24 July 2017

Outfits | Days of Summer V: Wild Paradise

My favorite sport is clearly strooling down some gorgeous portuguese beach
while wearing amazing bikinis, like this "Wild Paradise" from portuguese brand My Piki!
Isn't it gorgeous?

Hope you enjoy my pictures taken in the beautiful "Meia Praia", at Lagos, Algarve!


thong bikini: Wild Paradise c/o My Piki | crochet shorts: c/o Romwe | sunglasses: AliExpress
beach hat: Pull&Bear | feet bracelets and arm bracelet: local stores

Saem mais umas fotografias dos dias maravilhosos que passei em Lagos,
desta feita a minha primeira visita à Meia Praia, dona de um areal imenso!

Espero que gostem:

22 July 2017

Outfits | Days of Summer IV: Don't be afraid to fail...we all do sometimes!

In the super curated and shiny age we're living in
- all with the perfect Instagram shots and funny tweets and whatnot -
it's important to remind yourself that the grass is not always greener on the other side...
that other people fail as well!
You're gonna have your downs, but don't let that outshine the ups!
Be happy, be kind, be there!

Hope you enjoy another set of vacation pictures at Lagos, Algarve!


red body and slider sandals: Stradivarius | striped denim skirt: Sfera
striped floppy hat: El Corte Inglés | mirrored silver sunglasses: AliExpress

O quarto conjunto que fotografei pelas terras algarvias está aqui
e traz, de braço dado, algumas fotos tiradas com a GoPro, celebrando a beleza da Ponta da Piedade!
"Fish eye, hello there!"

Espero que gostem:

20 July 2017

Outfits & Personal | The perfectionism monster!

Today I'm playing hide and seek with one of the scariest monsters I know:
my perfectionism!
I've come to terms with it...I don't wanna be perfect no more!
Especially when I already feel like a modern day princess with this amazing pink jumpsuit!

Hope you enjoy my leafy photographs:

pink jumpsuit: c/o Nokas & Lotita | rose gold sandals: Pull & Bear | necklace: c/o Por um Fio

Interrompo as minhas publicações sobre as férias (podem ver aqui, aqui e aqui as anteriores!), 
para vos apresentar este macacão extremamente elegante da Nokas & Lotita,
uma loja com roupinhas tão amorosas quanto o seu nome! 

Ah, podem descobrir o tutorial em vídeo da maquilhagem que estou a usar aqui!

Espero que gostem das fotografias:

16 July 2017

Beauty | Glam Days!

It's time to say goodbye to The Gosh Look project,
an adventure that not only brought me closer to this Scandinavian beauty brand,
but also to the wonderful world of makeup!

Hope you enjoy the video tutorial for this glamorous makeup look in the rest of the post!


Nos últimos meses o tema da maquilhagem tornou-se mais assíduo neste blog,
graças ao projecto The Gosh Look, ao qual tive o prazer de pertencer!
Ora, quem segue o My Fashion Insider há mais tempo 
sabe que o meu conhecimento sobre beleza não chega aos calcanhares de imensas bloggers fabulosas por esse mundo fora!
No entanto, eu procurei abraçar o desafio GOSH da melhor forma, e dar o meu melhor,
apostando em maquilhagens simples, mas tentando inovar!
A colaboração está a chegar ao fim e resolvi despedir-me com uma maquilhagem "glamourosa",
para dias de festa!

Espero que gostem do tutorial em vídeo!

Um beijinho

14 July 2017

Outfits | Days of Summer III: Graaaaaaw! Bring it on life, I'm not afraid!

The third set of pictures from my sweet vacations at Lagos, Algarve is here,
and this time they don't feature an outfit per se, but a terrific MyPiki bikini in a wild pattern!
MyPiki is an amazing Portuguese brand know for it's tiny sexy bikinis,
my favorite ever!
With them on, I feel ready to tan and conquer the world! 

Enjoy the rest of the pictures to explore the beauty of the gorgeous Lagos Stairs Playa!


leopard print bikini: Jungle Passion tri top + cheeky bottoms c/o MyPiki | mirrored gray sunglasses: eBay

A terceira publicação sobre as férias (podem ver a primeira e a segunda aqui) está aqui e desta vez não traz um conjunto propriamente dito,
mas sim este bikini MyPiki de padrão animal!

Descubram tudo sobre ele no resto das fotografias!

12 July 2017

Outfits: Days of Summer II: Corals, shells and mirrors!

I'm super lucky to have such an amazingly beautiful country!
Lagos beaches are absolutely gorgeous and therefore the perfect stage for my vacation outfits!

Hope you enjoy this relaxed beach look!


denim jacket, black hat and coral top: H&M | black shorts: c/o SheIn
coral bikini: c/o MyPiki | mirrored cat eye sunglasses: AliExpress | bracelet: local store

O segundo conjunto das minhas férias traz a beleza de mais duas praias de Lagos como fundo:
a Praia do Pinhão e a "Lagos Stairs Playa"!

Espero que gostem:

10 July 2017

Outfits | Days of Summer I: Sea fairy!

My first outfit of my vacations series "Days of Summer" is here,
and the star is this She In pink maxi dress, that first appeared at the blog 3 years ago!

I felt like a sea fairy in these photographs taken at Praia da Dona Ana, at Lagos, Algarve,
one of the prettiest Portugal beaches!

pink maxi dress: c/o SheIn | flower crown: H&M | silver bracelet: local store | pink sunglasses: eBay

O meu primeiro conjunto das férias está (finalmente) aqui,
e começa os "Days of Summer" de forma extremamente doce!

Espero que gostem:

05 July 2017

Beauty | The blues...a Gosh makeup with a sky touch!

I have a thing for blue makeup...and don't tell me it's not meant for brown eyes!
I'll pierce you with a single stare!
That's why, as soon as I saw this gel eyeliner from GOSH in this beautiful shade,
I knew I had to play around with it!

Check the video tutorial for this simple summer festival look in the rest of the post!


A minha paixão por maquilhagem azul já é antiga,
 e ai de quem me vier dizer que não é para olhos castanhos!...
fulminá-los-ei com o olhar!

Desta vez rendi-me a este tom de eyeliner da GOSH e criei uma maquilhagem simples de Verão!
Podem ver o tutorial em vídeo no resto da publicação:

02 July 2017

Outfits | Turn off your mind every once in a while!

I admit: I have this quite annoying habit of acting like a working BEE most of the time,
seldom taking time to breathe in and just BE!
I find it very challenging to disconnect from all my daily duties,
but I've been trying real hard to do so...and well, sometimes I can...sometimes I can't.
I came back from my holidays with the notion that I did manage to leave my mac back home,
so I couldn't edit or post for a week,
but I was constantly thinking of photographing content, either for blog posts or Instagram,
and, therefore, I wasn't really TURNING OFF like I should!
Like I said, there are ups and downs...
Social media doesn't make it easy for people to really shut down
(unless you go to China or something, like I did 2 years ago!)...
but we have to find a balance between the benefits of the web and the life that's (way) beyond the screens!

That being said, I hope you enjoy this simple outfit, 
featuring one of the hottest patterns for summer, gingham/vichy!
It made me feel super cool!

blue gingham blouse: c/o SheIn | white fringed hem jeans, turquoise necklace and fur key chain: Stradivarius
dotted socks: c/o Happy Socks | white and blue sneakers: Adidas Superstar W | earrings: Parfois
white bucket bag: Mariosca | silver mirrored sunglasses and denim choker: Aliexpress 

Antes de vos mostrar as fotos que tirei nas minhas férias, 
tinha de partilhar convosco este conjunto fresquinho com o padrão "gingham/vichy",
que usei no último fim-de-semana, passado em Braga, e me fez sentir bastante jovial e fresca!

Espero que gostem: