15 October 2018

Outfits | Meet me in the vineyard...

Com as belas vinhas da região do Douro como fundo, 
hoje trago-vos as fotografias da minha escolha para o casamento da semana passada,
que teve lugar na Quinta da Pacheca, em Lamego.

Espero que gostem de ver todas as fotos...digam-me a vossa opinião nos comentários!

salmon jumpsuit: Green Coast | golden belt, clutch and earrings: Parfois

A week ago I attended a lovely wedding at Douro, a beautiful Portugal region full of vineyards...
The weather was splendid and the place was dreamy...
I had a blast - Diogo and I danced for 4 hours - and I was very pleased with my outfit choice!
It was very modern - quite different from my choice in this other wedding,
and it's bright color was my official Summer goodbye!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!

11 October 2018

Outfits | Sunsets are the universe telling us everything is gonna be alright!

Hoje trago-vos um conjunto mais boémio do que o habitual, 
mas que estava na minha mente há imeeensas semanas!

Espero que gostem!

floral red dress: c/o Zaful | flared black jeans: H&M | camel wedges: Stradivarius
camel hat: Forever 21 | golden watch: Cluse c/o relógios.pt

I've always loved sunsets.
I believe their soothing golden light is the universe trying to tell us every little thing is going to be alright...
that we’re not fools to hope for love and beauty!

This outfit has been on my mind for weeks until I actually got the chance to wear it!
I loved the bohemian touch of the floral pattern,
combined with the flared jeans and the Forever 21 hat I bought at Miami!
I felt all carefree and light weight!

Hope you enjoy the rest of these golden pictures!


07 October 2018

Outfits | My Fashion Insider is 9 years old!

O meu blog está de parabéns hoje!
Há precisamente 9 anos iniciei uma enorme aventura...
uma aventura de auto-descoberta, de fortalecimento pessoal!
Há precisamente 9 anos iniciei a construção daquilo que seria a minha segunda casa...
uma casa onde quem vier com bom coração está sempre convidado a entrar!

Espero que gostem das fotografias simples que tirei para comemorar a data:

red satin slip dress: Easy Wear | red sandals: c/o Caminata Calçados
earrings: Parfois | black belt: Promod

I still cannot believe this adventure has gone this far!
There's not much that can be said about this lovely project that I haven't...
but, yet again, words often fall short when we describe something we adore!

I guess one thing I should point out about My Fashion Insider is it's ability to let me be!

Within it's walls, I can truly be who I am, I can write my thoughts, my opinions, 
I can show who I am to the world!
In a time where social media threatens our capacity of showing who we really are, without filters,
my blog comes as a safe heaven, where I can post whatever I want,
while trying to please, first and foremost, me!

Do you own a blog? What are your thoughts on this?

Have a lovely day!

03 October 2018

Outfits | Wedding Tales

Aqueles que marcam presença assídua nos "stories" do meu Instagram @myfashioninsider,
já sabem que, no passado Domingo, fui a um casamento na Quinta Vila Marita, em Guimarães!
Hoje trago-vos as fotografias que tirei nesse dia, reflexões sobre o que gosto e o que não gosto em casamentos,
e todos os detalhes do conjunto que me fez sentir uma princesa da Disney:

green long dress: Easy Wear | golden clutch: Parfois | green drop earrings: Aldo | sandals: ZARA

Those who really know me, know full well I'm not that big a fan of weddings...
I don't appreciate the mass (I'm actually atheist, so it's easy to tell why), 
I don't like crowds, neither the ammount of effort it usually takes to put together the wedding outfit.

Either way, I must say there are two things I definitely do appreciate about them:

1. getting to fell like a Disney princess for a full day!
2. dancing (almost!) all night long with my very own prince charming!

Let's just say I start off the weddings with a not so little ammount of inner eye rolling,
and end them dancing like there's no tomorrow, in my bare feet!

What about you? Are you a wedding fan or not that much?

Tell me everything and don't forget to check the rest of the pictures,
to check the makeup (which was made my me) and the classic hairdo!