11 August 2017

Outfits | Unicorns are overrated, can I be a flamingo instead?

Nah, just kiddin', I still pretty much loved to be an unicorn!
Nevertheless, I felt pretty cool in this flamingo swimsuit from Nokas & Lolita.
Can't wait 'till I'm in the Caribbean cruise
to sport it (even) more properly than against the walls of my new (soon to be) bedroom
(aka paradisiac sea water!).

This amazing leather skirt from Stradivarius was one of my sale picks...
let's all agree that it makes me 100% cooler, okay?

This is my last outfit post before my holidays...I'll be roughly one month away traveling!
I swear I'll bring lots of pictures to show!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Pink flamingo kisses everyone!

flamingo swimsuit: c/o Nokas & Lotita | white skirt: Stradivarius | earring: Bershka

Naah, estou a brincar, eu não me importava nada de ser unicórnio!
De qualquer dos modos, nestas novas fotos diverti-me a ser um flamingo com cabeleira de leão!
Espero que gostem:

09 August 2017

Fashion & Trends & Video | Summer Sale Shopping!

In my summer sale errands (mostly online) I aimed for colorful items,
which I felt my wardrobe was lacking!
I did a video in my mother language showing the 13 pieces I bought!
You can see it to sneak-peek my choices before they appear in new outfits!


Depois de muuuito atraso, aqui está o vídeo com as minhas escolhas dos saldos de Verão!
Tive o prazer de o filmar no último fim-de-semana, 
no novo apartamento, utilizando o meu "chariot" do Ikea, branquinho como eu tanto gosto!

Sem mais demoras, deixo-vos com as peças carregadinhas de cor
que me irão acompanhar nas (novas) férias que se avizinham!
Espero que gostem:

Qual foi a peça que gostaram mais?
Que compras fizeram nos saldos?


07 August 2017

Outfits | My soul blossomed in a thousand of colors, incomprehensible to the color blind!

I have this thing for sakuras
the beautiful and delicate cherry blossoms that I would like to see some day in Japan, in full glory!
That's why I couldn't possibly resist this beautiful kimono!
I paired it with simple and comfortable pieces,
like the pink slippers from Stradivarius (I've been living in these, they're sooo cool!),
and silver accessories!
It turned out to be a casual outfit with a pinch of romance!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!


white off shoulder top: c/o NewChic | pink pants: c/o PersunMall grey sunglasses: Mango
silver watch: c/o Ingruccia | wishbone silver necklace: c/o ONecklace | silver bracelet: Sfera

Juntando o meu cabelo à leoa, um kimono incrível, a paciência do Diogo e a descoberta de Valongo,
aqui estão as primeiras fotos tiradas na minha nova terra!
Espero que gostem (ah, há umas bem "goofies" também!):

06 August 2017

Lingerie & Video | Thea, the floral bomb!

One of the prettiest models from Panache Lingerie main line for SS2017 is the beautiful Thea!

I had the chance to try it in 30E (sizing down in the cup from my usual 28FF),
and was sad to realize how stretchy the band was...
I had to hook it in the tightest way possible...and it was still too loose.
Cups wise, the 30E worked pretty well in terms of depth and width!
The only problem was my left breast, which has less upper fullness,
and therefore experienced a little gap at the non-stretchable top lace part!
Apart from these fitting issues,
this unpadded balconnet looks beautiful and the print doesn't show too much under clothes!

What about you?
Have you tried Thea yet? Does this shape agree with you?

There's a video in my mother language below, in case you wanna see Thea in "flesh"!


Um dos mais belos modelos que a Dama de Copas recebeu nesta Primavera/Verão foi o Thea
um soutien "balconnet" de copa mole que nesta colecção chegou num belíssimo padrão floral!
Existe desde o 30-38, nas copas D à K!

Descubram mais um bocadinho sobre ele no meu vídeo:

Espero que tenham gostado de o conhecer!

Um grande beijinho!

04 August 2017

Outfits | Days of Summer VII: I'm not a Bond Girl!

With my golden bikini - probably the sexiest I've ever own! - 
it was quite inevitable to hear something in the lines of "you look like a Bond Girl!" throught the day.
Which, I must say, is not entirely bad, considering they're usually attractive and whatnot...
But, alas, I'm NOT one.
I mean, it was meant as a compliment, 
but I aim for more than being a sidekick for a male figure.
I don't need a man's approval to be a badass and I sure as hell don't aim to please
(cof cof 50 shades cof cof).
My value isn't measured on the men (or women) my body might or might not appeal.
"- Then why wear such a revealing bikini in the first place?!"
Because...I can!
Because I feel good in it...powerful!
Because I like to match my magic unicorn!
And that's it. No casting for a Bond Girl part involved.

Feminist lecture aside, here's my last set of holiday pictures - boo-hoo!
Hope you enjoy them!

golden bikini: c/o MyPiki | unicorn floater: Primark

Eu e a "Cornija" (o unicórnio, não a arquitectónica!) estamos juntas de novo para terminar a série
"Days of Summer"!
Se perderam algum dos looks das minhas férias em Lagos, aqui estão todos!
Qual foi o vosso favorito?

Deixo-vos aqui os links para poderem ver em pormenor se quiserem:

Sea Fairy
Corals, shells and mirrors!
Graaaaaaw! Bring it on life, I'm not afraid!
Don't be afraid to fail...we all do sometimes!
Wild Paradise
La Isla Bonita

Espero que gostem das novas fotos:

01 August 2017

Outfits | Days of Summer VI: La Isla Bonita

When you mix an incredibly elegant Panache Swim bikini 
with some gorgeous palazzo culottes and an enormous hat, the result is bond to be a success!
I felt super chic in this beach outfit!
Truth is, with the gorgeous bandeau bikini Isla as my secret weapon, everything was possible!
I choose a 28FF and XS panties and I couldn't feel better in it!
The cups were deep enough for my projected shape, while not too wide for my narrow roots!
(If you're clueless about these bra/bikini fitting terms, and wanna know some more, check this post!)
I felt very safe to jump around while wearing Isla: everything stood in place!

Bra-holic talk aside,
this is probably my favorite shoot from my Days of Summer series (which is almost ending!),
so I hope you enjoy them!
They were taken at "Porto de Mós" beach, at Lagos!


bandeau bikini: Panache Swim Isla c/o Dama de Copas | mirrored sunglasses: AliExpress
red palazzo cullotes: Mango | black hat: H&M | silver arm bracelet and feet bracelets: local stores

Sai mais uma fornada de fotografias das minhas férias,
desta vez na bela companhia do bikini Isla da Dama de Copas,
um cocktail imaginário, a música da Madonna de fundo
e a Praia de Porto de Mós, em Lagos, como palco!

Espero que gostem: