21 November 2017

Fashion & Trends | My current obsessions and the bloggers behind them!

I know, I know...another wishlist?!
I'm sorry, but with Black Friday, my birthday and Christmas just around the corner,
I keep looking at stuff I'd love to grab, fashion-wise!
Besides, I need some occasional distraction from all my work and study,
and that means I sometimes go to Instagram for inspiration,
and come back with major crushes thanks to some fellow bloggers!

For this post I gathered around some of these obsessions (and the bloggers behind them),
and went to SheIn, an affordable and awesome site, to discover versions of them!
(They're having a major Black Friday sale, so stay tuned!)

How's one to resist the white polka dots blouse, the coolness of the corduroy pants,
the pretty little velvet boots, the puffy coat or the colorful faux fur stoles?!
It's impossible, right?

Share with me your current fashion obsessions,
and discover, in the rest of the post, the stylish girls responsible for this wishlist!


Outra "wishlist"?!
Sim, eu sei, este ano ando muito pedinchona.
Mas a culpa, claro está, é do Instagram e das bloggers poderosas que nele habitam,
que fazem destas coisas!

Se tiverem curiosidade em descobrir as meninas por detrás destas minhas obsessões, 
espreitem o resto da publicação!
Lá contarei tuuudo!

18 November 2017

Outfits | Autumn flowers

As soon as I laid eyes on this beautiful maxi floral dress, I knew I had to had it!
I think it's a nice tribute to fall's beautiful wonderland 
and it looks glorious against a background of orange leaves, don't you think?
It makes me feel casual, yet elegant,
and it's perfect to do errands while feeling cool yet comfortable!

I paired this beautiful dress with camel accessories and my beloved blue hat,
and I felt like a bo-ho princess of some sorts,
ready to take the world by storm and get things done!

Hope you enjoy the photographs!

blue maxi floral dress: c/o M'Choices | camel boots: BT London c/o Spartoo
blue hat and sunglasses: Parfois | fringed backpack: Romwe | belt: unknown

Nestas fotografias, celebrei a beleza do Outono com o belíssimo vestido floral da loja M'Choices!
Se ficaram tão apaixonadas quanto eu, é com prazer que vos ofereço um miminho:
com o código myfashioninsider20 têm direito a um desconto de 20% em toda a loja mchoices.pt!

Aproveitem e não deixem de espreitar o resto das fotografias!

16 November 2017

Personal | Black Friday Wishes (aka my hidden Birthday Wishlist)

Black Friday (and my birthday) are getting pretty close,
and despite being pilled up in work, reports and Excel sheets,
I decided I could take 10 minutes off to scroll around my favorites stores
and find pretty little things I'd love to have in my life!

Which items are you eyeing for the upcoming 24th November?


Quando olho para o calendário, mal consigo acreditar que Novembro já vai a meio,
e o meu aniversário se aproxima a passos largos!
Este ano, infelizmente, 
terei de passar o dia a estudar arduamente para o exame do terceiro ano de especialidade,
mas isso não quer dizer que não possa sonhar com alguns miminhos que (quase)
me fariam esquecer isso!

São eles estas botas lindas demais da ZARA (porque um Pai Natal não pode ter um só par de botas!)
a estola elegante da Stradivarius (porque cachecóis e pêlo (falso) nunca são demais!),
 um saco de ginásio fofinho como este da Oysho (a mochila que uso é minorca!)
e uma Imetec Belissima para aqueles dias em que o meu cabelo diz "nah, hoje estou de férias!".

Claro está que a melhor prenda seria poder passar o aniversário a passear como tenho feito nos últimos anos
- o-pa-mim toda feliz em Berlim em 2014, em Paris em 2015 e em Budapeste em 2016 -
a celebrar como deve ser!
Mas não se pode ter tudo, não é?

Há mais alguém que faça anos em breve, ou tenha uma listinha parecida para a Black Friday?
Contem-me tudo!


14 November 2017

Beauty | Makeup Lovers, this is your site!

Since I've become a bit of a makeup junkie, 
it's always a pleasure to discover new beauty online shops!
This time, I got to discover Makeup Lovers
a portuguese site where one can find many awesome brands such as Sleek, Rimmel and Real Techniques!
In it, you can find amazing makeup kits for nice prices, 
such as this W7 foundation, concealer and blush one for only 14€!

Have you ever tried this brand?
I'll be reviewing this set soon! Keep tuned!


Tendo-me tornado algo viciada em maquilhagem, 
foi com bastante prazer que conheci o site Makeup Lovers!
Percorrendo-o, podemos encontrar marcas acarinhadas como a Sleek, a NYX, a Rimmel a óptimos preços,
especialmente se aproveitarmos os kits de maquilhagem

Nesta publicação vou dar-vos a conhecer a loja, o kit da fotografia e ainda oferecer-vos um DESCONTO especial!

Espero que gostem: 

11 November 2017

Outfits | Fall Ballerina, Fall!

Oh, how I sometimes miss the oblivion of my ballet classes,
when I was focusing solely on my posture, my movements, my balance,
keeping all my troubles at bay...
I sure loved it, it's part of my identity!
That's why I'm always partial to this tulle skirt of mine, which I've own for a few years already...
While I'm twirling around in it, I can pretend I'm a strong ballerina again,
and regain, once more, that power to ignore my problems until they're really tiny!

Hope you enjoy these romantic photographs!


tulle skirt and basic t-shirt: H&M | golden watch: Cluse c/o relógios.pt | crossbody bag: Michael Kors
pointy black shoes and pink tassel earrings: Stradivarius | hair bow: DIY

      Nas novas fotos, voltei aos meus dias de bailarina,
repescando esta saia da H&M que está no meu armário há mais de 6 anos!

Espero que gostem:

08 November 2017

Outfits | "I wish that I could be like the cool kids, 'cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in"

While taking these photographs I wasn't taken aback by the fact that it started raining,
neither by all those cars passing by in slow-mo, in order to see what I was up to.
No, I would not be having none of that, because I was feeling amazing in this simple outfit,
rockin' my super mini skirt, trying on some new poses to shake things up...
yep, I was feeling like one of the cool kids!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the photographs!

striped bell sleeve shirt and pink corduroy skirt: Lefties | white watch: c/o Ice-Watch
baker boy hat and pointy black shoes: Stradivarius
Nestas novas fotografias,
ignorando a chuva que caía e os carros que desaceleravam para ver o que andava a aprontar,
diverti-me a testar novas poses, mais ou menos parvinhas!

Espero que gostem:

06 November 2017

Fashion & Trends | 3 Fall Trends I'm currently obsessing over!

Fall is my (not so secret) favorite season, not only fashion wise but as a whole!
I love spending more time at home, devouring books while the rain is pouring outside,
cooking deliciously comfort meals or cuddling in the sofa with my boy, watching movies.
At the same time, I love going outside in those sunny yet chilly days,
splashing dry honey colored leaves all around while wearing autumn's gorgeous trends!

This year, I've been quite partial to some specific micro trends,
and I figured it would be nice sharing them with you,
with the help of Zaful, an online site filled with amazing fall pieces!

Pick your favorite trend in the rest of the post:

O Outono é a minha estação, sem tirar nem pôr!
Sendo uma pessoa caseira, adoro os dias passados em casa,
ouvindo a chuva cair lá fora, enquanto me perco num livro,
me enrosco no sofá com o Diogo a ver filmes ou cozinho durante horas...
Por outro lado, também me agradam os passeios pelas ruas cobertas de folhas,
naqueles dias solarengos mas frescos, a usar as mais belas tendências da estação!

Para celebrar esta minha paixão, resolvi juntar-me à Zaful
e trazer-vos 3 das tendências que mais me têm apaixonado este Outono!
Não consegui resistir a 3 das pecinhas que aqui vos vou mostrar...
conseguem descobrir quais?

04 November 2017

Outfits | I'm an old soul to the bones

f I told you my fall/winter wardrobe lacked any dress for the last couple of years, 
would you believe me?
Yep, it's true!
I'm rarely smitten by this piece,
because it can be tricky to style in different ways,
and I want my closet to be as versatile and interchangeable as it can!

Nevertheless, this fall I set myself on the lookout for a floral dress,
preferably one that looked good with this green jacket from C&A.
The moment I saw this dress at ZARA's website, winking at me, I was taken.
He was the one!
I don't care if it might look like an old lady's choice, neither if it makes me older...
with me being an old soul and all, it's only appropriate, if you think it through!

Hope you enjoy discovering just how beautiful our love story is in the rest of the post!

floral dress and black crossbody bag: ZARA | red boots: Stradivarius 
golden watch: Cluse c/o relógios.pt | golden earring: Bershka
No meu novo conjunto conto a história de uma menina que se apaixonou por um vestido
que não era para a sua idade...ou será que era?

Espero que gostem:

02 November 2017

Outfits | "And you call it weak, baby you're just unique"

These photographs almost didn't make it here, 
as I kept thinking they weren't good enough to be posted!
But then I figuratively slapped my perfectionist face and decided I had to!
They were perfect examples of how so-so can sometimes be good enough,
how I AM GOOD ENOUGH in my imperfection!
Besides, this elegant outfit made me feel super powerful and womanly,
so it would be unfair not to share it!
Also, how pretty are my new Stradivarius tassel earrings?

Hope you enjoy it!

pink suede jacket: ZARA | plaid trousers: c/o SheIn | grey cross body bag: Michael Kors
pink top: c/o Romwe | pink tassel earrings: Stradivarius | mirrored grey sunglasses: c/o C&A
shoes: Buffalo c/o Spartoo | black and silver watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Neste novo conjunto voltei ao conforto da mais amorosa das cores,
com a ajuda deste casaco lindíssimo da ZARA (que eu tenho em azul) que pedi emprestado à minha irmã!
Espero que gostem de descobrir o conjunto completo aqui: