30 October 2017

Outfits | "The single most powerful thing I can be is to be myself"

In a era were individuality is sometimes sacrificed for the sakes of fitting the norm,
it's difficult to fit in when you're different.
I've felt it in my skin ever since I was a kid.
I seldom find myself loving who I was but, at the same time, when things got rough, 
crying and wishing I could be just like everyone else.
In time, I realize I was okay.
Everyone is okay.
We all struggle sometimes, in our uniqueness, 
but what matters the most is that, at the end of the day, we continue our way.

To all the people out there, dare to be yourself!
Don't tame your being to other people expectations!
If you wanna dance in the rain, damn, dance your heart away!
If you wanna be the one telling all those weird jokes nobody gets, help yourself!
You only got one life, BE YOU while you're in it!


ruffled sleeves blouse: c/o SheIn | red pants: c/o Lavish Alice | red beret: Bershka
white and black boots: H&M | white watch: c/o Ice-Watch | mirrored grey sunglasses: c/o C&A

Este novo conjunto pisca o olho às convenções da sociedade, e afirma-me como ovelha-negra!
Descubram porquê no resto da publicação:

28 October 2017

Outfits | With passion, hard work and a good night's sleep, anyone can conquer the world!

Last week really took a toll on me...
I spent most hours of it either sleeping or wishing to be in bed!
My energy was drained, and I felt the need to reset and recharge my batteries!
How did I do that? By taking some time to myself!
I indulged in a nice bath 
and then took my sweet time trying on clothes, old and new, creating outfits for days to come,
feeling all powerful and sassy! 
I had almost forgot how much I love this kind of play! 
For dinner, I enjoyed a comforting chicken curry and, afterwards, 
it was time to grab a book from The Preternaturals series by Ruth Miranda, 
so I could submerge in a world of fantasy before going to sleep. 
The cherry on top of the cake were the revigorating 12 hours of sleep I had! 
I woke up feeling like myself again, energized and ready to conquer the world! 
In my case, ready to put on my best business attire (but with a twist!) and get things done!

What is your strategy when you're feeling down?

Hope you enjoy seeing my new photographs!

plaid pants: c/o SheIn | ruffled white body: ZARA | mirrored cat eye sunglasses: c/o C&A
white watch: c/o Ice Watch | rings: c/o Moonstone Magic | necklaces: c/o oNecklace and Romwe
black pointy shoes and black newspaper hat: Stradivarius 

O conjunto de hoje é uma ode ao poder que cada um de nós tem dentro de si,
à capacidade que temos de nos superar dia após dia, e sermos mais e melhor a cada passada!

Espero que gostem das fotografias! 
Mudei a forma de apresentação das fotos, digam se gostam, ou se preferiam quando eram todas horizontais, sim?

21 October 2017

Outfits | You can do everything you set your mind into...those little voices in your head are lying!

Self-doubt is like a cancer of nowadays society!
This disease sticks its clingy claws in the souls of many of us,
making us forget of how much we are capable of, how awesome we can be...
I too suffer from this, every now and then, but I try not to let these feelings linger for too long!

What about you?
Do you doubt yourself sometimes as well?

Reflections aside, I felt super cool in this pink and white outfit, the pieces are sooo cool!
Hope you enjoy all the photos!


pink trench coat, pink t-shirt and white paperbag pants: ZARA | pink bag: Kate Spade | sunglasses: c/o C&A
white watch: c/o Ice-Watch | holographic pink oxford shoes: Miista c/o Spartoo | holographic earring and fur keychain: Stradivarius 
Sim, voltei à minha não tão secreta cor de roupa favorita: rosa clarinho!
Espero que gostem de descobrir todo o conjunto,
que marca a estreia dumas calças elegantes giríssimas da ZARA!
Ora vejam se não concordam comigo:

19 October 2017

Outfits | Tropical vibes...in October!

Since the weather here in the last couple of weeks has been on the tropical side,
it felt only appropriate that I got to wear this gorgeous and summery ZARA blouse!
It's puffy dramatic sleeves really rock, and I think they made this simple outfit pop!
I felt super cool in this!

Clothes aside, 
it's very concerning how the weather has been dramatically changing!
I can't help but wonder how much the human hand has been responsible for this,
and how each one of us has a role on the prevention of further earth damage!
It's true fashion is not always the most eco-friendly business (quite the opposite sadly),
but I believe we can try to be more responsible while shopping,
recycle older clothes doing some DIYs arrangements, donating them, and resist to binge buys!
My Capsule Wardrobe challenge really made me rethink my entire relationship with fashion!
If you haven't try something like this, I highly recommend you do!
It really puts things into perspective!

Have a lovely day and enjoy my photographs in the rest of the post!


tropical pattern blouse and blue suede jacket: ZARA | fringed hem white denim pants: Bershka
white watch: c/o Ice-Watch | white sneakers: Adidas Superstar W | sunglasses: Rayban | earrings: Mango

      Estas fotografias foram tiradas ainda naqueles dias quase tropicais de Outono que tivemos,
quando usar esta  blusa de mangas majestosas e inspiração tropical fazia todo o sentido!

Espero que gostem de ver todas as fotos do conjunto:

15 October 2017

Outfits | Can you imagine a world without flowers or leaves? I certainly can't!

Yes, I too surrendered to the coolest hat of the season!
I wasn't planning too, but I was infected with all the pictures I kept seeing on Instagram...
and figured "why not?".
Truth be told, this baby boy upgrades any outfit, making it immediately edgier!

I loved how relaxed, yet cool, this combination turned out!
Hope you enjoy the rest of the photographs!

embroidered black t-shirt: c/o C&A | camel skirt and black newsboy hat: Stradivarius
black watch: c/o Daniel Wellingtonblack bag: ZARA | black sunglasses: Vilanova
camel boots: BT London c/o Spartoo | fishnet tights: Primark

Aqui seguem as segundas fotografias que tirei no Parque do Corgo, em Vila Real
(as primeiras foram as de celebração do 8º aniversário do blog),
com um conjuntinho, agora sim, a celebrar o belíssimo Outono!

Espero que gostem:

12 October 2017

Outfits | Fall's betrayal!

I know fall has arrived - at least the calendar says so - so pardon me the summer inspired outfit!
It's just that the weather has been so crazy hot lately, that one seems to forget which season it is...
and I haven't had the chance to show my gorgeous yet simple top from Bershka,
which I got on summer sales!
Hope you enjoy my photographs!

pink crop top and bandana scarf as belt: Bershka | white jeans: Stradivarius | white watch: c/o Ice-Watch
denim jacket: c/o Choies with Stradivarius patches | loop earrings: 
silver necklace: c/o Onecklace | white sneakers: Adidas Superstar W | mirrored sunglasses: AliExpress

As novas fotos retratam um Sábado solarengo,
no qual aproveitei o bom tempo para passear pelo Parque da Cidade do Porto, ao fim da tarde,
e a escolha de roupa recaiu sobre peças que gritam Verão!

Espero que gostem:

10 October 2017

Outfits | To infinity and beyond...My Fashion Insider turned 8!!!

This is a very special post!
This weekend My Fashion Insider turned 8 years old...
and this elegant and breezy outfit,
featuring my raspberry Bershka pants and my white body from ZARA,
was my celebrating choice!
My relationship with my blog had it's ups and downs,
but I see it as my second home, and I want to stay here as long as I can...
to infinite and beyond!

Thank you for being part of this project I love!
Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

white body and black boots: ZARA | pink pants: Bershka | white sunglasses: Asos
golden watch: Cluse | earrings: can't remember | ribbon: DIY

Este fim-de-semana o My Fashion Insider esteve de parabéns: fez 8 aninhos!
Para celebrar a data resolvi vestir uma roupa especial...
que me fez sentir uma princesa dos tempos modernos!

Espero que gostem das fotografias que tirei no Parque do Corgo, em Vila Real:

06 October 2017

Fashion & Trends | C&A welcomes fall with a stunning new collection!

I'm sure C&A needs no introduction!
I went to the opening of a new store near my home 
and I was thrilled with their fall/winter collection...
I found myself lusting over a lot of pieces!
Join me in the rest of the post to discover which!

A marca C&A está longe de ser novidade para o público português...
mas estou certa que, ainda assim, a nova colecção de Outono/Inverno vos vai surpreender!
Acompanhem-me na visita que fiz à nova loja da C&A do Parque Nascente...
e tentem não se apaixonar também!

03 October 2017

Outfits | I'll make my own path

If I told you I can't recall felling this powerful and elegant in an outfit would you believe me?
Would you believe a simple black and white outfit could have that power?
Well, you'll have to take my word for it!
This simple yet sophisticated combination, featuring my new pointy shoes from Stradivarius,
a delicate embroidered blouse and this gorgeous floral hair bow,
made me walk my workplace with such confidence, like I could conquer the world!
That's the power of your personal style, if you ask me! Don't you agree?

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Have a lovely week!

white blouse and pointy black shoes: Stradivarius | black pants: Bershka | white watch: Ice-Watch
black crossbody bag: ZARA | sunglasses: Parfois | floral hair bow: Forever 21 | fishnet socks: Primark

Este novo conjunto celebra o quanto o preto e o branco são a combinação mais infalível de sempre!
Espero que gostem de o ver melhor no resto das fotografias: 

01 October 2017

Outfits | Frenchie way...sort of!

I stepped on the beanie wagon, making my painter heart sing!
I paired it with a simple yet cool outfit!
My new watch from Ice-Watch was the second star of the outfit...
it is so sleek and easy to style!

Hope you enjoy the rest of my new fall outfit!


t-shirt: c/o P&P | black bell bottoms: Sradivarius | black boots and bag: ZARA | white sunglasses: Asos
white watch: c/o Ice-Watch | earring: Bershka | denim jacket: c/o Choies with Stradivarius patches

Encarnei a francesa que há em mim e diverti-me imenso na hora de vestir!
Espero que gostem de ver todo o conjunto: