and black hat: H&M | denim shorts: stolen from my sister
denim jacket: c/o Abaday with Stradivarius patches | mirrored sunglasses: eBay

Aqui está o 3º conjunto fotografado em Santarém (aqui estão o primeiro e o segundo),
na praia fluvial do Patacão, em excelente companhia, cantando ao som do cavaquinho!

Espero que gostem: 

24 June 2017

Outfits | Streets of mystery

I'm back from my week of holidays (boooo) with a lot of pictures to edit and adventures to tell!
In the meantime, I still have some photos from the beginning of the month to share with you,
like these featuring the elegant outfit I wore for a dinner while at Santarém!
They are different from my usual sun-drenched portraits but, nevertheless, 
I enjoyed how sultry, mysterious and moody they turned out!

Hope you enjoy them too!


pink ruffled body and pink jacket: Bershka | nude coated jeans: Mango | golden earring: C&A
nude crossbody bag: Michael Kors Selma mini | rose gold watch: Parfois | nude stilettos: Chinese Laundry



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Estou de regresso das minhas curtinhas férias (snif!)
e trago na algibeira muuuitas fotos (tirei mais de 1000!) e histórias para contar!
Para já, no entanto, ainda tenho fotos da minha ida a Santarém no início do mês para partilhar...
espero que gostem deste segundo conjunto em terras escalabitanas (podem ver o primeiro aqui):

21 June 2017

Beauty | I got Kylie Jenner lips...sort of!

 Since everyone's been quite crazy (at least at Instagram) over Kylie Jenner full lips,
I decided I shall, at last, try the trend myself!
With the help of the amazing GOSH Copenhagen products, 
I did a tutorial on how to achieve fuller lips with makeup!

Check the full post for the video tutorial!
Hope you enjoy it!

Eu sei que já não sou propriamente a primeira pessoa a experimentar os "lábios Kylie Jenner",
nem nada que se pareça, mas ultimamente tenho tido curiosidade em aventurar-me na maquilhagem,
em ousar mais um bocadinho, e foi por isso que decidi criar um tutorial com produtos GOSH,
com uma técnica facílima para tornarem os vossos lábios mais cheios!

Espero que gostem do tutorial:

11 June 2017

Outfits | "Let's take both of our souls and intertwine"

With Summer on it's way, I feel the urge of wearing brighter shades, like red, orange and yellow,
and I can only think of long beach days...
Thankfully my holidays are pretty close!
Until then, I'll have to face these hot days trying not to melt at work!

Hope you enjoy this relaxed outfit!

denim jacket: ZARA Man | red palazzo cullotes: Mango | white t-shirt: H&M | bandana scarf: Bershka
beige crossbody bag: Michael Kors Selma mini | white and blue sneakers: Adidas Superstar W
cactus golden necklace: Primark | bracelets: local store | mirrored sunglasses: eBay

Com a Primavera a despedir-me a pouco e pouco de nós,
surge em mim a vontade de usar cores mais fortes, como vermelho, laranja e amarelo!
Este conjunto fala sobre essas vontades, enquanto passeava por Santarém!
Espero que gostem:

08 June 2017

Outfits & Beauty | I have an alien's heart!

This is my solid answer to you, dear pain: NO!
I DON'T allow you in!
I refuse to let you invade my pumping heart and try to slow it down!
I can't...I'm a hummingbird, I can't stop now!
I'll fight, even when I feel like giving up!
I'll make it!

longline bra/top: Cleo by Panache Breeze c/o Dama de Copas | jeans and chokers: Stradivarius
denim jacket: c/o Choies with Stradivarius patches | white and blue sneakers: Adidas Superstar

Hoje trago - finalmente! - umas fotos que tirei há umas semanas,
usando um conjunto - e uma maquilhagem! - com inspiração mais "festivaleira"!
Se ficaram curiosos, podem espreitar ESTA publicação para descobrirem o tutorial em vídeo!

Deixo-vos com mais fotografias: