Would you like to collaborate with 'My Fashion Insider'?

Here's how:

1. Reviews
I mostly review clothes items, which I incorporate in my outfit posts!
However, I also review beauty products and am willing to analyse proposals from other areas as well!
In addiction, I will share the products in other social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ...

2. Sponsored giveaways
You can also choose to offer my readers a suitable item of your/my choice. 
I will do a featured post including pictures, 
information about the product and select a random winner to receive the prize. 

3. Paying for add space or sponsored posts
More details upon e-mail contact.

If you're interested, want to know more about my media pack or have any other questions, 
e-mail me at

P.S. I reserve the right to not accept any request of sponsorship that I find inadequate or irrelevant for my readers and for myself. 
I will only give genuine reports, for I think this is better for both. 


My Fashion Insider is a non-professional fashion blog and all the opinions I state are true!
I work with brands/sites in many different ways, including:

Gifts and Review Disclosure:
I receive products, which I review and style on my posts! I keep them within my style and what I believe will interest my readers.
The opinion is always honest, even if unflattering! They're pointed out with an "c/o" the company of origin.
It addiction, I'll be adding a disclosure under each post, such as follows:
"Reviewed items (marked as "c/o") where sponsored by _________. Opinions expressed are honest and true.”

Compensation Disclosure:
Like I informed in this transparency post, I've joined affiliate advertising sites, like Reward Style.
That means I will be receiving commissions when my readers click and buy on those links (average 7-10%).
Linked items are either marked as "similar" or, when the exact item is implied, described in the post description.
Most of the items I link to are from sites I've already shopped, on which I have full trust.
Some will be inspiring items, too expensive for me to ever buy, but which I love anyway.
A post with such links will have a disclosure stating:

"Clicking or purchasing through the links in this post may yield commissions for my blog"

Slowly, I'm also starting to work with brands/sites that will compensate my posts, in some way.
That will be done keeping the essence of the blog, in terms of style!
When that applies, a disclosure will be written at the bottom of the post, like so:
"Compensation for this post was provided by _________. Opinions expressed are honest and true.”

Social Media
Each time I refer, link or write about a brand/site/product that is somehow associated with any form of compensation
(sponsored items, potential commission profit, etc), I'll add an #ad to the post.

My Fashion Insider is a place to share my taste, the things I'm passionate about and that won't change for the sake of money.
I would like to make clear that any monetization won't affect the way I post.
I won't me making different kind of posts so I can accommodate and earn more money.
The aim is to share items/brands I wear or love, not making you buy something I wouldn't buy myself!

This is just a way to compensate all my hours and work around this blog!

If you think that effort deserves it, please interact with my blog by clicking and possibly buying the products I suggest to all of you!

Thanks for all the support!

March, 2013 (updated)