28 February 2018

Outfits | The key to happiness is not always how sunny your life is, but how easy you spot the light in the darkness!

A velha Nádia, amante de rosa, está de volta,
mas desta vez trouxe um toque especial: um cabelo provisoriamente roxo/rosa!

Espero que gostem:

white blouse: c/o SheIn | pink faux fur coat: Pull & Bear | pink suede crossbody bag: ZARA
white jeans: Mango | holographic shoes: Miista c/o Spartoo

Old Nádia, pink lover, is back.
But this time she’s sporting purplish/pinkish hair, for a change!

I must say I felt like a modern princess in this deliciously pink and white outfit,
rocking my pretty faux fur coat, a sale finding!

Hope you enjoy this romantic outfit in the rest of these moody grainy pics!

If you wanna see this outfit in motion, check the minute 3:43 of this video!


26 February 2018

Beauty & Videos | VLOG - I dyed my hair PURPLE!

Apesar de ter pintado o cabelo de ruivo durante quase 5 anos,
sou tímida no que toca a grandes mudanças capilares!
Por isso, quando descobri o blush capilar da Onlyou Cosmetics, soube que era a solução perfeita para mim!

Descubram o segredo por detrás desta minha mudança provisória no meu novo vídeo!
Há um "lookbook" em vídeo de bónus, para celebrar a cor vibrante do meu cabelo!
Espero que gostem!

Desejo-vos uma deliciosa semana!

Despite what my 5 years of dying my hair red might suggest,
I'm actually very shy when it comes to hair makeovers!
That's why I was thrilled to try Onlyou Cosmetics hair blush,
that allows you to try different shades of colors,
without the burden of permanently change your hair!

I did a video review in my latest video!
It's in my mother language, but you can always apply subtitles!

Have a lovely week!

Purple blush was kindly offered by Onlyou Cosmetics for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

24 February 2018

Outfits | Tights to cheer your Winter - part II

O novo conjunto da série “Tights to cheer your Winter” traz umas meias que não são para tímidas,
mas que não me meteram medo!

Espero que gostem!

faux fur red coat: H&M | fantasy floral embroidery tights: c/o UK Tights
black dress and boots: ZARA

The moment I laid my eyes on these Transparenze Palatino tights I was smitten!
I knew they had to be mine!
You see, I have a soft spot for quirky socks and tights! It’s one of my favorite accessories!

That’s why I decided to create this “Tights to cheer your Winter” series, 
with the collaboration of UK Tights!
In this second post I’m letting these romantic and delicate embroidered tights be the rightful focus,
only sharing the spotlight with the beautiful rich colored faux fur coat from H&M!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the photos!
In case you missed the first post of the series, check it out here!


19 February 2018

Outfits | Tights to cheer your Winter - part I

Como nem só de rosa pode uma mulher (ou um homem) viver,
hoje trago-vos um conjunto onde a estrela é uma cor bem diferente:
O pretexto? 
Dois fantásticos acessórios nesta tonalidade, 
que vos darei a conhecer em maior pormenor no resto das fotos!
Espero que gostem!

white sweater: Stradivarius | black shorts and wine fake leather jacket: c/o Romwe
wine polka dots tights: c/o Uk Tights | scarf: c/o Krama Heritage

Once in a while I'm reminded that there are more colors in the world than pink!
Tones which are rich and warm, sultry and beautiful!
That's, hands down, the case of this shade of wine red!
Once I saw it, in all it's glory, in this delicate and elegant Krama-inspired scarf,
and polka dotting happily in these terrific fantasy tights,
I was reminded of how much I was missing out!

This scarf is beautifully called "Terre d' Orient", which means "Oriental Land",
and it's a true tribute to the colors of the Cambodia!
Krama Heritage is not only inspired by this country's traditions,
but they're also committed to an ethical textile production and to contribute for their education,
by donating 10% of the amount of each sale to the "For a Child's Smile" organization!
All good reasons to indulge on these beauties!

As for the tights, they're from the brand Oroblu, which can be found in the UK Tights site,
along with other 70 different brands!
That's a lot of tights to choose from, right?
That's why I couldn't pick only one and I'll have two more posts coming featuring fantasy tights,
making it a "Tights to cheer your Winter" series!

Hope you enjoy me first outfit!
Have a lovely week!

17 February 2018

Outfits | If you can't find any rainbow, create your own!

Gostava de começar esta publicação dizendo que hoje trago uma cor assaz surpreendente...
mas estaria a mentir!
Adivinharam, vem aí mais um conjunto com cor-de-rosa à mistura!

Espero que gostem:

pink sweater and colorful scarf: H&M | nude jeans: Bershka
camel coat: Mango | camel boots: BT London c/o Spartoo

I would like to start this outfit post by saying I will present you an unexpected color...
except that would be lying!
What can I say?
Pink is my happy color, hands down!
That being said, I hope you enjoy my newest fluffy outfit!
It made me feel like a happy child!

Hope you enjoy my latest photographs!


12 February 2018

Outfits | I'm a Barbie girl!

Neste novo conjunto assumi a minha paixão enormesca pelo cor-de-rosa,
que contrastou às mil maravilhas com a tez azulada da cidade de Braga!

Espero que gostem das novas fotografias:

pink faux fur coat: New Yorker | pink over the knee boots and pink beanie: Bershka | dress: ZARA

I love pink with an absolute passion (you don't say?!),
so when I saw these terrific over the knee boots for only 14,99€ I knew we were meant to be!
I paired them with this beautiful faux fur coat from my sister and my adorable beanie,
letting my inner Barbie girl shine!
There were a lot of stares, all right, but I felt totally at ease!
Never let somebody else tell you what you should or shouldn't wear!

I'll leave you with the rest of the photographs my sister took!


10 February 2018

Fashion & Trends & Videos | My Winter Sale shopping!

Mais vale tarde, que nunca, já diz o ditado!
Por isso aqui fica o meu vídeo com um "haul" de saldos
com ZARA, Stradivarius, Bershka e outras marcas baratinhas mas boas!
Há um casaco de pêlo rosa amoroso que custou apenas 15,99€,
uma carteira de pele da ZARA que ficou por 12,99€
e umas botas "over the knee" que já queria há meses...
entre muitas outras!

Espero que gostem!

Um grande beijinho

I don't do much shopping,
but sometimes even I indulge in some sales!
Discover my picks from winter sales in my newest video!


08 February 2018

Outfits | 3x3 Remix Challenge: 3 sweaters, 9 outfits - Sky Blue II

O desafio 3 camisolas, 9 conjuntos continua,
e hoje é a vez de mostrar o que magiquei para o 2º conjunto com a camisolinha azul da Bershka!

Espero que gostem!

blue sweater: Bershka | jeans: Stradivarius | white faux fur coat: ZARA
beanie: Oysho | white sneakers: Adidas Superstar W

My 3x3 Remix Challenge: 3 sweaters, 9 outfits goes on,
and now it’s time to present you the second outfit with my sky blue sweater from Bershka!
This time around I paired it with my white faux fur coat from ZARA 
(aka my favorite coat in the whole world!!!),
and with the silliest fluffiest beanie ever!

It was a far cry from my latest outfit, that was all womanly and powerful,
but it made me fell younger and carefree!
There are days when you don’t want to be a femme fatale, 
but rather a silly smiling girl, jumping around in a field of damp grass!
Don't you agree?

Hope you enjoy the photographs we took when we went on a walk!


05 February 2018

Outfits | 3x3 Remix Challenge: 3 sweaters, 9 outfits - Passionate Red II

O segundo conjunto com a camisola vermelha,
do meu desafio 3x3 Remix Challenge: 3 sweaters, 9 outfits, está aqui
e é um dos meus favoritos até agora!
(Podem ver o primeiro aqui!)

Espero que gostem de me ver num conjunto carregadinho de vermelho:

red sweater and golden earring: Bershka | red pants: c/o Lavish Alice | nude coat: c/o Romwe
golden watch: Cluse c/o relógios.pt | nude stilettos: Chinese Laundry | faux fur bag: Blanco 

The second outfit with the red sweater from my 3x3 Remix Challenge: 3 sweaters, 9 outfits is here!
This time I decided to wear red from head to toe, paired with nude!
I felt incredibly elegant and powerful with this outfit,
like I could run and conquer the whole world!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the photos!


03 February 2018

Beauty & Videos | Gosh makeup Open Box!

Eu sou absolutamente suspeita no que toca a maquilhagem GOSH!
É praticamente a única marca que uso neste momento!
Adoro quão natural e leve os produtos são!
Convido-vos a descobrir que novos produtos entraram na minha rotina no meu novo vídeo!

Digam-me qual produto vos deixou mais curiosos!

Um beijinho grande!

I'm absolutely partial to GOSH cosmetics!
I love the fact that they're vegan, non-animal tested and created with natural products!
They don't feel plastic, like so much makeup does!
That's why it's with great pleasure I'm share with you this open box!
Hope you enjoy it!

This box was gifted for reviewing purposes. The expressed opinions are honest and true.